Usnea For Herpes – How To Cure Herpes Sores With Usnea ?

usnea for herpes

Usnea For Herpes Can Give You The Best Results Ever

Herpes is definitely the worst nightmare for everyone and day by day all we can do is to just see the virus expand its territory. It has already reached almost every corner in the world and the scientists too are trying hard to stop the unbelievable fast propagation of the virus. But, every time you talk to any scientist working on herpes, the only answer you will get is- “we are trying our best and herpes cure will soon be available”. But there is a huge gap between the meaning of “soon” in their dictionary and the one we have in our expectations. What to do? Why is herpes still incurable? Today, when science has an answer to almost everything including deadly cancers, why herpes is still remaining an unanswered question? Is it such a chronic disease? We will today provide you with all types of answers that must be in your mind for too long now, and for a change, we also have a solution today. Till today, we have been telling you that herpes has no cure in allopathy, but today we will talk about usnea for herpes, a different yet effective cure for herpes.

Herpes comes with a set of physical and mental symptoms. Because of the virus you get to bear physical discomfort in the form of cold sores, fever, headache and body ache etc. and because of the society and to certain extent, your own perception about herpes, you make your body go through mental torture. Yes, herpes simplex virus, the causative organism behind herpes infection is not in your control. In fact, it cannot be controlled even by scientists till date, but you can get all your answers in nature. Nature is the best healer and in case of herpes too you will get a proof of it. Natural herbs like usnea are in news these days, and it is all because this herb has once again raised hope in herpes patients. Many people from United States and from all around the world have already been using this amazing herb for a considerable amount of time and the results are quite impressive. Hence, today, rather than telling you all the problems that a herpes patient has to encounter, we will tell you a permanent and healthy solution to all your problems.

See How Usnea Can Heal Your Sores In An Effective Way….

Those who don’t even know what usnea is, you might recognize it from any of the following names: tree’s dandruff, tree’s moss, old man’s beard or usnea lichen/ usnea Florida. These are some of the other common names of the herb, and if you still fail to recognize it, it is a 3 cm tall herb red or yellow in color and usually grows on rocks. It has been used for over 3,000 years now and the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese traditional medicines used it to treat unspecified infections. Because of its strong action towards any type of infection, it was given to patients in whom the reason or causative organism behind the infection was not clear. Yes, during those times science and technology was not so advanced and hence the doctors had to guess the infecting microorganism.

Apart from treating some unknown infections, it was also used for respiratory tract infection and was a common prescription in respiratory and sinus infections, pneumonia, phlegm, sore throat and colds. Due to its action on kidney and stomach, it was an excellent remedy for indigestion, urinary tract, kidney, and bladder infections also.

In all, because of its excellent anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal properties, this herb was used in wounds as it used to heal wounds faster. And this is not the only medicinal use and several other uses of this herbal plant are well documented in history. But, what makes it the topic of the day is – the use of usnea for herpes treatment. Herpes is probably the biggest challenge in front of the world with its phobia crossing that of HIV. So, let us quickly see how can one use usnea for herpes.

usnea and herpes

How Beneficial is Usnea in Herpes?

Yes, it is true that you can usnea in herpes and it is definitely effective against herpes, but since it is herpes, knowing only this is not enough. You might have been fooled many times, but today we are here not only with a treatment for herpes, but also with proof that the treatment works. This proof is nothing but the medicinal properties of usnea. Once you get to know all the health benefiting properties of the herb, usnea and herpes cure will become synonyms for you.

Usnea, because of its immunity affecting properties, is beneficial for people with chronic fatigue syndrome, HIV, herpes, and other chronic conditions related with depressed immunity. So, when it can be helpful in people suffering from HIV, do you think usnea and herpes cure are not related? Yes, the power of usnea is beyond our imaginations, and hence many scientists are still studying this herb and its impact on various diseases. Apart from this immunity enhancing effect, the anti viral impact of this herb makes it perfect to use usnea in herpes treatment.

Using Usnea in Herpes Treatment


Anyone can use usnea in herpes treatment, provided you are aware of the right way to use this herb and also some precautionary measures. Usnea for herpes is no doubt useful, but to grab all the benefits, one must be aware of some crucial aspects before starting the use of this herb. We will first tell you the methods in which you can use usnea for herpes, and then the precautions too. Even if you haven’t heard the name of the herb, you can get it in some form on the store near your house, or even online. Because of the increasing popularity and demand of the herb, Usnea is commercially available in bulk form or as a powder, capsule, or tincture. You can use it in any form and usnea for herpes will give you desired results.

If you are using the tincture of usnea, dilute it before applying on your skin. Also first check it for allergic reactions on your skin, and only after being sure that you are not allergic to this herbal tincture, go ahead with its application on the cold sores. Alternatively, you can prepare a tea of usnea also, which is the best way to use usnea for herpes internally. It is easy to prepare the tea of usnea if you cannot get the tea bags in market. Usnea tea can be prepared by steeping 2-3 tsp of dried lichen or 1-2 tsp of powdered lichen in 1 cup of water. The water is usually boiled for a few minutes after adding the herb, and the solution you get at the end is much more powerful than the tea made up by just dipping the tea bags. You can drink this solution tea, and use usnea in herpes three times a day if you have herpes symptoms. In case you want to use it as a preventative measure and presently have no herpes symptoms visible, just one or two cups of usnea tea will be more than sufficient.

usnea in herpes

These two were not the only ways of using usnea for herpes treatment, and you can use it as a component in mouthwashes, gargles and lozenges also. This is best for those who are struggling with sores inside the mouth or gums. They often find it difficult to get a product that is not only anti herpes, but it is also safe for internal intake as while applying on the gums and in mouth, some amount may enter into our body too. So, usnea for herpes is best for oral herpes treatment.

And fortunately, it is also safe for those dealing with genital herpes because since a very long time, women have been using it to treat the vaginal infections. So, usnea for herpes treatment is a complete package that can treat oral as well as genital herpes.

Precautions to be Taken While Using Usnea for Herpes Treatment

Now we are clear that we can cure herpes with usnea and also have plenty of ways in which we can use usnea for herpes treatment, it is time we also get to know some precautionary measures that everyone should follow. First one is to limit the use of usnea for herpes treatment or for any other purpose. While using usnea in herpes cure, try to stop using it after three weeks. Of course, you can continue using the same after giving a gap, but don’t use it regularly for more than three weeks. Secondly, if you are pregnant, are breastfeeding mother, or a liver patient, try to avoid using usnea for herpes. In fact, pregnancy and herpes together can create problem for your baby, and hence you must consult a doctor immediately.


With the above stated precautions taken seriously, usnea for herpes will be nothing less than a life changing experience. Those who have used usnea in herpes treatment cannot believe its outcomes and if you too have herpes, try to grab the herb in the form you are comfortable using it because till now, it is the only hope for herpes patients. Use it as it has been described in the sections above and there is no doubt about the results. And never forget about the hazardous side effects you will be able to avoid if you choose to use usnea for herpes. Now, you have all the information and proofs about the herb, why delay? It is the right time to answer your enemy with the right and human friendly tool rather than those harmful pills which give temporary relief in the symptoms.

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