Indian lilac for herpes

Indian Lilac for Herpes Cure – Tree of Twenty- First Century

Do you know which tree is named as the tree of the twenty first century by the United Nations? It is Indian lilac and one of the possible reasons for assigning this title is the effectiveness of Indian lilac against the infection of the century. If you look at the total number of herpes patients in the United States and all across the world today, you will understand why herpes is called as the infection of the century.

Over and above this, the ever increasing rate at which the infection is spreading and the inability of the scientists to find a cure for herpes are the other two reasons that make it the biggest concern of the century. So, we have the biggest trouble of the century- herpes, and also a magnificent tree which has got attention due to the medicinal properties and health benefits. Can we make the two meet and see which one is stronger? If there is no harm to our body and we can possibly come out with a solution for the most common sexually transmitted disease, why not?

Indian lilac has been used as a cure for many small and big diseases since times immemorial due to the amazing and unbelievable medicinal properties this herb has. From head to toe, be it treating acne or dandruff, or it is about healing the fungal infection occurring in the toenail, we have been using Indian lilac for treating human body since long enough now. But a herpes patient is not concerned about these small issues like dandruff or allergy. He has something really big to deal with.

home remedies for herpes

Yes, herpes is a difficult situation through which no one can even dream of going through. Herpes is not just a word; it is like a death sentence for many people in the United States. The virus causing herpes: herpes simplex virus also is not simply a virus for mankind; it is a threat that has the potential to ruin relationships as well as lives.

Is it herpes or something else is the real cause of your concern?

The small virus is too small in size to be visible through naked eyes, but its effects can be seen very clearly on the lives of herpes patients. There are millions of herpes sufferers in the United States and if we take a count of those living in every corner of the world, the data is going to cross all the limits. It is not actually the disease itself, but the stigma of herpes simplex virus that still makes every herpes sufferer feel alone and rejected. We have so many patients on the internet who talk openly about their infection, but there is no one around us who would admit in public that he or she has herpes. Why is this so?

You might also have done many attempts to hide your infection from others by now. Why are you scared of herpes even when you know that it is not life threatening? This question can clear the doubt- Are you scared of the virus, or the society? The answer is obvious. With this answer you will realize what herpes simplex virus can do to you and what the terror of social rejection is doing.

herpes virus

Herpes simplex virus is not that dangerous. I agree it creates a great deal of trouble, you get continuous outbreaks, painful blisters and rashes that make it a very uncomfortable to live with herpes. Since there is no way to kick the virus out of your body, you are bound to bear all the pain and discomfort. You get depressed from the fact that you cannot do anything about your illness and living with it is the only choice. The depression, anxiety and hopelessness make the herpes simplex virus more powerful and suppress your immune system. To avoid this we need only one tool that has maximum benefits and least side effects. We need the tool which is the most effective one that can atleast deal with herpes symptoms if nothing can cure herpes permanently.

From where Indian lilac for herpes came into the picture?

The recent attention snatched by Indian lilac also led to some very important researches on the medicinal properties of the tree and Indian lilac for herpes. It is a well known fact that all the parts of Indian lilac are loaded with medicinal properties, but which part can be used for herpes was still not known. The plan was to use the tree of the century against the virus of the century.  The results were quite surprising. We will tell you everything that was observed during the experiments so that you also find it easy enough to digest that there is something that can help you dealing with herpes.

If you are recently diagnosed with herpes, you might have a great hope from antiviral drugs, but if you are a long time sufferer like me, there are high chances that you also are fed up of the side effects of the heavy doses. In this case you need something like Indian lilac. Indian lilac has gained reputation as a great antiviral over time. It can fight with many types of viruses and is capable of killing bacteria and fungus.

Indian lilac leaves

Know about Indian lilac a bit more

Indian lilac is used in more than just one form of medicine because of the magical medicinal properties it has. Ayurveda, Unani and Homoeopathic, all the sciences are using Indian lilac.

Before talking about Indian lilac for herpes, let us see from where and how the tree has exactly become news. Indian lilac is a native to the tropical regions of Asia. In the year 1919, Indian lilac came into picture when Margosic acid was extracted from neem(another name for Indian lilac) oil in 1919. At that time no one could have thought about using Indian lilac for herpes, but it was the beginning for the tree.

For more than twenty years, no one really cared about the tree, but in 1942, some good research on studying the chemical components of Indian lilac was done. Since then the medicinal properties present in Indian lilac are being used for the betterment of human health. In 1963 a scientist examined the uses of Indian lilac and as a result it is a part of many health products, beauty agents and disinfectants.

In these studies it was seen that one important component present in Indian lilac was quercetin. Quercetin was a proven anti bacterial and anti fungal agent. It is mainly due to the presence of this component that we can use Indian lilac for herpes treatment. Apart from quercetin Indian lilac has many other anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, antiviral, and anti- carcinogenic components.

quercetin compound in indian lilac

How Indian lilac for herpes is effective?

Can you see how many beneficial properties the Indian lilac tree has? Apart from all these general properties, due to the presence of anti-hyperglycaemic elements, Indian lilac can be used for treating diabetes. The anti ulcer, anti-mutagenic and immune-modulatory properties also have some impact on your overall health. Indian lilac can even act as an Anti- malarial agent as it can kill some malarial parasites also.

It is not all; there are innumerable properties of Indian lilac that are in the pending list waiting to be counted. But at this time we are trying to cover the virus of the century. Coming back to the studies and outputs of many researches, here is the list of benefits of using Indian lilac for herpes.

You can treat fever with the leaves and flowers of Indian lilac

Fever is one of the most common symptoms of herpes infection. And the fever also is significantly high during the first few outbreaks. You are given antivirals for the treatment of herpes symptoms and some doctors may prescribe you some other medicines also for controlling fever if it is considerably high. You can replace the two separate medicines with Indian lilac. When you use Indian lilac for herpes, you will not have to deal with fever separately. If you too have fever occurred during your last outbreak, you must see how to use Indian lilac for herpes in the next section.

Get rid of headache with Indian lilac for herpes

Indian lilac flowers for headache

Although with any part of Indian lilac you can treat herpes, treating headache is a bit different and difficult both. You have to use the flower of Indian lilac to treat headache. Headache during herpes outbreak can be due to the side effect of antiviral you are currently given by the doctor, or due to anxiety and stress. In both the cases, you can get rid of headache with the use of Indian lilac for herpes.

Indian lilac for herpes reduces pain and itching

Cold sores are one challenge to deal with in herpes infection, and the itching and pain on those sores is the next. Itching can cause extreme discomfort and may also lead to the development of secondary infection on the skin already affected by cold sores. Applying the paste of the leaves of Indian lilac on cold sores can help you live a peaceful life. Cold sores will disappear soon, but the time they stay on your skin will not be that bad with Indian lilac for herpes.

Relieves stress

Stress is the main trigger of herpes symptoms and herpes outbreaks. Stress also is unavoidable because at the end of the day you are pressurized by the fact that you are suffering form an incurable disease. You cannot cure herpes but with the help of Indian lilac for herpes, you can surely deal with stress and anxiety. The Indian lilac leaves are enough for keeping your mind fresh and light. You will not forget the fact that you have herpes, but you will realize that herpes is not a life threatening disease with Indian lilac for herpes.

Moreover, this herb stimulates the immune system 

immune system

The main reason behind the persistent use of Indian lilac over the centuries is its ability to enhance immunity. If you have some time, and you value your health and body, you must work towards improving your immunity, whether you have a chronic illness or not. In both the situations immunity is something you should make strong enough to deal with the further health issues, if any. Strong immunity is the only way that helps you to save your money and also minimizes your visits to the doctor. This way of using Indian lilac for herpes not only treats a particular disease, but it also improves your body’s disease fighting capabilities. Once you have a strong immune system, forget about herpes outbreak, no virus or bacteria will be able to activate itself.

Reduces frequency of recurrences of herpes outbreaks

By reducing stress and enhancing the strength of your immune system, you can actually decrease the number of herpes outbreaks you have to suffer from per year. You do not need to spend a lot of money on suppressive therapy to live a herpes free life; you just require some fresh leaves of Indian lilac. This in itself makes Indian lilac for herpes the best choice.

Indian lilac for herpes treatment along with treating herpes is also good for liver; it can heal urinary tract infection and reduce blood pressure. Be it any skin problem: acne, boils, pimples, rashes, cold sores due to herpes or any other skin condition, Indian lilac can help your skin in all the ways it needs. Another important aspect after knowing that Indian lilac is extremely helpful for everyone is the knowledge about how to use it.

How to use Indian lilac for herpes

herpes outbreaks

Indian lilac for herpes treatment can be used both internally and externally. Internal and external use of this herb helps you fight infections and also develop a good immunity against many diseases provided you know how to use it. Indian lilac for herpes treatment is new, but its use in the field of medicine and skin care is not at all new. Since it is the best herb for human skin, it is a part of soaps, tooth paste, tooth powders, medicinal ointments and drugs. Indian lilac for herpes cure and treatment can be used in more than just one way.

Apply Indian lilac on sores

You can apply the paste of Indian lilac leaves (neem leaves) directly on the skin affected by cold sores. Yes, it will not be a pleasant sensation, and it will hurt a bit when you apply it for the first time, but keep in mind- everything good requires sacrifices.

  • For preparing the paste, take some fresh Indian lilac leaves. We are choosing leaves because they contain the goodness of all the parts. For treating some skin disorders, we might use the flowers as well. But for treating herpes, use the leaves of Indian lilac.
  • Wash the leaves in running water and grind to make a fine paste. You might need many leaves if you are grinding in a mixer. Add a few drops of water if required.
  • Apply this paste of Indian lilac for herpes sores treatment directly on the sores. Leave it for about 20 minutes on the skin. You may find it difficult, but this is the ultimate treatment for cold sores and its goodness is worth bearing temporary pain.

Drink Indian lilac (neem leaves) juice

Neem juice for herpes

Alternatively you can also drink the juice of the leaves of the tree. Not literally juice, but kind of extract. Don’t make faces even before tasting it; we have something great to improve the taste of this extract as well. To make it taste a bit better, we have a solution that really adds to the medicinal properties. First let use see how to prepare the extract.

  • To prepare the extract take about 3 cups of filtered water.
  • Add a handful of neem leaves to it once it starts boiling.
  • Let it boil till the volume of water reduces to 1 cup.
  • Strain the water and throw the boiled leaves. Drink this extract after cooling everyday

If you are lazy enough like me, you can use the same water to rinse your cold sores. It will not be as effective as applying the paste of Indian lilac for cold sores, but it will have its own set of benefits. You must be in a dilemma of choosing one out of the two. Right now you must be tilted towards applying the paste but once we give you the other way of drinking the extract I am sure you will have no problem with that too, so just wait before concluding anything.

You must be wondering which one you will choose. I would say both. No, I am neither your enemy, nor do I have any personal grudges against you, but it is about herpes. You should not forget that herpes is not a usual infection and we need to act in multiple dimensions in order to beat it. These are the two dimensions- topical application and internal use. By applying it externally, you can actually make it impossible for the herpes virus to propagate further and at the same time Indian lilac for herpes sores will prevent any secondary infection form occurring.

Indian Lilac and herpes

By drinking the extract of the Indian lilac leaves you make your immunity strong. You seal the way of activation of herpes simplex virus. In addition to this, by using this treatment method for herpes, you actually do much favor to your body as your body gains many health benefits.

You can also bath in the water treated with neem leaves. Even if you are not bothered about herpes and herpes is nowhere in the picture, you must have the neem leaves bath once every month. If you have herpes, do it weekly and in case of herpes outbreaks, you can soak yourself in water treated with Indian lilac leaves.

Last but not the least- how to drink the bitter extract? Simply add honey to the solution and drink it twice everyday. Honey itself is anti bacterial and antiviral in nature and adding it improves the effect of Indian lilac for herpes treatment. In no way it ruins the natural power of Indian lilac for herpes. Now everything is in front of you of, and the time you start acting will be the time you say good bye to herpes.


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