Time to Utilize the Effects of Vitamin C for Herpes Cure

vitamin C for herpes

Vitamin C for Herpes – How Can Vitamin C Solve the Malady?

Herpes is dreadful and vitamin C is a powerful source of health benefiting medicinal properties, but, is there any connection between herpes and vitamin C? It is easy to announce that there is no cure for herpes and millions of people get stressed over their condition. Here, we will today try to provide you with some help in herpes rather than declaring that herpes is incurable. This too is not completely true. Yes, if you think allopathy is the only medicinal science on this planet, this statement is absolutely true for you. But those who have an idea about natural treatments or are aware of some unbelievably powerful sciences like ayurveda know that allopathy is just one healing method with several disadvantages. It is also limited in terms of effectiveness and is still unable to find cures for several life threatening and dreadful diseases.

But when allopathy doesn’t have an answer to a problem, nature has it. There are many people who today rely on natural methods like vitamin C for herpes. What has bound these people to natural treatment for herpes? Of course, it is not fake advertisements, neither is the huge amount of commission, rather, it cannot be anything else than the effectiveness. Because of several factors, an era of antiviral medicines continued till the last few years. In the recent past, there have been no inventions of cure for herpes, but this science was still in news but for all wrong reasons. One by one, side effects of every antiviral medicine were revealed and those herpes patients who used to take a pill everyday considering it safe were speechless. As the awareness about the side effects of these antivirals reached every herpes patient, the demand for a natural, holistic and harmless cure for herpes also increased exponential.

vitamin C in herpes cure

Then started so many research projects to find what nature and natural products can do in herpes treatment and can we hope to find a permanent cure for herpes in nature. Today, we will also talk about such a wonder product which was recently studied for its impact in controlling, treating and preventing herpes. Vitamin C has been with us in one form or the other for quite a long time now, but how herpes and Vitamin C are related is still an interesting equation. We have been using Vitamin C for one reason or the other, but a few people have used vitamin C for herpes and the results they observed are gradually creating a buzz in the herpes world. We will hence try to inspect all the aspects of herpes and vitamin C. Starting with the benefits of using vitamin C in herpes, we will move on to know how we can use this nature’s blessing against herpes.

Benefits of Vitamin C in Herpes

Herpes is a complex sexually transmitted infection in which a person is affected both mentally and physically. But if we have a strong immune system, the virus will find it impossible to activate. If it becomes unable to find the right environment to replicate, there will be no cold sores and you can live your entire life without any painful episode of herpes outbreaks. You can see that by controlling a single factor, we can avoid all sorts of mental and physical troubles, and scientists are also now working on this factor. But do you think it is easy to have a great immune system? Immune system is a protective mechanism and it has its role in almost every disease, so, herpes is just one example and immunity can save you from something as big as cancer. So, a better immunity means a better health and a herpes free life, but how can we play with it?


Actually we are already playing with our immune system and degrading it every day by taking pills and eating not so nourished food. Every act of ours is directly or indirectly linked with our immune system and only a few who are really concerned about their health do something in the direction of strengthening their body and immune system. And all of them know very well about the role of vitamin C in boosting immunity. This is one of the best uses of vitamin C as it is equivalent to treating more than a dozen of diseases. And this also is probably the reason behind vitamin C being used against herpes.

By improving the immune system and preparing it to fight with herpes simplex virus (the virus causing herpes infection), vitamin C for herpes becomes one of the best solutions available for this irritating infection. With regular use of vitamin C for herpes, you can really live the dream of your life. Herpes outbreak free life is possible if you use vitamin C in herpes and take other factors into consideration too. Yes, vitamin C is helpful in immunity boosting and it is also great for your overall health, but vitamin C alone cannot do anything. You need to correct the overall picture of your life. We will talk about this in detail, but let us first try to see how vitamin C in herpes helps in cold sores.

vitamin C herpes

If you use vitamin C on cold sores, it works by reducing the size overnight. Yes, you can use vitamin C against herpes orally as well as topically. We will tell you how you can use vitamin C topically on the cold sores in the how to use section. For now it is necessary to know that by making them shrink and speeding up the drying up of the cold sores filled with fluid, vitamin C for herpes is also a solution for cold sores. And it is definitely better than all the topical solutions available in the market today. There are many topical ointments, but again, just like antiviral drugs, they too have side effects that affect your skin adversely. And repeated applications increase the chances of side effects too. So, not only you need a stronger immunity to prevent herpes outbreaks, but you also have to be careful before applying anything on your skin.

How to Use Vitamin C for Herpes?

As we have already discussed, there can be two ways of using vitamin C in herpes. First let us see how to use vitamin c for herpes topically. You can get the powder of vitamin C and make a paste of this powder by adding a few drops of water to it. With a piece of cotton, apply the paste right on the skin affected by cold sores. Leave the paste on the cold sores and let it dry. Once it dries out, you can remove it with cold water. On applying this paste, you will see the size of cold sores reduced and pain will also reduce significantly. This is why it can be used as a replacement to any topical ointment available in market at present.

Vitamin C in herpes

Alternatively, you can eat more of citrus fruits as all of them are loaded with vitamin C. Oranges, lemons and many other tangy and delicious sources of vitamin C are available and you can eat them happily. The last method to use vitamin C for herpes is to take vitamin C supplements. For this we recommend you consult a doctor and take only the dose prescribed by him or her. But this is the last option. You can have controlled intake of vitamin C and the output will also be as expected, but supplements are not natural sources of vitamin C and hence we cannot be always sure about the harmful effects. So, try to take vitamin C for herpes from all natural sources till it is possible and go for the supplements only when you feel there is no other option left.

With all this information, the tangy and juicy fruits will be your favorite from now onward, and why not? These fruits are not only a treat to your taste buds, but they are also storehouse of energy and antioxidants. All these benefits are more than enough to replace your evening snacks with these fruits. Also you can use vitamin C for herpes topically, and that is nothing less than holistic healing in herpes. You cannot deny it completely that the refreshing taste of all fruits and veggies containing vitamin C elevates your mood as well. This was all about using vitamin C in herpes. We have given you enough of information and leave utilization of this information for the betterment of your health on you. If you choose vitamin C for herpes and other such natural methods of healing in herpes and in every other small and big issue, nature will definitely bless you with more power, immunity and health.

healthy and happy life

And those who are blessed with a healthy body need nothing else to live a happy, relaxed and long life. Also, if you choose nature as a healer, you are not only gifting your body with a harmless method of healing, but you are saving your body from numerous side effects of antiviral medicines also. And this has become an urgent need. Your health is inversely proportional to the number of pills you take, and you can easily think of the number of pills you will have to take in case of herpes. The unwanted herpes outbreaks will compel you to take help from some medicinal source. And it is obvious, but the only thing you can do to bring a change is to use a method that is harmless for long term use, effective and holistic. Vitamin C in herpes is just perfect and you can use it without worrying about any type of side effects. So, go ahead and get one step closer to a healthy and herpes free life.

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