Thyme Oil For Herpes – Can Thyme Oil Cure Herpes ?

thyme oil for herpes outbreaks

Have You Heard About Thyme Oil for Herpes – How Magnificently Thyme Oil Can Cure Herpes?

If you are curious about getting a cure for herpes, then there are chances that you have at least seen this name somewhere. Thyme oil for herpes is flooding the internet these days, but is this new method really effective? Well, if you think that thyme oil is new, we would like you to have a look at our history. Thyme oil is one of the essential oils that were worshipped in the ancient times. If we look back at the historical evidences of the use of herbal and medicinal oils, you will notice that every civilization had their own set of herbs and beliefs when it comes to healing. Only a few universal herbs exist and we have proof that thyme oil was also one of the universal healers in the past. Thyme oil for herpes treatment might sound new to you, but the use of thyme oil as a medicinal oil is noticed in every culture in the past. If you do lot of research, you will find the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks (the gods of medicines at that time), and even the Europeans used it in some form. Yes, according to beliefs, the domains of use were different, but the trust on thyme oil was consistent across the continents and cultures.

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It was used by ancient Egyptians and Greeks for healing purposes. In the European culture, specifically during the middle ages, thyme was placed beneath pillows to aid sleep and ward off nightmares. The herb and sometimes the oils extracted from the herb were also laid on coffins because it was believed that it provided a safe passage to the next life. Well, we are still not sure about the next life concept, but one thing we clearly know today is the medicinal benefits of thyme oil. Some civilizations used thyme as a flavoring agent for cheese and alcoholic beverages, while others used it as a bug repellant. This was past and with these facts, we get a confidence that thyme oil indeed is beneficial. Today, we are in love with thyme oil because of the all new cure of herpes in the form of thyme oil for herpes. Let us see some of the medicinal abilities of thyme oil that probably were the reason behind the popularity of thyme oil in ancient times, and then we will also see the properties of thyme oil for herpes that are making it the universal oil once again.

Some Health Benefits of Thyme Oil

thyme oil for herpes

The medicinal benefits of thyme oil are not one or two but many. Yes, this essential oil is one of the best oils we have to keep us healthy, fit and fine. But where and how it is of help in achieving a healthy body? First of all, thyme oil is useful in fighting with some common health problems that hamper our normal schedule as well as health. Some of these are cough, cold, asthma and other infections in the respiratory tract. These infections create trouble in our lives many times during the year and even antibiotics cannot help as most of them result from viral infections. With thyme oil, we can avoid all of them by enhancing the immune system and by making use of the antiviral infection.

Thyme oil is also great at improving blood circulation to all the parts of our body and it is also a natural treatment for fluctuating blood pressure. Apart from this, this essential oil is a great detoxifier. Do you know what a detoxifier is? Detoxifier is a substance that helps in flushing out the toxins accumulated in out bodies. So, thyme oil one more time ensures you stay away from diseases by removing all the harmful substances from your body through urine. And this is not all, the same oil while giving you a healthy body, also gifts you a better skin. It fights skin problems like acne and other infections to give you a flawless and radiant skin naturally.  Actually, it works by treating all the possible causes of acne like hormonal imbalance, infections and even stress. Yes, thyme oil has the reach to your brain and it can even solve the matters related to your mind.

herpes outbreaks

The list is quite long, but we have talk about the use and role of thyme oil in herpes treatment, so to conclude, we can say that thyme oil is the best natural gift for your body, skin and brain. It can prevent hair loss, improve vision, teeth, skin and has something in store for almost every part of your body.

Benefits of Thyme Oil in Herpes Treatment

Our ancestors might have used thyme oil for different purposes, but today everyone is so much interested in thyme oil and herpes treatment only. Recent researches have suddenly created a buzz among the herpes sufferers that thyme oil for herpes is the best cure one can have. This is more than sufficient for you to think about it, but to start using thyme oil for herpes; you need some facts, proofs and scientific evidences. Don’t worry, we will give you more than enough reasons to use thyme oil for herpes and all of them are backed by scientific research. The most significant research carried out on thyme oil and herpes was almost a decade back. The researchers from Germany’s University of Heidelberg after years of hard work found that thyme oil had significant antiviral potency against the herpes simplex virus type 2.

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This was not all, during that time only, some studies also revealed that the amazing essential oil was effective in inactivating both the strands of the virus significantly. The studies revealed that plaque formation in herpes simplex-1 and herpes simplex-2 was reduced by more than 90 percent depending on the variations in the doses. This indeed was a breakthrough in the field of herpes cure, but it took almost a decade for us to realize that yes, thyme oil for herpes is actually a holistic cure. Let us see what the medicinal properties of this essential oil are that make thyme oil cure herpes.

Thyme oil in herpes treatment works by reducing anxiety and stress. This is not all it can do, but yes, this is something no antiviral drug prescribed in herpes can do for you. All other treatments for herpes only target the physical symptoms, but thyme oil for herpes and some other natural products have the capability to deal with the mental trauma that herpes simplex brings with itself. The herpes outbreaks may hit you sooner or later, but the metal torture is there even when there are not outbreaks. So, it should be your frits priority to control the effect of the virus on your mind and you can do it simply by using thyme oil for herpes.


Thyme oil is also excellent infection healer. It was famous to treat bacterial infections and fungal growths, but with the proof that thyme oil herpes are enemies, we can also say tat it is also effective in viral infections as well. Due to the antiviral activities seen in various experiments, this oil is recommended to herpes patients by some doctors also. Last but not the least; it can help you in dealing with the worst part of the herpes outbreak- cold sores. If you look at the composition of the oil, you will be able to assess how good it is for your skin. This goodness allows it to cure cold sores while taking care of your already suffering skin. This nature of thy oil for herpes is just the opposite of the topical ointments available in market these days. More then killing the viral growth on your skin, they literally burn the tender skin. So, once again thyme oil for herpes gets a green signal as we can freely use thyme oil for cold sores to get rid of the painful blisters.

With the benefits of thyme oil for herpes, we have seen more than what any other antiviral drug can do for us. But it is also important that you know how to use this oil. Thyme oil for herpes works only if you use it in one of the following ways.

How to Use Thyme Oil for Herpes Treatment?


  • You can use thyme oil for herpes treatment in several different ways. In case you want to have a relaxed mind in span of just a few minutes, have bath. Yes, have bath with warm water treated with a few drops of thyme oil. Add two to four drops of thyme oil to the bath tub and soak your body in it for a few minutes. This simple exercise will relieve your mind from stress and your body from cols sores.
  • If you are suffering from cold sores in your mouth, it becomes very difficult to find the right topical treatment as all the available ones are full of chemicals which are not meant to be used internally. Here also you can take help from thyme oil. Thyme oil for herpes is holistic because it is a treatment for cold sores occurring at any part of your body. If you want to treat cold sores on gums, just add 2 drops to a glass of water and gargle with the water twice everyday.
  • You can also directly rub a few drops of the thyme oil on cold sores to get relief. Try mixing it with some carrier oil like coconut oil first and if there is no itching or allergic reactions, then you can use thyme oil alone. Some people also inhale the fragrance of thyme oil to get rid of stress, anxiety and other burdens on mind.


We have given you enough reasons to use thyme oil for herpes, and also more than sufficient ways to use thyme oil on cold sores as well as herpes. Now, it is your turn to take a firm decision and stick to that decision until you get the desired results. Living a herpes outbreak free life is the dream of every herpes patient, but only those who take a step are able to achieve their goals. We have shown you the right direction; also have given you information about the step you should take; now everything revolves around your actions. Go ahead with what you feel is right, take care of your health and you will never regret in life.


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