Star Anise Oil For Herpes – One of The Best Herbal Cures For Herpes

star anise oil for herpes

Star Anise Oil for Herpes – Cure Herpes With the Goodness of Star Anise Oil

In a research article published in a leading journal on medicines, start anise oil was studied in detail and the findings were no less than a great surprise for everybody. The title of the research was “Screening for Antiviral Activities of Isolated Compounds from Essential Oils” and it studied everything from the effects and side effects of the most commonly prescribed drug in herpes- acyclovir, to the impact of essential oils on herpes simplex virus. Essential oils gained a lot of interest in the past decade because the need of finding a holistic and permanent cure for herpes was increasing, and on the other hand , every other day a new report claimed a new set of side effects of antiviral drugs used as a temporary treatment for herpes. This led to the exploration of the antiviral properties present in essential oils and several such oils were studied and their effect on herpes simplex virus was recorded. Today, we will talk about an amazing essential oil which not only has magnificent healing properties, but it is no less than an enemy for herpes simplex virus. The efforts from all around the world have finally started yielding natural products that are really effective against herpes infection and star anise oil is on the top of the list. So, today we will see how you can use star anise for herpes treatment. If you still are not sure about whether star anise oil cures herpes or not, you will get a concrete answer for that too.

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Start anise oil for herpes treatment might sound new to your ears, but the use of star anise oil as a medicinal oil is older than you are. Yes, this essential oil was a prominent part of the traditional Chinese medicinal system for over a thousand years. In some cultures the oil was used directly, while in others the herb from which the oil is extracted was used. It was famous for its stimulating effect on the digestive system, as well as for the treatment of respiratory ailments. Not only the Chinese medicines knew that star anise was magnificently beneficial, but even the Greeks and Romans also exploited the medicinal capabilities of this herbal plant for almost a century. The Greeks and Romans used it as a health and mood booster. There are several records pointing towards the use of it in tea, hence, being a traditional remedy for rheumatism. But today, star anise oil is more famous and you can get it online as well as offline.

Star anise oil is extracted from the leaves of anise through the process of steam distillation. Some of you might confuse star anise oil with anise oil, but these two are different from each other. They are similar in color and also have same medicinal properties up to certain extent, but not identical. Star anise oil is usually pale yellow in color with strong licorice like aroma. Talking about the chemical constituents of the essential oil, it is rich in trans-anethole and consists of about 80% of this phenylpropanoid. It also contains compounds like foeniculin, methyl chavicol, limonene, linalool, nerolidol, and cinnamyl acetate. All these help the oil in treating herpes and these are also responsible for the other medicinal capabilities of the essential oil. Its role as a digestion enhancer is clear, and we also know that star anise oil can be used in some respiratory tract infections, now it is time we see whether star anise oil cures herpes or not. So, let us see the effects of star anise oil on herpes simplex virus. One thing is definitely clear with the researches that these two are enemies, but let us get some deeper details of star anise oil working against herpes simplex virus.

How Effective is Star Anise Oil in Herpes Treatment?


The primary symptoms of herpes infection include a flu-like syndrome with fever, headache, followed by local symptoms consisting of itching and painful cold sores. To deal with these symptoms you have so many antiviral drugs in market today. But the question is- why do we want to use star anise oil in herpes treatment when we have plenty of other options. How are star anise oil and herpes exactly related to each other? No available alternative provides holistic cure for herpes, and for this reason we have to move on to something natural like star anise oil which not only deals with the physical symptoms of herpes, but also calms down the mental disturbances created by the malady.

Herpes is not life threatening, but yes, in some cases it makes life hell. And in immunocompromised patients and neonates, herpetic infections can even cause serious systemic illnesses. And for those who have an average immunity and can bear the infection, nothing can be as uncomfortable as dealing with those cold sores every other day. We don’t have any control over them, they can appear anywhere on your body and any time they wish to. And we can simply find measures to hide and treat them. But this was definitely a thing of past and with the use of star anise oil in herpes treatment, you will not only have an ability to prevent the herpes outbreaks, but treating the cold sores will also be easier than ever.

star anise oil and herpes

Star anise oil for herpes is famous because star anise is anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant. And the oil extracted via steam distillation of star anise surely contains all the goodness in concentrated form. Because of this, direct application of this essential oil on cold sores is effective and this is why everyone is trying star anise oil for herpes treatment. Also apart from dealing with the cold sores directly, star anise oil for herpes treatment also helps by indirectly delaying the herpes outbreaks. It has been proved in several reports that due to its somewhat narcotic or numbing effects, it is used as a sedative for anxiety, nervous afflictions, depression, anger, and stress. And by controlling stress, you can delay the herpes outbreaks. Yes, there are several factors which contribute to the occurrence of herpes outbreaks, but stress definitely is one of the major triggers for herpes outbreaks. And stress cannot be avoided in herpes because we know that it is incurable. So, by using star anise oil for herpes treatment, you can reduce the stress and anxiety caused by the fact that you are infected with herpes.

So, the anti viral effect of the essential oil makes star anise oil for herpes the perfect natural alternative. Adding to it is the anti stress and anti depressant properties the oil has. These together make star anise oil for herpes a perfect cure and ultimate solution.

How to Use Star Anise Oil for Herpes?

star anise oil

Some recommend using star anise oil as oil in aromatherapy, while others use it as massage oil. You can either try both and then settle for what is more effective for you, or choose any one of them according to your convenience. But do not forget to check the oil for allergies on your skin before using it on the entire body or skin. Some people are allergic to the fragrance of the oil too, and if you are also one of them, star anise oil for herpes treatment is not meant for you. As it has been stated earlier too, don’t assume anise oil and star anise oil as same. These two are different, and we have studies indicating the effectiveness and safety of star anise oil for herpes treatment, not anise oil. So, this minor mistake can reverse the output. Also, star anise oil should not be used directly as well as indirectly in children below the age of five. Since this oil is strong, it should be kept away from the reach of children. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also not use this oil.

Analyzing the conclusions from many different researches, we find that medicinal and aromatic plants are widely used today in modern phyto-therapy. This is one reason the focus of herpes patients has been shifted to star anise oil for herpes. After taking a close look at a variety of detailed studies, we have concluded that yes, star anise oil cures herpes by relaxing your brain and soothing you skin affected by cold sores. Star anise oil and herpes simplex are enemies, and defeating herpes simplex virus is not all this magnificent oil can do for us. It has a lot of other health benefits too. The essential oils and their components are known to be active against a wide variety of microorganisms and luckily what star anise oil contains is effective in fighting with herpes simplex virus.

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So, order your herpes cure today and get rid of the ugly and annoying cold sores without the anti viral drugs that are loaded with bundles of side effects. With essential oils like star anise oil for herpes, it is easy enough to tackle the otherwise difficult to handle situation. Well, for this we should thanks nature as it has given us so many powerful ingredients, herbs and other products that can heal human body like no other modern science can do. And if we trust nature and adopt natural healing, not only herpes, but beating any other infection will be easier than ever. For now, go ahead with star anise oil for herpes treatment and do not let herpes outbreaks hit you again.

Star anise oil can give you the perfect desired results. But, in case you are hypersensitive to it, you can go for other natural options as well. Click here to know details about more herpes cure options.

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