Solve the Malady With The Effectiveness White Vinegar For Herpes

white vinegar for herpes

The Effectiveness of White Vinegar for Herpes Cure

The use of vinegar to fight infections and other acute conditions dates back to 460-377 BC; when the father of modern medicine recommended a vinegar preparation for cleaning ulcerations and for the treatment of sores. This is not just history, but has been proved several times in the present researches as well. But today, the buzz is about the answer to whether white vinegar cures herpes or not. You might have used white vinegar to soak veggies, and those who make pickle also know how important and valuable this natural ingredient is. But today, we will tell you why the medical practitioners have also started falling for the magical product. You may find many uses of white vinegar in kitchen, but here you will get to know how you can use white vinegar for herpes treatment with some unbelievable but proven medicinal benefits of the same. White vinegar is no more confined to kitchen and there are several reports suggesting that this kitchen ingredient has lot to offer in enhancing human health. For all those who have used it- have you ever thought about how white vinegar is made or what it actually is? If not, here you will get to know everything about the product since it is magically beneficial in herpes. We will talk about every aspect of using white vinegar in herpes and also outside herpes.

White Vinegar – What Is Its Significance?

The actual meaning of vinegar can be derived from a French word which means sour wine, but white vinegar is not exactly sour wine. White vinegar is considered as an acidic substance made by aging grape juice and apple. White vinegar contains 5 to 10% of acetic acid and rest water, which yields a vinegar with an incredibly clean, crisp and strong taste. Acetic acid again is prepared through fermentation of anything that contains alcohol. So, at least now you know the components of the product you probably use daily in kitchen. But it is not enough if you really want to use it against herpes. Using white vinegar for herpes is great, provided you have knowledge and awareness of both herpes and white vinegar.

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And if you are a herpes patient, no one in this world can understand the pain and sufferings you have to go through. Nothing can be as bad as the unsuccessful efforts you put on hiding the cold sores. Over and above that, the constant fear of rejection from the society makes the life hell. All this is accompanied with the painful symptoms of herpes. In all, the condition of herpes patients today is worst. Thankfully, some successful research on the magical natural products like white vinegar gives us a ray of hope. Although white vinegar is unable to deal with the psychological aspects of the infection, it can be a great treat to the skin affected by cold sores.

For more than 2000 years, vinegar has been used to flavor and preserve foods, heal wounds, fight infections, clean surfaces, and manage diabetes. Taste-wise, white vinegar is the sharpest stuff around, so being careful when you’re cooking with it is important. As it has also been cited in the beginning of the article, white vinegar has a long history of use as a medicinal product as well as in cleansing. Despite this, why did it take so many years for us to recognize that white vinegar cures herpes? Because we don’t trust something today until it has proofs in the form of scientific findings. And luckily, many recent scientific investigations have documented that vinegar ingestion reduces the glucose response to a carbohydrate load in healthy adults and in individuals with diabetes. Many other studies indicate its use to fight against several types of infections and from here we got an idea to cure herpes with white vinegar. And when the detailed investigations and experiments were performed, we got to know the amazing and unbelievable effect of white vinegar in herpes infection. So, let us quickly see what are the benefits of using white vinegar for herpes treatment, and with this you will also get an answer about whether white vinegar cures herpes or not.

white vinegar and herpes

Benefits Of White Vinegar In Herpes Treatment

Herpes is a sexually transmitted infection, and the symptoms of this disease vary from person to person. The same virus can cause great deal of trouble in one victim, while someone else might live with the virus without even noticing its presence. This variation is not only seen in the intensity and frequency of the symptoms, but also in the types of symptoms. If you have contracted herpes, you might develop sores on your face every month. On the other hand, there are also herpes patients who struggle from severe internal symptoms but no cold sores. So, if we consider the group of patients in which the only trouble herpes simplex virus creates is in the form of cold sores, then we can clearly say that white vinegar cures herpes. And we would also declare that you can easily cure herpes with white vinegar. So, let us see how white vinegar in herpes treatment is helpful.

Vinegar has known since ages for its anti infectant properties and this is why it was used by Hippocrates for cleaning wounds and sores. And today, the fact that white vinegar has anti infectant properties has not one or two but many proofs. Recent scientific investigations clearly demonstrate the antimicrobial properties of vinegar, but mainly in the context of food preparation. Several other studies conducted to see the effect of white vinegar in herpes also concluded the same. So, by making right use of the antiviral properties present in white vinegar, one can easily get rid of the cold sores.

See how effectively white vinegar for herpes can treat your sores.

Apart from fighting the infection externally, white vinegar is also famous for raising the immunity and hence saving us from the recurrent herpes outbreaks. Although consuming white vinegar internally has several limitations because it is too strong, we can try it having some part through pickles etc. Only minor amount of this natural product has tremendous impact on the disease fighting capabilities of human body. With these two huge benefits, let us how one can use white vinegar for herpes treatment.

How To Use White Vinegar In Herpes Treatment?

Using white vinegar for herpes is easy, but you have to take into consideration the strong nature of the product. Yes, white vinegar is natural and hence it is free from any side effects, but to keep it safe, you must use it carefully. To use white vinegar for herpes treatment, you can either apply it topically or consume it internally.

Applying white vinegar on cold sores is as simple as putting a piece of cotton on the cold sores. Just put a few drops of white vinegar on a piece of cotton and apply this on the skin affected by cold sores. You can repeat it twice every day. This will not only treat the cold sores fast, but will also save your skin from developing any secondary infection.

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Talking about using white vinegar internally, it is not recommended to use the product directly as there are proofs about the safety. If you really want to grab the benefits of vinegar and are interested to use this against herpes, consume apple cider vinegar. As far as consuming white vinegar is considered, you can only use it while cooking some particular dishes and in pickles. This quantity will be safe and will also help you in preventing herpes outbreaks by raising your immunity.


Vinegar’s use as a component in kitchen and food ingredient spans thousands of years, and perhaps its use can be labeled safe by default. But you have to follow some precautionary measures and they are important considering the strong and concentrated nature of the product.

  • First of all, while applying white vinegar for herpes treatment on cold sores, you have to take only two or three drops. Don’t dip the cotton totally into the solution.
  • Applying it once or twice will give you an idea of what amount you should take. First application will be toughest because it might create a burning sensation on the skin affected by cold sores. If it is severe, you can reduce the amount in the next application and if you still feel burning sensation and pain, don’t apply it on cold sores.
  • Do not use the same piece of cotton on another sore, and also do not let it touch the uninfected skin.


With all the precautions and amazing medicinal benefits offered by white vinegar in herpes, cold sores in herpes will no more create trouble in life. This is all you need to manage, treat and also prevent the cold sores, but there are some unfortunate people who also have to fight with many other symptoms of herpes. The primary outbreak of herpes is more or less similar for everyone. You have to go though severe body aches, fatigue, and sometimes fever. But all these symptoms either diminish or disappear in the subsequent herpes outbreaks and the only symptom that usually remains consistent is cold sores.

And if this is your case too, you can cure herpes with white vinegar, but in case you want solution to other symptoms creating hindrance in your normal life, we have many other natural products that act as an enemy for herpes. You can check out those products and choose the appropriate solution according to your symptoms. And in case you have diverse symptoms, you can even combine more than one natural solution for herpes. This will give you a customized cure for herpes.

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