slippery elm for herpes

Have You Ever Heard of Slippery Elm for Herpes Cure?

Have you heard of slippery elm for herpes cure? Oh, first I should ask if you are aware of natural treatments for herpes or not because there are many who don’t have any idea of natural treatments. Yes, there is no one out there who doesn’t know about antibiotics, drugs and supplements, but rarely any one of you had heard of slippery elm. We would have already forgotten nature completely by now, but there are diseases like herpes that make us value natural treatments and slippery elm for herpes. You might either be fed up of the use of expensive and harmful antiviral drugs, or you no more trust these artificially synthesized products. In both the cases, you have started thinking towards the betterment of your health and also in the direction of curing herpes.

Let us first have an overview of slippery elm as you should know not only the disease, but also the tool you are using to fight with infection like herpes.

Slippery elm

Slippery elm is found in central and southern North America. It is a huge tree which usually reaches up to a height of 60 ft. The tree held a place of honor in the 19th century, especially during the American Revolution. No other herb was efficient enough to replace the shady tree during those years, and even today we don’t have any single medicine that can resolve so many health issues.

During war times, slippery elm had many roles from being a food to meet the energy requirements of soldiers to the perfect topical antiseptic. Yes, you can assess the capabilities of slippery elm by the fact that the herb was used to treat gun-shot wounds during the American Revolution. The surgeons of those times believed that slippery elm was the ultimate wound healer, and when it was taken as food, was the best source to be alive as small quantity of the herb was enough to meet the nutritional demands of the soldiers.

slippery elm and herpes

The power of slippery elm cannot be described in a few words, and its uses also are widespread. Back in the history, this herb was approved as safe to use by United States pharmacopoeia, and even today it has FDA approval. It is our bad fortune that after the war, so many pharmaceutical companies took over and herbs like slippery elm and many others disappeared from the frame. What we are left with today are the harmful antibiotics that are over expensive, and at the same time threat to our health.

Today, we take a pill for minor pain in the nail of our little finger. We have another set of medicines that make us feel happy- the anti anxiety pills. And it does not end up with this, we have yet another supplements for delaying aging. Tell the doctor a problem, and he will prescribe medicine for it. Even if it is a natural process like ageing, you will get artificial solutions for it. This is good for those who are being paid for prescribing medicines, and also for the manufacturers. What about those who are the real users? Medicines are very beneficial if you measure the benefit in terms of millions of dollars earned by the pharmaceutical companies. They are even more profitable for those who get money as commission and also as fees for prescribing them. But unfortunately, none of the medicines have benefits for human body.

No matter how much money you spend on buying expensive, branded and safe medicine or drug, you will have a round tablet that would give you instant relief and temporary side effects. These side effects, if are not seen immediately, after the use burst out as a permanent health hazard after years of use. Now you must be wondering why one would use antibiotics regularly for years. See, there are many diseases for which there is no cure in the medicinal field, and herpes also is one of them.

herpes simplex

Herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus and the two different strands of the virus causes two different types of infection- oral herpes and genital herpes. The symptoms are quite painful, and more than that, they are embarrassing. Despite so many efforts, there is no cure for herpes, at least not in the medicinal field. The herpes patients are bound to take antiviral medicines everyday in order to wake up outbreak free the next morning. If they don’t take help of antiviral drugs, any day they may have the herpes outbreak. The same cold sores, painful and itchy blisters, and the rash like red skin will start creating trouble again. Do you also believe in this?

If you have recently been diagnosed with herpes, then you must have a fair idea of all the treatment methods available for herpes. Can you name any one apart from the antiviral treatment? I don’t think many of you would tell me something like natural treatments, but yes they exist. Natural treatments still exist for herpes and for all other health ailments. They have not vanished with time; it is just that we have sidelined them. We have very well advertised medicines to take care of our health and with millions of herpes patients, diabetics, and cancer patients we also have a proof that they are taking good care of human beings.

Everyday we have a new drug in the market claiming to cure some disease on earth, but United States is full of people who rely on antibiotics and still are unhealthy. This clearly tell all of us that it is time to traverse back to the times people lived much healthier lives and that too without medicines. It is time to look deeper into the treatment methods of ancient times, and after researching for months, you will also reach to something really amazing like slippery elm for herpes.

slippery elm for herpes

Yes, we can use the magical herb- slippery elm for herpes treatment. Do you think herpes is a big deal for this amazingly beneficial herbal healer when it can heal gun wounds? Of course, it is not. It is the ultimate solution to all those herpes patients who are living in a threat of getting herpes outbreaks all the time. If you still have a doubt, have a look at the properties and abilities of slippery elm that make it the most sought after treatment for herpes.

Slippery elm in herpes

The health benefits of slippery elm are innumerable, but let us see the effects of slippery elm for herpes patients.

  • Slippery elm is a very old topical antiseptic that was used to heal the wounds of soldiers, and also to prevent infection in the wounds. With time, the herb has not changed, and so are its medicinal properties. We have unbearable cold sores at very unusual parts of the body, and any secondary infection in the cold sores or fluid filled blisters make the situation really painful and extreme. You can easily avoid this with the help of slippery elm for herpes cold sores. Use of this natural herb will not only make the cold sores dry out fast, but it will also not let any other micro organism grow on the already infected skin.
  • Slippery elm is very popular for fighting infection like urinary tract infection, other bacterial and viral infections. Herpes also is a viral infection in which the herpes simplex virus enters human body and is not ready to leave the place forever. There is no medicine discovered till date that can kick the virus out of your body, and hence the expensive antiviral drugs will be of no use. Regular intake of slippery elm for herpes can bring a lot of changes in the lives of herpes patients and that too in a very short span of time.
  • You might be on a set of antibiotics and antiviral drugs. Some of them might be given to fight the herpes infection, while other are prescribed because you may need anti inflammatory drugs to control the symptoms of herpes. you can either go with the doctors prescription, bear all the expenses, pay heavy bills and also let the medicines give you side effects or simply replace all the medicines with slippery elm for herpes. Doing this will give you everything, and because slippery elm for herpes will also ensure that you get the desired anti inflammatory affect also, you don’t have to use more than one product.
  • We have already mentioned that slippery elm for herpes is an excellent antiseptic, but what makes it the best choice is its goodness for skin. Slippery elm for herpes is good for drying out the fluid filled cold sores, but at the same time it will win hearts by leaving a charismatic effect on your skin too.

slippery elm herpes

With so many benefits, slippery elm for herpes undoubtedly can not only treat herpes, but it can do it so well that you won’t think of any other treatment method for herpes once you use slippery elm for herpes. But, since it is a natural treatment method, you must know how you should use it to gain maximum benefits.

How to use slippery elm for herpes?

You can use slippery elm for herpes in two ways: one is preparing the herbal treatment at home, and the other one is by directly taking the supplements. The inner part of the bark of slippery elm is used for treating herpes and many other ailments. One way is to prepare a decoction of the dried bark of the herbal tree.

  • Take two cups of water
  • Boil the water for about a minute and then add the dried powder of the bark of slippery elm. You can get the powder from a health store, and it will cost negligible.
  • Let the water boil for about 10 to fifteen minutes. When the solution becomes half the volume from where you started, switch off the flame.
  • Wait for the solution to cool down and once it cools down strain the bark and drink what is left in the cup.

Drinking this herbal tea made up of slippery elm for herpes treatment will treat all the symptoms of herpes, and at the same time it will also improve your overall health. You can drink it daily, even when you are not suffering from herpes outbreaks simply because it has no side effects. In case you need to apply the solution to the cold sores, you can also use it this way.

slippery elm tea for herpes

Alternatively you can also use the supplements. Although the procedure of making the herbal tea for herpes is not that difficult, it depends on your choice, and sometimes the availability of the bark. In case the bark is not available at your nearby store, you can order it online, but if you really have a problem with making or drinking the herbal tea, then you can choose this method. You have to choose the supplements containing slippery elm and take it such that you only intake 1.5 to 3 grams of slippery elm for herpes everyday.

Precautions while using slippery elm for herpes

It was reported that slippery elm was used to abort child during the past decades. Although there is not strong evidence favoring this fact, but still to be at the safer side, you should not use the herb in any way if you are pregnant. You should also check for allergy as many people who have sensitive skin have reported some allergic issues on topical application of slippery elm for herpes.

Be it any type of skin condition slippery elm can be used without much speculation. Apart from the treatment of skin infections and the use of slippery elm for herpes treatment, there are many other fields related to health in which we have been using slippery elm continuously. Minor infections like cough, sore throat, and other throat infections can be treated with the same herb. Many stomach and digestion related problems like constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bladder and urinary tract infections can also be very well taken care of by slippery elm.

slippery elm and herpes

Where was this blessing hidden till now? This is what every herpes patient must be thinking right now. Well, it was there right in front of us, but we were busy buying packets of antiviral drugs and hence no time to even look at such an amazing, powerful and ultimate herpes cure. With so many strong evidences of medicinal uses in past, and the promise of a herpes free future and enhanced health, no herpes patient can today afford to say no to using slippery elm for herpes treatment.

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