Senna Leaf For Herpes – Can Senna Leaf Tea Kill Herpes ?

can senna leaf tea kill herpes

Can Senna Leaf Tea Kill Herpes and Bring Life Back on Track ?

85% of the people in United States carrying the herpes simplex 2 virus don’t know they have a sexually transmitted disease we call herpes. So, this many people might get a shocking surprise on any coming day with the blisters announcing that they have genital herpes. And the case of oral herpes also is not much different; people live with oral herpes acting silently inside their bodies. With such a high proportion of the population living in dilemma, under stress and with a hope to find the right herpes cure, news in trend has recently blown all these minds.

Can senna leaf tea kill herpes? This is the question popping out of the mind of every herpes patient these days. Have you ever given a thought on this? Do you think that it is possible and the answer to can senna leaf tea kill herpes can be a breakthrough in the field of herpes cure? Most of you might be thinking about it, but only those who have used this herbal tea are sure of it is capabilities. You will also not be able to resist yourself once you get to know everything about senna leaf tea. All your doubts about “can senna leaf tea kill herpes?” will fade away by the end of this article and you will leave the page not with a hope to find a holistic cure for herpes, but with a tangible cure for herpes.

Today we know senna plant and senna leaves as FDA approved non prescription laxatives. Yes, senna is one of the only few herbs that have got recognition by the FDA and this itself tells about the safety, health index and effectiveness of the herbal remedy. Usually we are not so much interested in herbal medicines and home remedies because we are not sure about their safety. Much information is also not present on the internet about this aspect of the herbal and natural medicines. We often have to convince ourselves before using any natural product for the first time. Thankfully, with senna leaves there is no such threat. We have a proof that senna leaves are safe and can be taken without doctors’ prescription, and the only thing to be sure about is it’s effectiveness in herpes.

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Senna leaf tea can sound new to your ears but it actually is an age old remedy used for different purposes by different cultures. The Mesquakies (also known as the fox tribe) ate the seeds of senna plant for treating throat infections. They believed that the senna seeds that are softened by soaking in water overnight are a mucilaginous medicine for sore throat. Another such tribe which had a fair idea about the medicinal properties of senna leaves was Cherokees. The Cherokees (a tribe which was classified as one of the Five Civilized Tribes by European settlers in the United States) used the bruised root, moistened with water for healing the skin affected by sores.

Not only the ancient tribes, but the relatively modern sciences like ayurveda also have a place for the senna plant due to the tremendous healing properties it displays. In Ayurvedic medicine, senna is used for addressing digestion related issues like constipation. Apart from its good effect on stomach, many ayurvedic medicines also believe that skin problems, jaundice, bronchitis, liver disease, splenomegaly, typhoid fever, and anemia can also be treated with this natural plant. So, we can say that senna plant has a long history of medicinal uses and strong healing domains like ayurveda is using those medicinal capabilities for healing humans quite well.


Only allopathic medicines are still far away from the use of this herbal component, and this also is a reason behind their incapability of curing herpes permanently. Herpes cannot be cured by medicines because they are actually not made to do so. All the antiviral medications available with the pharmacy store are intended to only suppress the symptoms of herpes. Truth is that the effect of these medicines doesn’t even reach the herpes simplex virus because of its unique hiding capabilities. You can do just a little to the herpes infections and the herpes simplex virus once it enters into your body because the virus hides deep into your cells and even your immune system can’t differentiate it from a normal cell.

This is strange, but the actual reason behind the incurability of herpes infection is this hiding capability only. Well, scientists are trying their best and they might find a cure for herpes one day. But that one day might come after you have taken herpes with you in grave too. And I am sure at that point of time, this cure will be of no use to you. Wait, I haven’t said that you have to take herpes to your grave; we have something amazing for herpes that will take all you pain and sufferings away. Can senna leaf tea kill herpes? The answer to this question will today decide your future.

And the answer to “Can senna leaf tea kill herpes?” will be clear once you see what senna leaves can do in herpes. Have a look at all the benefits a herpes patient can receive from the use of senna leaf tea and then we will talk about how to use it as a tool against herpes.

Senna leaf tea for herpes

Senna Leaf Tea in Herpes

Different parts of senna plant have been used continuously in the past for dealing with various health complications, but these days herpes is making senna leaf tea famous. Everywhere, on the internet as well, there is a buzz about can senna leaf tea kill herpes or not. Senna leaf tea is amazing laxative and also is good for detoxification, but when it comes to treat herpes, the matter suddenly becomes highly important. It is because of the stigma associated with herpes, but this stigma is only in minds of herpes patients, and senna leaf tea takes herpes as an infection only. Let us see how senna leaf tea can cure herpes.

Senna leaf tea is good for skin in general, and according to a well established ancient healing science which also evolves according to the need of the time, Ayurveda, senna leaves are capable of treating any type of skin infections. Skin is the most common victim of herpes infection as when the herpes virus gets a chance to replicate, the first sign can be seen as cold sores on various parts of the body. These cold sores are on the mouth, near lips, nose or eyes if you are infected with herpes simplex virus 1. And in case you have genital herpes, you are infected by herpes simplex type 2, then the sores and blisters will be seen around the thighs, buttocks and genital area. The pain and discomfort of these sores is something that can’t be described in words.

genital herpes

Also if they attack the skin which is highly visible and cannot be hidden under cloths, they also become a reason of embarrassment in public. I have seen people taking leave from office for an entire week because they could not hide the sores on their lips and also didn’t want to reveal that they had oral herpes. Medicines start working on the sores only when the virus has done much damage to it. But senna leaf tea can do magic and help you get rid of the cold sores really fast. The cold sores will not bother you for more than two to three days if you choose senna leaf tea for fighting herpes outbreaks. That is great and if senna leaf tea can do it for us, it might be possible that senna leaf tea is killing the herpes virus, right?

Before you conclude the answer to the question- can senna leaf tea kill herpes, we have something even better about the herbal tea. Senna leaf tea will help you in delaying and even preventing herpes outbreaks. Yes, some people have reported to have no herpes outbreaks since they started using senna leaf tea for herpes treatment. These are extremely lucky people who already had a strong immune system. But the good news is that you can also make your immune system that strong with the regular consumption of senna leaf tea. This way, we can say that senna leaf tea cannot kill the herpes virus, but by not letting it replicate, it make sure that you don’t get herpes outbreaks for the rest of your life.

senna leaf tea

People use senna leaf tea to loose weight, but you will use it from today onwards to fight with the most annoying enemy- herpes. This is going to change your world drastically. Just two cups of senna leaf tea everyday will cure herpes. But to get the right benefits, you should know the right procedure to make senna leaf tea. Yes, it does make significant amount of difference. You should know the right recipe to make the ultimate decoction. Here are the steps you should follow to make senna leaf tea.

  • For making senna leaf tea that particularly is beneficial in herpes, you have to take approximately 100 grams of senna leaves.
  • Take two cups of water and bring the water to boil.
  • Add the senna leaves to boiling water and wait for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • You can also add other herbs like ginger or cardamom to get a better and drinkable flavor. These will not destroy the properties of senna leaves; in fact, they will assist you in healing cold sores etc.
  • Once you see the water reducing to one cup, switch off the flame.
  • Strain the leaves and drink the water twice a day.

By following this procedure, you will get all the goodness of the leaves and it will be more than enough to fight off the symptoms of herpes.

Precautions While Using Senna Leaf Tea for Herpes

senna leaf tea bag

Senna leaf tea has no side effects till it is consumed under a limit by adults. But in case of children, you have to be a bit careful. Senna leaf tea under no circumstances should be given to children under two. Even in children below twelve, the right dose should be given only after consulting a doctor. Same is the case with any pregnant woman. If we dig deeper into the pats, some cultures have used senna plant for abortions, so, it is not at all recommended to be used by pregnant women. If you consume it in very concentrated form, or in high doses, you can suffer severe cramping and diarrhea, resulting in possible dehydration and excessive loss of potassium and other electrolytes. This is rare case, and none of the herpes patients have reported such issues till date. But it is better you know each and every aspect of the herbal tea.

We hope now you have a clearer answer to- “can senna leaf tea kill herpes?” And not only the answer, we have given you an excellent herbal cure for herpes that is much better than the medicinal help you were taking to combat herpes. We have also told you in detail about the best way to prepare the tea at home as this will help you get the best possible benefits. So now, leaving the right cure in your hands, we hope you will not have to search for another herpes cure and senna leaf tea will do the needful.

Senna Leaf is immensely beneficial for herpes, but in case you are hyper sensitive to it, you can go for some other natural options. Click here to know about other home remedies for herpes.

home remedies for herpes

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