See How To Use Zinc Oxide As a Cure For Herpes ?

zinc oxide for herpes

Zinc Oxide for Herpes – The Immense Power of Zinc Oxide For Treating Herpes Sores

Several research outcomes of studies conducted at university of Illinois and in many other countries have linked zinc oxide with herpes. Some studies claim that the topical application of zinc oxide at the first stage of herpes outbreaks can reduce the intensity as well as size of cold sores. While some other deep studies conclude taking zinc supplements have a direct impact on the frequency of herpes outbreaks. You might be here to find out the truth behind all these claims. It is understood because all a herpes patient wants today is herpes cure. Millions of people all around the world are waiting for a holistic herpes cure and since all of them have tried antiviral medicines for a long time now, there is no hope left in the allopathic medicines. In the midst of all this, the news about the effectiveness of zinc oxide in herpes has suddenly shown some light to patients who are either recently diagnosed and are in trauma or have already been facing the same since years. In fact, even those who have learnt to live with the truth that herpes is incurable have some hope in zinc oxide. Unfortunately, there are many websites claiming that zinc oxide for herpes can be used and it is effective, but none of them can actually explain how. And since it is herpes, we understand that believing anything so easily is not possible.

See The Magnificent Effects of Zinc Oxide as a Herpes Cure.

Herpes is a sexually transmitted infection, but only a few people take it as just an infection. It is not merely a medical issue, rather is gradually becoming a social threat. First factor that makes it a social threat is the high rate of transmission of the herpes simplex virus. Second one is the incurability of herpes and the major reason is unacceptability. We often blame the society, but who makes the society? If you accept herpes and treat it just like any other infection, the society is going to change only then. And if you develop a stigma of herpes outbreaks and think of it as a punishment for a sin done in your past life, this means the virus has already entered into your brain. Don’t worry, as regardless of the type of trouble the herpes simplex virus is creating, zinc oxide for herpes treatment can deal with it. And the good news is that you can not only treat the present herpes outbreak with zinc oxide, but this wonder product can easily help you live a herpes free life also. And like all the other sources of information, we are not going to leave you with herpes virus by just telling that zinc oxide can help you lead a herpes free life. Here you will get all the information related to the use of zinc oxide for herpes. Starting from some basic information about the product, we will tell you all the benefits you can gain by using zinc oxide for herpes.

So, let us get started and try to explore more about our new and effective cure for herpes- zinc oxide and then we will tell you how this is effective and all the possible ways you can use this amazing product against herpes simplex.

Benefits Of Using Zinc Oxide in Herpes


Zinc is a natural substance as it can be found in nature, but, zinc oxide is not naturally-occurring. We need to heat up naturally occurring zinc in the presence of chemicals so that it is combined with oxygen molecules. This zinc oxide has many medicinal properties. Some of them are inherited from the base metal zinc, while others are due to its combination with the oxygen molecule. With these properties, zinc oxide for herpes becomes an unbeatable cure for this dreadful disease. The most common symptoms of herpes are cold sores and these sores are also the biggest challenge that every herpes patient faces. It is so because they can hide the fever, headache, weakness and anxiety, but the cold sores, especially in case of oral herpes make it impossible for them to hide their status of infection.

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With zinc oxide, you can easily get rid of these cold sores within a few days. In fact, by applying the topical solution containing zinc oxide at the very first stage, you can even stop them from ruining your innocent skin. We will tell you how you can apply zinc oxide on cold sores. But before that, let us see how we can use zinc oxide for herpes prevention. You can prevent herpes outbreaks for the rest of your life and live a happy life by using zinc oxide internally. If you choose the second option, you might not need to use zinc oxide on cold sores because with this, you can prevent cold sores from occurring. Isn’t preventing the sores far better than treating? It indeed is and we can enjoy our lives to the fullest without the fear of sudden herpes outbreaks. But for this, you not only need to take zinc supplements regularly, but you also have to be careful about your diet and other aspects that influence your frequency of herpes outbreaks. Yes, zinc oxide on cold sores as well as for internal symptoms treatment is amazing, but you also have to take care of a few factors that not only affect your overall health, but directly influence the occurrence of herpes attacks. The very first is to quit smoking. I know it is difficult to quit what you have been doing for a long time now, but when you know this is the only way to prevent herpes outbreaks, you have got to do this.


Apart from this, you should also have a look at what you are eating and your diet should be strictly according to the need of your body, not what your taste buds like. And with all these changes making minor variations, zinc oxide in herpes will make a significant impact and finally you will be able to live a herpes free and happy life.

How To Use Zinc Oxide For Herpes

You can use zinc oxide for herpes in both the ways- topically as well as orally. If you use this orally, you need to consult a doctor and start taking zinc supplements. Although it is said that an average American takes about 10 mg of zinc in some or the other form, but the zinc present in the average American diet is poorly absorbable hence you might need to complete the zinc requirements by other means. Choosing supplements will definitely help in herpes, but it is better you consult a doctor to get an idea of the dosage and other precautions.

On one hand, using zinc oxide for herpes orally can help you prevent herpes outbreaks; while on the other hand, applying it topically will help you in having a control on the cold sores that have just started to develop. You can apply any ointment containing zinc oxide on the skin where you often feel tingling before the appearance of cold sores. Applying the cream containing zinc oxide on the skin where cold sores have just begun to attack will give you immediate relief. Not only this, it will also make sure the cold sores do not spread to other places. Sometimes, the one time application of zinc oxide can help the cold sores vanish without creating any trouble. Zinc oxide is an active ingredient of many diaper rash and poison ivy creams, and after these recent revelations, some ointments for herpes also includes zinc oxide. You can check for the appropriate solution online or offline. Try to choose the one with highest percentage of zinc oxide.

zinc oxide and herpes

Whatever is in news or trend, you cannot follow everything and you cannot blindly trust all news related to herpes. But, now you have more than sufficient reasons to use zinc oxide for herpes. Zinc oxide is just perfect solution to all the sufferings and pain you have been bearing all this while. Not only this, it is the only secret door that will lead you to a herpes free life and hence an embarrassment free life. You no more have to stay locked in your room for days because you cannot hide those ugly cold sores on your face. You no more have to feel guilty for the wrong you haven’t done. Just take herpes as an infection and use zinc oxide for herpes. With this information, there is no scope of doubt and suspicion as we have also given you some research references. These studies have been carried out in approved laboratories. And if you are finding it difficult to believe on experiments, we have so many people who are already living herpes free life with the right use of zinc oxide.

If this too is not enough for you to trust this new cure for herpes, you can still live a few years depending on the harmful antivirals and then eventually try this magnificent product. But in that case, the ill effects of antivirals you are taking under the pretext of treating herpes will keep on accumulating in your body. Depending on the time and frequency of use of these gradual killers, you will suffer from minor indigestion problems to major kidney troubles. So, the decision is all yours as the body is yours. It is your body and ultimately your health is going to be affected in long term. So, better you decide and choose an appropriate, effective and healthy method of treating herpes. It is no more about choosing between zinc oxide for herpes and antiviral treatment for herpes. But it is about getting a herpes free life by using zinc oxide in herpes now or using zinc oxide for herpes a few years later.  You are wise enough to take the decision now.

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