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Feline Herpes – Is your cat in pain from the last few days?

Your lovely pet must be going through a tough time right now and all because of the feline herpes virus type 1. This virus creates trouble not only for human beings but the little cats also become a victim of it. We understand that it is not at all easy to see the lovely cutie pie fighting with eye infection or upper respiratory tract problem because of sudden activation of feline herpes virus. Here you will see everything that is directly or indirectly related to feline herpes and what to do for getting feline herpes treatment, not only treatment, but a really effective treatment for feline herpes.

Feline herpes virus type 1 is very common among cats, and bothers almost every other cat, but the good thing is that it cannot be transmitted to human beings through cats. Here, there is a point for you to smile, because, you don’t require feline herpes treatment. Jokes apart, although you are at the safe side but living with an ill, suffering pet in the same house is not something any human being wants. We will today tell you about feline herpes treatment, all the methods of treating feline herpes, be it antiviral treatment or it is natural treatment at home. Yes, you can save your pet from these painful episodes if you take care of certain things at your home. I know you love your cat the most, and also take good care of her, but there are some other elements which you need to be aware of if you have a cat at home and it is infected with feline herpes virus.

For understanding the antiviral mode of feline herpes treatment you do not need any knowledge of anything, just the doctor’s prescription is enough. But if you really care about your cat, you must think beyond medicines. Medicines are good but not enough for a complete and effective feline herpes treatment. Your duty extends beyond giving the prescribed antiviral if you want to see the cat really happy and healthy. Apart from this, there are many side effects of medicines that a human being can very well explain but unfortunately a cat cannot. The unlucky poor cat can never tell you that I’m suffering from feline herpes and get me a feline herpes treatment. Taking all these things into consideration, you must know how to treat feline herpes at home with some very common natural treatment methods. For these methods you must have background knowledge of what feline herpes is, why and from where your cat has caught the infection, what changes will you see once your cat is infected, and what possible complications you can avoid. Before jumping to the treatment methods straightaway, one must have awareness about all these aspects. This is mandatory for everyone having a pet at home, no matter you have an infected or uninfected one. It won’t take that much time, but will definitely prove to be useful in long run. Let us see all these things related to feline herpes and then we will see all the possible treatments of feline herpes, along with the effects, side effects and precautions. Read more to know about the effects and side-effects of herpes medication on herpes and sufferers.

feline herpes

What is feline herpes?

Herpes free cats today exist only in an imaginary world, whether you are aware of it or not, your cat too has it. Almost all kittens get this virus from their mothers in the first few weeks of their lives, and the rest get it from the fellow cats making. The stats make it a matter of concern and show us the necessity to go for a real feline herpes treatment. Isn’t it? Feline herpes, also known as feline viral rhinotracheitis, is an eye and upper respiratory disease. It is highly contagious, thus is found in almost every other cat. The virus causing this upper respiratory disease is called feline herpes virus. Do you know when your cat was infected with the feline herpes virus for the first time? You will be surprised to know that your kitten could have got the virus at the time she was born or at a later stage. Imagine the kitten suffering from an outbreak when she has not even opened her eyes for the first time! Hard to believe but it is true that almost 80% of the infections spread at the very early phase of the cat’s life. They may get it from their mothers or from the fellow kittens. Undoubtedly, that is a stage when your cat is at its most sensitive stage and we can never follow hard medications or other methods of feline herpes treatment. Hence, the cats at that stage are more prone to the infection than any other stage.

Symptoms of feline herpes

Sometimes feline herpes is misinterpreted as cold, hence, breaking the way to consider more and go for the feline herpes treatment. Reason is the symptoms of feline herpes resembling with those of cold. All the symptoms of cold in cats make up half of the symptoms of feline herpes and thus to know what is happening with your cat, you must be aware of all the symptoms associated with feline herpes.

  • If your cat is not eating properly and this continues for three consecutive meals, try to find out if the other symptoms of feline herpes are also there or not. If there is a good connection between you two, you can easily get what she is trying to tell you. Hence, if you realize that it is feline herpes, hurry up and rush to get some feline herpes treatment.
  • The other symptoms of herpes are sneezing attacks with continuous discharge from nose and eyes. These symptoms are actually also seen in cold and anyone can get confused. But you can look for some other distinguishing factors like conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis, ulcer of the cornea and other eye related problem are usually not associated with cold, but they are seen in the case of feline herpes most of the time.
  • Conjunctivitis in most of the cases points towards feline herpes only. A cat suffering from feline herpes may suffer from mild conjunctivitis in one or both the eyes.
  • In severe cases of feline herpes, cat may develop ulcers of the cornea. This is rare symptom but if happens gives much pain. In this case immediate medical advice is the first thing you should do otherwise either you pet can loose her eyesight or you can loose her.
  • Apart from pink eye or conjunctivitis you may observe some unusual lesions in and around the eyes of you cat. Usually most of the problem is caused in the eye part of the cat if she is infected with feline herpes. you can say the symptoms are of feline herpes if you see some problem in the eye with cold like symptoms. Its time to rush to the doctor and follow whatever prescribed way is provided to you for feline herpes treatment.
  • Nasal congestion and fever again are the common symptoms between cold and feline herpes.
  • Depression and lethargy are other two symptoms of feline herpes, but you cannot figure them out without interacting with your cat. If you are too close to the cat, you can make a guess about her being depressed or lethargic. But if you two have not spent much time together, it can be difficult for you to assess what is going on.

If she suddenly stops playing or listening to you, there are chances she is either lethargic or have some stress. Corneal ulcer is something you must be aware about as it is the most dangerous symptom of feline herpes. Rest all can be controlled if you use the right method for feline herpes treatment at home. Only thing required from your side is promptness in acting and calmness in identifying the correct problem your pet is suffering from.

After the first infection, the virus goes temporarily in passive mode and may not show its presence for a long time. This doesn’t mean the cat is not infected, the feline herpes virus is still present in the cat’s body but currently it is not displaying any symptom. it is believed that once the virus manages to enter in the pets body, it will not leave you for the rest of the life. This looks like a dangerous infection, but the best thing about feline herpes is that although it stays in the cat’s body, but does not bother it so much. The feline herpes virus will occasionally become active, and only during that time you have to take the treatment methods. Although the disease is very common among cats and these symptoms very well indicate the presence of feline herpes virus in your body but there is a need of proper diagnosis before taking any decision regarding feline herpes treatment. At professional diagnostic centers the tests for this virus are carried out. Sometimes your results of these tests may come out to be negative even when your cat is suffering from all the symptoms and the other times another cat may get positive results for the presence of the virus at the time when she is doing absolutely fine. So you can’t go strictly as per the test results and the doctor can assure the presence of feline herpes by doing physical examination of your cat.

Feline herpes is very common, and is found in cats of all countries and regions. Cats of all sizes, ages and breeds are susceptible to feline herpes. You cannot delete the herpes virus from your pet’s body but of course you can anyway prevent the reoccurrences. First and foremost in this direction is ensuring your pet is not stressed. You must have seen cats changing behavior as soon as they change their house or are suddenly isolated from their friends. This is due to stress. Yes, not only you but your cat too can feel stress of these little things. Stress is one of the major elements that trigger feline herpes.

Transmission modes: direct and indirect

Do you think you cat can get it from you because you are infected from herpes simplex? If you think so, you are totally wrong. The transmission is not possible via either of the ways; neither can you infect the cat, nor your cat can pass the feline herpes infection to you or any other human being living in the same house. So, neither your cat requires treatment you require nor you need to worry about the feline herpes treatment for you. But yes, if there is another pet living in the same house, trust me no matter how hard you try, it is nearly impossible to save him from getting infected.

  • Feline herpes virus can easily infect the uninfected cat by traveling to the new host through sneezing, coughing, or grooming.
  • In fact just living in the same household with an infected cat is enough for another cat to get infected with the feline herpes virus. This ease of transmission is the factor responsible for almost all kittens getting the infection from their mothers at a very early stage.
  • Sharing food and water dishes or playing toys can also be one mode of transmission. One more medium of transmission is by coming in contact with the nasal or eye discharge coming out of the cat’s eye.

All the types of herpes viruses are so active to get transmitted and so smart to play that they never allow the holistic cure to kick them out of the bodies and the world, say it, either for genital herpes or it can be feline herpes treatment.

Treatments for feline herpes  

It is true for cats as it is for people- herpes is for life. Cure is something you should not expect in infections like herpes because there is nothing that can eliminate the feline herpes virus. But we cannot leave the kitten to suffer alone, can we? You must not leave the situation as it is, and act but not to get a cure, to treat instead. Yes, you can treat feline herpes for sure. Note exactly feline herpes cure, but at least feline herpes treatment is available. There are more than a few ways you can treat your cat if the feline herpes is bothering her currently. Let us see different treatments for feline herpes every cat owner must know.

  • Keep it clean

Try to keep the surroundings of the cat clean and hygienic. I know it is not easy with pets, but it is very important to avoid secondary infections. Your cat is already very weak and the same virus can attack your pet again soon if you do not maintain cleanliness. Clean the pet’s eyes regularly. It will reduce chances of infection and will also give some relief to the cat. Also keeping a humidifier in your cat’s environment or keeping her in a steamy bathroom for sometime is also helpful in easing the symptoms. Try to keep the environment of your house calm, clean and happy to help you pet come out of the situation soon.

  • L lysine

Lysine for HerpesThose who are infected with herpes very well know that l lysine contains amino acids. These amino acids are responsible for antiviral activities against feline herpes virus. In case of cats you can use veterinary formulation of these amino acids. These formulations are available in market and are normally given to cats with upper respiratory tract infection. In case of feline herpes as well you can use this to treat runny nose and runny eyes of your cat. This can be helpful to overcome at least one stage of feline herpes treatment.

  • Astragalus

Astragalus for herpesIf your cat has very low immunity due to age or some other illness, you can use astragalus. Low immunity makes the feline herpes virus more powerful and thus bothers your cat every other day. Lower immunity may also result in acute or frequent outbreaks, making your cat weak day by day. Astragalus contains anti bacterial, antiviral and anti- inflammatory properties, all of which are necessary in dealing with feline herpes virus. Apart from helping in recovering from the feline herpes infection, this natural antibiotic also increases the white blood cells production thereby enhancing the immunity. This will be again proved to be one of the best home remedies for feline herpes treatment.

  • Bilberry extract

bilberry extract for herpesThis is an excellent remedy for feline herpes treatment if your cat is likely to develop something chronic like cataract of the cornea. The antioxidant anthocyanosides present in blueberries are responsible for making the fruit a vision corrector. The capabilities of bilberry in treating feline herpes can be estimated by the fact that it is also known as the vision herb. If your cat is suffering from eye infection due to feline herpes or due to any other reason too, you can use this herbal treatment.

  • Oral antiviral drugs

oral antiviral drugs for herpesThese are very common as whenever you take your cat to veterinary doctor, he or she must have prescribed an oral antiviral drop or an antiviral ointment. Only in a few cases you will need a chronic therapy, rest is generally managed with antivirals only. These antivirals are to be given to the cat for a longer duration as they are only inhibitors and not killers. The most commonly prescribed drugs for normal infection are idoxuridine and cidofovir. In very severe infection and acute pain, an oral treatment, famciclovir is used; the same drug is also used to treat human beings infected with herpes simplex virus. Although medicines are a great way to deal with any type of illness, it is not as good as it seems to be. There are so many side effects hidden in the background that we are not aware of. These side effects bother human beings as well as pets. After all you cat also is like a human being, and hence in case of cats also it is advised to use more of other natural feline treatment methods and using less of the antiviral treatment.

  • Take care of food and liquid

You must be careful about the amount of food your cat used to eat previously and during the time of infection. Try to feed her frequently if she is eating less than the normal days. Also try to give her diet full of water and other liquids. This also is a part of treatment of feline herpes as if your cat stops eating, she will become very weak. And weak cat is more susceptible to future infections as well as other illness.

  • Role of vaccination

It is not possible to cure feline herpes, and therefore we must prevent it at the very first place. What about getting the kitten vaccinated initially? Vaccines are available in the market and sellers are selling them at high price claiming that the vaccines can prevent herpes but this is partially true. Vaccination can prevent the feline herpes but not completely. Vaccinations of course cannot prevent the infection completely but they are helpful in controlling the transmission. If you have a very small kitten, then you can go for vaccination rather than waiting for her to become infected and then applying the treatment methods of feline herpes.

  • Make the pet feel good

Apart from these accurate treatments for feline herpes, there is so much that you can do for your suffering cat to make her feel good. Treatment is compulsory, but with some personal efforts added to it, you can make your pets life better during her tough times.  You can pamper her for some time, talk to her, and try not to leave her alone when she needs you the most. Although you will not catch the same infection, take proper hygienic measures and ensure a safe environment for yourself and your cat. Give the necessary treatment on time; make sure you use both natural and antiviral treatments to get best results. Your pet cannot tell directly how she is feeling but you must understand her condition by analyzing her behavior. Make sure she eats many times a day to recover fast.

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If we talk about the severity of the infection, there can be varying ranges of severity from cat to cat depending on the immune system and other factors. Generally a cat may experience severe attack for the first time and then there can be mild infection signs occasionally. But for some unfortunate pets this can be a regular episode of pain and sufferings. Almost with all the cats the feline herpes virus is confined to eye infection only with some other minor treatable symptoms, but in rare cases there can be complications too. The complications can result in permanent scarring of the eye, or lead to untreatable cornea of the eye continuous tearing from the eye, or corneal sequestration. Without these complications and with proper treatment the infection will leave the cat in about a week or 10 days. Without treatment or in case of weak immune system the prescribed medicines can be continued for about a month. Take good care of your cat, give proper treatment and she will be normal in just a week with these many treatments for feline herpes. At the end of the day it is your pet, and your pet is your responsibility. To take care of the cat’s health or to feed her on time, or to give her the prescribed antibiotics, she is dependant on you for everything and hence her recovery depends on you.


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