Sandalwood Essential Oil For Herpes – See Its Amazing Effects on Herpes Lesions

sandalwood essential oil for herpes

Sandalwood Essential Oil For Herpes – Is it Better Than Antivirals ?

You might have tried a lot of antiviral drugs, probably every type available in market and each variant of every type. Did you get a surety that herpes outbreak will not make your life hell? Well, no antiviral drug can give you the assurance that you will never ever suffer from herpes outbreaks. What is the role of those expensive antiviral drugs then? The answer is pretty short and simple- masking the symptoms temporarily. This fact is now spreading rapidly and as a result, a different herpes cure option like sandalwood essential oil for herpes is making its place on the internet and also in the lives of herpes patients. Sandalwood essential oil for herpes is in trend these days and it is all because of the tremendous benefits, unmatched effectiveness, and holistic nature of the essential oil. Today we will talk about all the ways in which sandalwood essential oil for herpes is helpful.

Apart from this, we have included every detail about the essential oil, all the goodness and the components that are responsible for making this oil medicinally beneficial. Herpes is a sexually transmitted infection that has more myths than facts circulating in real life as well as over the internet. Hence, it is our priority to give you complete, right and useful information only. Following this aim, we have also included all the possible ways you can sue sandalwood essential oil for herpes, and also all the possible complications that can arise out of it. Have a look, and you will get a complete, comprehensive and holistic cure for herpes in the form of sandalwood essential oil for herpes.

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Medicinal Capabilities of Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood oil is not only famous for its good aroma, also it is not the only way you can use this magnificent oil, rather there are many other medicinal benefits for which this oil is already being used. Sandalwood essential oil for herpes is a relatively new concept, but it has been there in the history of medicines for a long time now. It was used by our ancestors to delay the effects of aging. Yes, this is the secret behind their long and healthy life. More appropriately, I should say this is one of the natural secrets of their healthy lives, and they had many more such wonder products. Well, they were wise enough to seek help from nature and the side effects from medicines are giving this generation also some wisdom. Sandalwood oil has amazing anti aging effects that can make your skin look young and refreshed for many years. Not only it fights aging, this essential oil can do much more for your skin.

If you were an acne patient and had anytime thought of using natural cure for this destructing skin infection, you might have come across sandalwood essential oil. Even if you have never ever heard of this oil, by the end of this article you will know all the minor and major details about sandalwood essential oil. Till then, it is enough that you know the benefits of the oil for skin. Whether it is acne, blemishes, any bacterial infection, eczema, or even psoriasis, sandalwood essential oil is effective in all these cases. Sandalwood is famous in every part of the world for lightening the skin complexion. You will see a dozen of brands selling sandalwood face packs on the internet as well. By this you can judge the ability of this oil and its usefulness for your skin.


Apart from being beneficial for your skin, sandalwood essential oil is also of great use to deal with all types of internal infections. This might surprise you, but the use of sandalwood essential oil in treating urinary tract and chest infections is as old as the oil itself is. With time it became more famous for its aroma and skin benefiting properties, but initially these were the properties for which people used it extensively. Today, it is an essential component of almost every aromatherapy and the main reason is the calmness it brings into your mind. Sandalwood essential oil is prescribed to patients suffering from mental disorders and conditions like depression and anxiety.

Sandalwood essential oil is also used by women who are fighting with endometriosis. There are many home remedies for endometriosis and sandalwood essential oil is one of them. These were some of the benefits of sandalwood essential oil and the list is not going to end really soon. So, let us see how this oil is actually effective in herpes and what the best way we can use sandalwood essential oil for herpes is.

Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil in Herpes

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Mental clarity: Mental peace is something you won’t find with any herpes patient, even if he or she is a long time sufferer of this infection. Sometimes, it is the incurability of the infection that creates a buzz in your brain, and many other times, it is the threat of the onset of a new herpes outbreak. Some even after suffering from this nasty infection try to hide the status that they are infected, and this too adds to the mental pressure. All this make me think that herpes patients need psychological treatment more than those temporarily effective antiviral medicines that only deal with the physical discomfort. There are many discussions about getting a holistic cure for herpes and sandalwood essential oil for herpes is really a holistic way to treat herpes as it takes care of all the aspects of your health. Sandalwood essential oil for herpes can deal with minor mental stress as well as major depression, and both of these are common among most of the herpes patients. Hence, by using sandalwood essential oil for herpes, the first thing you will get rid of is the unnecessary pressure on your mind because this oil is relaxing and calming.

Mild astringent and antiseptic: Apart from giving you relief in all the mental torture, sandalwood essential oil for herpes also has a great role to play in curing the cold sores fast. It is possible only because of the astringent and antiseptic properties sandalwood oil possesses. Although there are many other astringents available, none is as mild as sandalwood oil. Sandalwood essential oil for herpes is effective enough, and at the same time, it never hurts the cold sores. So, for cold sores treatment as well sandalwood essential oil is the best.


Anti-viral and anti-inflammatory: Sandalwood essential oil for herpes has gained popularity these days because of many reports suggesting that this oil contains excellent anti viral properties. Yes, sandalwood oil is an enemy of many viruses and thankfully, herpes simplex virus is also one of them. You might get the same antiviral effect from the medicines that your doctor prescribes, but they are costly and also their effect is temporary. In addition to this, all these drugs incorporate many side effects in your body, some of those are temporary and many others are permanent. Also, all the antiviral drugs simply mask the symptoms and those too only physical symptoms. Hence in all the ways it is observed that sandalwood essential oil for herpes is the best ever solution to all the problems of herpes patients. Even the most commonly prescribed antiviral drugs lag behind. So, we can say that sandalwood essential oil for herpes is more than just a natural anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agent, but it is really a holistic cure.

How to Use Sandalwood Essential Oil in Herpes?

You can use sandalwood essential oil for herpes as oil in aromatherapy. This will let the oil reach your brain and it will do the magic there. To use sandalwood essential oil on cold sores, you can apply a few drops of this oil after mixing with equal amount of coconut oil. Some people directly apply sandalwood essential oil on the cold sores, but this may result in burning sensation, hence to be on the safer side, you should mix it with some carrier oil.


Sandalwood essential oil is natural oil that has many medicinal properties. All this while we are claiming that sandalwood essential oil can cure herpes, but what if you have already used it and did not get satisfactory results? In such a case, it might be possible that the sandalwood essential oil you used was not of high quality and purity. Yes, quality and purity are the two factors that determine the effectiveness of sandalwood essential oil for herpes. But what influences the quality of sandalwood oil in herpes? To meet the increasing demand of sandalwood oil and other products of sandalwood, the producers are cutting immature sandalwood trees. The sandalwood oil will be of unmatchable quality and it will possess all the medicinal properties and healing capabilities only when it is allowed to grow for at least 40 years.

When sandalwood oil is extracted from a tree which is more than 40 years of age, and also the process of extraction is kept natural, the essential oil you get will definitely be the best sandalwood essential oil for herpes.

There are no side effects of sandalwood oil in herpes, and the biggest complication you can encounter is minor skin irritation. But in case you are suffering from severe allergies, try to avoid the use of this oil for a few days. You can also check for any side effect on your skin. Apply just one drop of sandalwood oil after mixing with coconut oil on perfectly normal skin. In case you feel irritation on that part of your skin, do not use sandalwood essential oil on cold sores. Practically, anyone can use it, but if you are pregnant or are breastfeeding your child, use the oil cautiously and carefully.


If you follow the guidelines and use the oil as recommended in the article, your life will change magically. You might have experienced a drastic change in your life when you were diagnosed with herpes, now with the proper use of sandalwood essential oil for herpes, you can expect the change of similar magnitude, but in positive direction.

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