Prunella Vulgaris For Herpes – Can Prunella Vulgaris Cure Herpes ?

Prunella vulgaris for herpes

Prunella Vulgaris For Herpes – Is Prunella Vulgaris Efficient Enough To Cure Herpes?

You can see prunella vulgaris growing in United States, but have you ever thought about its medicinal and healing properties. Or, have you ever wondered why it is named as all heal or self heal? Who has the time to think about these plants? Well, now all those who are directly and indirectly interested in herpes cure are more curious about it because of a study claiming that the permanent and holistic cure for herpes is in herbal plant prunella vulgaris. Prunella vulgaris for herpes is nowadays gaining popularity because not just one or two, but many studies have indicated that this herb has something really beneficial for the herpes patients.

More than hundreds of studies indicate that the herb has antibiotic, antiseptic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from these, prunella vulgaris has promising anti viral properties which make it the most suited cure for herpes. And the healing power of this herb does not end here, it has a lot more to offer provided you know how to use it the right way. Unlike any other web site, here you will get all the necessary information about the natural cure for herpes that nowadays everyone is talking about. There are many other web sites and huge amount of data is present for herpes online. You will also see uncountable herpes forums, and it is likely that by now you also are a member of a few. It is understood as internet is the only platform where you can share everything without disclosing your real identity. You get to talk about your problems openly without the fear of anyone making fun of it.

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Is Internet Trustworthy Enough to Believe Blindly?

This is alright, but is it okay to trust everything you read about herpes over the internet? Well, it is an open platform where everyone has the right to express his or her thoughts, but there are some exceptions. There are many myths being published intentionally or unintentionally about herpes. So it is better you do not pay attention to any of them and make sure you only trust authentic information which is complete in all aspects. Whether it is about a new method of treatment for herpes, or it is the general discussion on the symptoms of herpes, you will get hundred different ideas. But follow the one backed by logic and scientific studies. This way you can save your hard earned money as well as your priceless health. Talking about health, relying on antiviral medicines is the biggest mistake you are doing in regard to your body and health. You will get to know about the reason shortly.

Let us now talk about what is prunella vulgaris, how it is helpful in herpes, and what is the right way to use it. You know a lot about herpes because experience is the best teacher and by the end of this article you will have all the information related to prunella vulgaris for herpes also.

Prunella Vulgaris For Herpes

Prunella Vulgaris for herpes cure

Prunella vulgaris has some unique antiviral properties, and these properties help you fight with the herpes simplex virus. We usually take antiviral medicines for dealing with the symptoms of herpes and its outbreaks. You also might be familiar with the names like Acyclovir, Famcyclovir and Valtrex if you are a long time sufferer of herpes. These are the commonly prescribed drugs in herpes outbreaks. Do you know what they exactly do? All the antiviral medicines made till date for herpes are just meant to mask the symptoms temporarily.

If you have fever because of herpes, these medicines will help in bringing down the raised temperature of your body. If your body is aching due to the sudden attack of herpes simplex virus, you will feel relaxed for sometime after taking these medicines. This is just like playing hide and seek with the symptoms and the symptoms will return as soon as you skip one dose and the virus is still active. We call them antiviral drugs, but in case of herpes, these drugs have nothing to do with the virus. In fact, they cannot at all reach the virus. This might be surprising, but a shocking revelation is coming your way. For just taking care of the symptoms of herpes for a few hours, the antiviral medicines in return also play with your present and future health.

side-effects of medications

They induce so many negative side effects in your body that you can’t even imagine. The intensity of these side effects will directly depend on the number of doses you take. This means all those who daily take an antiviral are at high risk of getting some major health complication. All of you must be taking pills with varying frequencies because there was no other option till date, but now we actually have an alternative that really works. Prunella vulgaris for herpes does not act like an antiviral, but it actually is antiviral in nature. This herb does not deal with the symptoms; it actually targets the replication of herpes simplex virus.

You get herpes outbreaks and the embarrassing cold sores only when the virus gets a chance to replicate. If you can control this replication, you can actually live a herpes outbreak free life. The same concept makes prunella vulgaris for herpes the best ever cure for herpes. It stops the replication of herpes simplex both internally and externally. The internal intake ensures that the herpes simplex virus living within the body does not create any problem. External use of the herb works on the cold sores affecting your skin.

cold sores

Cold sores are the worst symptoms of herpes because they announce to the entire world that we have herpes. If you use prunella vulgaris for herpes and cold sores right at the initial stage, you will not have to worry about hiding the cold sores because the infection will not spread any more. The small sores will not grow in size and the new ones will also not dare to appear. Not only this, if you use this herbal treatment for cold sores, you will also save your skin from developing any secondary infection in the fluid filled blisters. If you think nothing can be worst than the fluid filled blisters, then you probably have not had any secondary infection in those sores. Trust me, the pain is unbearable, and also the healing time doubles due to the infection. Thanks to prunella vulgaris for herpes which has antiseptic properties.

The antiseptic properties helps in dealing with the current damage, and also prevents any further growth of any type of bacteria or virus on the site of herpes infection. All this can also be achieved with topical ointments available at medicine stores, but they are unnecessarily expensive and the overuse also leads to darkening of the skin. On the other hand, the herbal treatment with prunella vulgaris for herpes, you will see your skin getting better after every use. What can be more appealing than this? Prunella vulgaris is really ultimate and harmless cure for herpes.

boosted immune system

It is not only beneficial because of its antiviral nature, but it also is immunity enhancer. You can save your body from great deal of trouble if you opt for prunella vulgaris as it not only makes it impossible for the herpes simplex virus to replicate, but it also acts as a barrier for all the disease causing micro organism trying to enter into your body. You might have been told by your doctor that your immunity is low if you get herpes outbreaks more frequently than others. So, prunella vulgaris is a natural way to make the immune system stronger and sound. With so many benefits, now you must be excited to use this herb as soon as possible. Yes, it is a good idea to start using this herbal treatment for herpes as soon as possible, but first decide which way you want to use it.

There are many ways you can use prunella vulgaris and say good bye to frequently occurring herpes outbreaks. Let us have a look at all of them.

How To Use Prunella Vulgaris For Herpes?

The best part about using prunella vulgaris for herpes is that it is easily available in the United States and you can even grow it in your kitchen garden. If you have access to the fresh leaves of prunella vulgaris, you can use them, otherwise you can use the herb in dried form.

Dried prunella vulgaris for herpes

  • If you have a plant of prunella vulgaris, you just have to grab a few leaves of this herb.
  • Chop the leave into smaller parts and boil them in a cup of water.
  • After boiling them for a few minutes, let the solution cool down.
  • Once it is cold enough, apply it on the cold sores directly with a piece of cotton. This will heal the sores fats and also will prevent the formation of new sores on your skin.
  • You can also boil the dried herb the same way and apply the extract so formed on the cold sores if fresh leaves are not available.
  • The same tea can be used as a replacement to your normal tea and it will do magical changes in your body.
  • The most preferred and effective way to use prunella vulgaris is to combine the oral consumption and topical application.

If you cannot manage to arrange the fresh and dried form of the herb, the extract of this herbal plant is easily available in market. You just have to mix a few drops of this extract in a cup of water and drink it twice everyday. In this case you should be careful because the extract you buy is much more concentrated and hence can be harmful if taken without diluting. These were all the ways you can use prunella vvulgaris for herpes and you can choose either one or more than one in combination.

Prunella Vulgaris vs Antiviral Medicines

Sometimes it is better to choose nature over artificially synthesized medicines and this is true in case of herpes too. Prunella vulgaris for herpes is not old, but the herb has gradually made it to the chest of medicines. Not only allopathic medicines, but herbalists also recommend using this herb in various health problems. The most amazing fact about prunella vulgaris is that it is not only effective but it is also side effect free. In fact, you will see your overall health graph going up if you regularly use this herbal treatment for herpes. This is just the opposite of antiviral medicines. The more you use allopathic medicines, the more side effects they will leave behind. But with pruella vulgaris you can relax. You can use it for long time and it will leave only positive impacts on your body. This is why herpes patients are going crazy over it.

You also must try it once. If you are searching for a natural alternative to the heavy doses of antiviral medicines, or are seeking for a suppressive therapy that you can use for lifetime without worrying about the side effects, put prunella vulgaris on the top of your list. We have given you everything you will need to use prunella vlgaris for herpes, but the motivation is in your mind. If you are keen and desperate enough to lead a herpes free life, do try prunella vulgaris for herpes.

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