Nuts And Herpes Outbreaks – Can Nuts Cure Herpes Outbreaks?

nuts and herpes outbreaks

Nuts And Herpes Outbreaks – What Do You Think About This Combination ?

You eat whatever you like and whenever you want if you don’t have herpes. But with herpes comes the responsibility of choosing the right diet in order to keep herpes outbreaks at bay. If you also are a herpes patient, the general statement- “Let food be the medicine” has to be taken quite seriously if you really want to keep things under your control. Having the food you like might be a treat for your taste buds, but if that food is good for the herpes simplex virus, you may end up paying a high price. So, now you must have concluded that you should eat healthy. But can’t the healthy and fresh foods help herpes simplex virus in replication and activation? Confused? We all have had nuts in some form. Some of you might love them very much because of the taste; others might be eating them because of the high health quotient. But have you ever thought about the connection between nuts and herpes outbreaks?

Since they are healthy, nuts must also contribute in the suppression of the herpes simplex virus. Unfortunately it is not true. Yes, nuts affect the immune system and have a lot of health benefits, but as far as herpes is considered, nuts and herpes outbreaks are related to each other in an unexpected way. It is not so easy to digest, but yes, it indeed will be obvious when you understand the mechanism behind the herpes outbreaks. We know if we have herpes, we should eat as healthy diet as possible and avoid junk food, alcohol, fried foods etc. But when it comes to avoiding healthy and immunity enhancing foods like nuts, there is a big confusion in everyone’s mind. Let us see every aspect of nuts and herpes outbreaks and then you can decide by yourself whether you should eat nuts during herpes outbreaks or not.

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Let’s Have Some Discussion Regarding Herpes….

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a micro- organism called HSV (herpes simplex virus). This virus has many different affects, but usually affects the genitals, the cervix, as well as the skin in other parts of the body. There are two types of herpes virus causing herpes, i.e. HSV Type 1 and HSV Type 2. Many other types of herpes simplex virus exist, but these two most commonly affect the human race. The weird thing about these two herpes virus is that sometimes they hide inside your body silently, producing no symptoms, and the other times they create annoying and painful sores that tell the world that you are infected with herpes. It is seen that the acceptance of herpes as just an infection in the well educated and modern society is still negligible. This adds mental trauma to the list of symptoms of herpes.

Sometimes we try to hide the sores and the other times we take break from work because the cold sores are right in the front of our face. These were some of the difficulties herpes brings to innocent people, and there are also innumerable theories related to the treatment and cure for herpes. Some claim of treating it magically, others sit quietly thinking that there is no cure for herpes on this planet. Well, before believing anything blindly, you must have a logic and reason backing it up. For nuts and herpes outbreaks as well, you may find a dozens of claims, but each one will be based of some set of assumptions. Clearing up all the confusion, we have found the right and complete reason behind the good equation between nuts and herpes outbreaks.

healthy and beneficial nuts

We might have all kinds of tasty and healthy nuts at home. Starting from almonds to cashews to pecans, every nut has a dietary benefit and also unavoidable use in the kitchen. Have a look at the healthiest nuts and their impacts on human body.

  • Brazil nuts have a prominent role in reducing the high cholesterol levels and also act as anti- inflammatory agent.
  • Almonds and pistachio nuts are good for your heart health and also they are great in dealing with diabetes.
  • Hazelnuts also are a good source of many nutrients, but primarily are known for the high amounts of Vitamin E present.
  • Walnuts are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, and you know how much important omega -3 fatty acids are for your body.
  • Cashews are used to improve the metabolism and also they are rich in antioxidants.

This was all good about some commonly used nuts. In fact, there is nothing bad about eating nuts, provided you do it under certain limits. Yes, you can eat nuts even if you have herpes, but for that you should know the right tips to use nuts.

Benefits of Nuts for Our Health And Body..

Nuts for weight loss

Right from controlling blood pressure, to cholesterol levels, acting as an aid in weight loss and a great role in preventing and controlling heart diseases and diabetes, nuts have all the goodness. So, why avoid them, just because you have herpes? Nuts are loaded with two components: Lysine and Arginine. If you look of a natural cure for herpes on the internet, lysine might not be a new name for you. Many sites tell you to take lysine supplements to reduce the frequency and intensity of herpes outbreaks. After reviewing the user’s reactions and doing some research, we also found that lysine definitely has some effect in treating herpes. Then what makes nuts a bad choice for herpes even when they are high in lysine?  It is the other component- arginine. Arginine is the real culprit and also a new word for most of you.

Lysine works towards the suppression of herpes simplex virus, and hence it is recommended to every herpes patient to have a diet rich in lysine. Some of the herpes patients even reported to have no herpes outbreaks for years once they started using lysine supplements. But nuts and herpes outbreaks are not enemies despite the fact that nuts are rich in lysine because of the other compound present. Lysine is what human body loves, but arginine is one of the favorite foods of herpes simplex virus. Lysine blocks the replication of herpes simplex virus, on the other hand, arginine acts as a trigger for herpes outbreaks.

So, when two totally opposite components are present, how to determine whether nuts and herpes outbreaks are friends or not? We have only one option, and that is to go for the ratio. Scientists and researchers use the lysine to arginine ratio as an index to measure the impact of a particular food on herpes. Nuts for herpes outbreaks are also categorized as good and bad food using the same indices. Whichever of the two amino acids is present in higher amount, the nature of food will change. Nuts and herpes outbreaks thus have a complex relationship. If all the reports and studies are to be believed and also taking the lysine to arginine ratio in consideration, almost all the nuts are low in lysine when compared to the arginine content. And this is the real reason behind saying no to nuts during herpes outbreaks.

Avoid nuts in herpes

How Does The Presence of Lysine And Arganine in Nuts Affect Herpes Outbreaks?

Let us have a look at the amount of arginine present in some commonly used and famous nuts and herpes outbreaks frequency in those who have these nuts.

Almonds contain 4986mg arginine per 100gms serving. The ratio of lysine and arginine also is extremely low. It is close to .2, and hence almonds are not a good food to eat in herpes. We have the exact reason behind the supportive relationship between nuts and herpes outbreaks, but there are some exceptions.  Almond being a nut and being low in lysine to argnine ratio is not good for herpes patients, but some recent studies reveal an entirely different story. The brown skin of almond is found to be beneficial for herpes patients. Recent research by Giuseppina Mandalari and colleagues at the Institute of Food Research in the United Kingdom reveals that the use of almond skin can reduce herpes outbreaks. This is just one study and there are many others claiming the same. Isn’t it surprising that the white part of almond is not at all good for herpes patients, and the skin of the same acts as a suppressant in herpes outbreaks? I told you that the connection between nuts and herpes outbreaks is not that easy to understand.

Similar is the case with walnuts. Walnuts are the lowest among all the nuts when lysine to arginine is considered. It means that walnuts contain lysine, but the amount of arginine it has is more than lysine. This makes it an unfavorable food choice for herpes patients. But walnut also has a surprise for you. Have you heard of walnut leaf tea? Black walnut leaf tea is proved to be effective in herpes and many other health ailments. It is astringent, as well as antiseptic in nature. Black walnut leaf tea is not new and has been used by the Native Americans, Chinese, Indian and Russian cultures for centuries for a wide variety of ailments. But yes, the treatment of herpes using this tea is a new revelation.

black wallnut leaf tea for herpes

Drinking black walnut leaf tea regularly or taking the supplements of the same is a new remedy for herpes treatment. So, it is clear now that if not the nuts, some parts of the nuts can be used in curing herpes. This is amazing and unbelievable, but many studies conducted all around the world have reported the same. Again it is the bad luck of herpes patients that nuts and herpes outbreaks are clearly friends, but the tests about the beneficial components of nuts are still confined to labs. Once they are implemented on humans, only then some fruitful conclusions can be drawn. Till then, we have to live with the fact that since the lysine to arginine ratio of almost all the nuts is quite high, it is not recommended to the herpes patients to have more of nuts.

But there is no harm in having nuts in low amount. In fact, some people eat nuts regularly and they have realized that nuts and herpes outbreaks for them are not related in any way. But truth cannot be denied that there are many others who have experienced sudden outbreaks after some days of consuming nuts in high doses. It is herpes, and the actions of herpes simplex virus change from one human body to another. This holds true for nuts as well. As a general piece of advice, we can suggest you to eat nuts but in moderate amount and if you notice that nuts and herpes outbreaks are directly connecting in your case, stop eating them.

You have many other healthy and herpes friendly alternatives to nuts. Go, search for such foods and stay healthy. You can do many things to stay away from herpes outbreaks and choosing and eating the right food is one of them. To know more about the foods and home remedies for herpes that can be effective for your herpes outbreaks, click here. Food is a determining factor when it comes to the calculation of the date of your next herpes outbreak. Stress although is still on the top, but food comes after stress. Maintaining hygiene, yoga, exercises are some other good habits that are meant to be followed by every herpes patient. But all of these have a minor impact on herpes outbreaks. The most weighted factors are stress and food. If you can control these two, you can easily control the herpes outbreaks.

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Also, it is high time we have a clear idea of herpes and what triggers herpes outbreaks. it is these aspects that can save our time and make life easier till the permanent cure for herpes is discovered(which is not going to happen that soon). It now must be clear that nuts and herpes outbreaks are directly related to each other, and also why nuts and herpes outbreaks are connected. Now you know nuts are not good for a herpes patient, the next step of avoiding nuts is crucial. Hence, if you are a herpes patient, make sure you eat for yourself not for herpes virus.


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