Non-Prescription Herpes Medication – Cure Herpes Without Prescription

non prescription herpes medication

Herpes Cure without Prescription – How is it Possible to Cure Herpes without Consulting with Doctor?

No need to visit doctor every time you have a herpes outbreak. Yes, you can treat herpes outbreak at home anytime and we won’t tell you some herbal remedies that you do not know how to use. Taking into consideration the rate at which herpes is spreading, if every patient visits the doctor every time he or she suffers from outbreaks, doctors would be the richest people in the United States. Also, it is not feasible that you travel miles for an illness you know will bother you for a couple days anyways. It is wastage of money and time both. We do not discourage the idea to taking consultation from your doctor, but when the symptoms are mild or the frequency of outbreaks is higher, you can manage the attack at home. The first outbreak of herpes is the deadliest one, but subsequent attacks do not necessarily require prescription. There are two reasons behind this: one is with experience you know how to deal with herpes outbreak and the other is that with time the outbreaks also become mild. If you want to know more about how to deal with herpes and its outbreaks, click here.

You need to rush to the doctor every time the herpes outbreak hits you and what do you get? Once it is okay, the second time also you will take out time from your busy schedule, but the third time when you come out of the doctor’s clinic with the same prescription in hand, you will certainly not think of coming for the fourth time. One variant of one of the three commonly prescribed antivirals: acyclovir, famciclovir, or valacyclovir will be prescribed to you by the doctor. Taking no treatment is a sin, but spending money to get the already known prescription is foolishness. You should do neither of the things and get the herpes outbreak treated with the substitutes of prescribed medicines available at many health and food stores as non prescription or over the counter medicines.

Self medication for short term relief is absolutely necessary in case of herpes and non prescription medications are the correct medium for it.

All of you must be aware of the docosanol or abreva cream used for treating the cold sores. For such an effective ointment also you do not need a prescription. Therefore, you must stop assuming that only prescribed medicines are effective in treating herpes. To be truthful none of them (prescription medicines and over the counter medicines) have the capabilities of killing the herpes virus, but both of them are equally effective in masking the symptoms. This means you get the same results without spending money on doctor’s appointment just for getting a prescription, especially when you know what he is going to write down on the slip.

We have many substitutes for prescription drugs that you can grab easily from any health store or any other general store.

During outbreak, the herpes simplex virus enters into the healthy skin cells and rapidly grows in numbers. Docosanol cream is used to stop the herpes simplex virus from doing so. Docosanol cream works by inhibiting the growth of herpes simplex virus and hence it stops the cold sores from growing further. Once you start applying this cream, that also regularly, your cold sores will start healing and there are almost negligible chances of a new cold sore forming somewhere else.

This fact has been proven by many researchers in several studies. It is better than antiviral treatment taken orally because the oral treatment takes time to reach the skin tissues, but as you apply the cream directly on the cold sores, the antiviral effect is directly transmitted to the herpes virus.

Because it is over the counter medication for herpes (non prescription herpes medication), some people tend to use it in their preferred way but ideally it should be applied 5 times a day to let it control the replication of the herpes simplex virus. Proper use at the right time may reduce the healing time to almost half.

non prescription herpes medicationThe effectiveness of this non prescription herpes medication depends on at what stage of outbreak you use it. The early you use it, the sooner you will get rid of cold sores. This is a non prescription medicine for herpes simplex and hence you can get it either from a health store or from any grocery shop also.

Although it has many benefits for herpes patients and because there are no chances of complications it has been approved as an over the counter medicine but there are many side effects. Yes, it has many adverse effects that you may suffer from if you use docosanol for a long time regularly. The most common side effects of abreva are headaches occurring in any part of your head. Difficulty in breathing, dizziness, confusion, hives, or chest pain are some other side effects. Your skin too can be affected by acne, rashes, swelling, itching and redness on regular use of this non prescription medication for herpes. You can use it freely but try not to overuse it. Read more to know details about the side-effects of over the counter herpes medication.

The safety of this topical medication for pregnant woman is not yet ensured by any test. Docosanol or abreva is not yet approved for children below 12 years; therefore if your child is suffering from herpes you must not use this non prescription drug.

Like docosanol there are many other non prescription drugs that can reduce the number of trips to the doctor. All the following drugs will not only help you in saving money, but will also save your precious time.

Different options for non prescription herpes medication are:


camphor for herpesCamphor also is a type of topical medicine which is applied to the cold sores. It is used alone or in combination with other healing agents like phenol or allentoin. Many herpes treatment products, prescription or non prescription, are found to contain camphor in some concentration. Although it cannot do anything to the virus but can definitely make the environment difficult for the herpes virus to survive.


Benzocaine for herpesThis also is another non prescription herpes medication approved by FDA as over the counter. You can get great help in reducing the pain, discomfort and itching due to the open fluid filled blisters. This is no doubt an over the counter medication for herpes, and also approved by FDA, but still you are advised to talk to your doctor before taking it.

Benzyl alcohol

Applying benzyl alcohol to the cold sores few times a day can make your life easier, even with the help of cold sores. Every time you wash the cold sores with plain water, apply benzyl alcohol with a cotton swab and see those painful sores vanishing really fast. It is a non prescription ointment and hence you do not need a prescription for buying it. There are some creams available in the market that contains both- benzyl alcohol and camphor.


Dibucaine is yet another non prescription product meant for relieving the herpes patients for the burning sensation, pain, itching and tingling. Non prescription fever blister products usually are a part of some commonly sold products cold sores solutions. Dibucaine doesn’t do anything in the direction of treating the infection, but it just makes the site of infection numb for the next few hours so that you won’t feel any tingling sensation.


Diphenhydramine for herpesIt is useful in treating all allergy-like reactions taking place in your body due to herpes infection. Some of the examples are: runny nose, watery eyes, rashes on the skin, itching in those rashes, burning sensation in the cold sores and pain. This is an oral non prescription solution to the problem of herpes.


This also is an oral non prescription herpes medication generally available in combination with other such products. This alone is very mild and hence will not be that effective. But for temporary relief this nonprescription medicine is also a good alternative.

Juniper tar

It is an anti inflammatory medicine which is used to treat not only herpes but many other health ailments like problem in kidney, stomach related issues, arthritis, urinary infections and many more.


Lidocaine for herpesLidocaine is a local anesthetic that brings down the burning sensation, itching, and pain by making the skin cells on the area of application numb. Once you apply this non-prescription medication for herpes on the area affected by cold sores, it is not that the virus will be dead, but you will not feel anything in that part of the skin.


Menthol is very much similar to camphor and often accompanies it in many cold sores products. This is also used in many non-prescription ointments usually used by herpes patients to get relief in itching, tingling, and pain due to the irritating cold sores.


Many patients have reported about the high effectiveness of phenol. Some of the herpes patients rely only on camphor, while others use products containing camphor. Those who use this non-prescription topical solution for herpes for the first time are surprised to see the quick effects of the same.


Pramoxine for herpesThis is an excellent cleansing agent and you will find it in many wipes, especially medicated wipes. This drug is yet another non-prescription herpes medication which can be used to wipe of bacteria and viruses from the skin. It has the ability to take care of all the symptoms of colds sores that bother you quite often.


Resorcinol is found in many over the counter medications as it has antiviral properties. Almost all the anti-itching creams have this in some percentage. Itching is a very difficult problem to deal with in herpes as well. It is itching that can make the infection worse by taking your hand to the same place again and again. If you win over itching, more than half of the work is already done. This is why it is considered to be an important non-prescription herpes medication.


This is one more local anesthetic that is used to create numbness on the area affected by cold sores. You can treat the cold sores due to oral herpes as well as genital herpes using this non-prescription topical cream anytime. The cold sores will disappear really faster if you rely on this over the counter cream. If some studies are to be believed, tetracaine reduces the healing time of cold sores to two days.

otc medicines for herpesOver the counter drugs or non-prescription herpes, medication occupy an important place in the cupboard of every herpes patient. They have irreplaceable role in a herpes patient’s life. Apart from the non-prescription medicines, what is replacing the prescription medicines are the natural supplements like lysine that work effectively in dealing with the herpes virus.

Lysine has become popular among herpes patients nowadays and it has also almost jumped into the category of non prescription herpes medication only. The only thing it lags behind is in approval from FDA. Apart from lysine, there are many other natural treatment methods that are gradually wining the hearts of herpes patients. Some products containing good mixtures of some of the above mentioned non prescription drugs are also being sold in the market. One such example is blistex, an ointment for cold sores treatment. You can get it from any grocery store and due to the presence of non prescription herpes medication, it is more than just a cosmetic product and you can use it for medicinal purposes too.

Click here to know about how to cure herpes without consulting your doctor. 

Because of the side effect free nature and ease of availability, the natural supplements are beating every other form of treatment for herpes behind. The natural cure for herpes is appealing because they fulfill the promise of long term health very well. Nothing can be more beneficial than natural treatment for herpes, not even the options for non prescription herpes medication.

If you are aware of all these non prescription medications and also the products that contain some form of these products, you will not have to miss an important meeting the next time you have herpes outbreak just because you had an appointment with the doctor. This should not be followed if you are suffering from something really serious. In case you are suffering from an outbreak of high intensity, make sure you consult your doctor.

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