Neem Oil For Herpes – A Natural Way to Cure Herpes

Neem oil for herpes

Can Neem Oil for Herpes Help Us Get Rid of the Annoying Herpes Outbreaks ?

Herpes is an infection which is not only physically torturing, but it is also psychologically devastating. This double impact of herpes simplex virus leaves no hope in a herpes patient. Adding to all this is the fact that herpes cannot be cured. By now, we all have accepted it as a universal fact in the herpes cure domain. But sometimes, to get what you want, you need to change the direction of your search. The hard work of thousands of scientists working all around the world is of no use and the money being spent on the research of herpes is also a waste if we don’t get results in the form of much awaited holistic and permanent cure of herpes. Have you ever thought about the reason behind herpes being incurable despite spending so much time, money and efforts on it?

In this era, combining medical knowledge with technology, almost every disease has a cure, then why not herpes? It is because herpes simplex virus (the virus causing herpes) is different. This virus hides deeper into human cells and finds the right time to become active. The activation of herpes simplex virus is followed by its rapid replication and you get herpes outbreaks. The days during outbreaks are most painful ones and only those who have had a herpes outbreak in their lifetime can understand that feeling. Those itchy and fluid filled blisters, the pain in body and back, and also the embarrassment in going out are only a few discomforts and the entire list is too long. If this happens just once in someone’s life, it is fine. If it would rarely bother any individual, we could settle down without finding the cure for herpes. But herpes hits millions of the people in the United States every year again and again. This calls for an urgent requirement of a comprehensive cure for herpes.

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After doing so much of research in the medicinal fields, the doctors, researchers and scientists are still standing with a challenge of killing the herpes virus. When the world is busy keeping an eye on the achievements of the medicinal researches, some of the natural healers have come up with an excellent and mind blowing cure for herpes. Have you ever heard of neem oil? Have you come across the medicinal benefits of Indian lilac? Indian lilac is a medicinal plant, every part of which can be utilized to heal your skin, stomach and almost every other part of your body. Known by different names like Azadirachta Indica or Margosa tree, Neem tree is the storehouse of numerous health benefiting properties.

The fruit of Indian lilac, the leaves, stem and even root have so much medicinal properties that this tree alone is enough to save you from almost every disease. The part beneficial for you will depend on the problem you want to resolve, but for herpes, neem oil is perfect. Neem oil contains all the goodness and antibiotic strength of the tree in just a few drops. We will see how neem oil is made and how to use this magnificent oil and get rid of herpes.

What is Neem Oil?

Neem oil

Neem oil is a type of vegetable oil formed by compressing the fruit and seeds of neem tree. With a strong smell and golden yellowish color, neem oil is not used for cooking purpose, but it is a very common component in cosmetics and skin treatment products. This speaks of its benefits for the skin. Neem oil is no doubt beneficial, but the quality of the oil may vary depending on the method used for its extraction. Yes, and it is true for all the natural oils. The more natural is the process of extraction, the more effective will the oil be. This is so because the medicinal properties of the fruits or seeds are preserved if least chemicals are used for extraction. By this you can also imagine the entire picture of natural products and how well chemicals are at ruining them. Anyways, let us have a look at what neem oil for herpes treatment is all about.

Benefits of Neem Oil

The neem tree or Indian lilac is famous all around the globe for the amazing medicinal properties it has, but recently neem oil for herpes has gained attention of many by showing unexpected results in treating herpes. But, you will be surprised to know that neem oil for herpes treatment is not the only reason you should start keeping the bottle in your house. Neem oil has uses in many other day to day problems like lice treatment, skin infections etc. In fact, if you scalp, hair or skin are going through tough times due to any reason, try neem oil. Neem oil can treat all types of severe to minor infections on head, face, skin and everywhere else in your body.

Neem oil in cosmetics

This is the reason it is a part of the cosmetics industry and beauty products. Apart from taking care of the outer part of your body, neem oil is equally beneficial for dealing with the internal issues. Whether you have any infection in the urinary tract, or dealing with some kind of stomach infection, neem oil is enough for everything. So, it must be clear to you by now that neem oil is really amazing when it comes to treating infections. And if you know even a bit about herpes, it also is a type of infection. This makes neem oil for herpes treatment the perfect cure.

Neem oil for herpes

Neem is an anti infectant, in fact it wont be wrong to say that it is the best anti-infectant because it can deal with herpes, which no other chemically synthesized compound can do. The anti fungal, anti bacterial and antiseptic properties of neem oil make it the best choice for dealing with cold sores, and it is because of these properties only neem oil for herpes is nowadays recommended by many scientific researchers. Applying neem oil on skin affected by cold sores does not allow any further replication of herpes simplex virus. This lets the skin heal really fast and you will get rid of cold sores within a few days of applying neem oil. We will tell you how and in what amount neem oil for herpes should be applied on cold sores in “how to use” section.

boosted immune system

Apart from this neem oil and other products of neem tree are known for their immunity enhancing effect. Immunity is what decides how may times you will get herpes outbreaks in a year. Immunity is the factor that allows someone to live their entire life without herpes outbreaks, and it is the weakness that lets the herpes simplex virus attack you. If your immune system is strong enough, no virus including herpes simplex virus will dare to enter into your body and create trouble. This is alright, and for some of you it might not be a completely new fact, but how to strengthen immunity?

There are many ways by which you can strengthen the wall between your body and diseases attacking from outside. One of them is neem tree. The leaves of neem tree when eaten regularly have a considerable impact on your immune system. This in turn has a hampering effect on the herpes virus and the virus will not be able to replicate not matter how hard it tries. If you control the replication of the herpes simplex virus, you will not have frequent herpes outbreaks. Yes, you can live a herpes outbreak free life without eating antiviral medications like your food. Let us see how we should use neem oil and all other products of neem tree in order to heal the present symptoms and prevent future outbreaks.

How to Use Neem Oil for Herpes?

genital herpes outbreaks

Neem oil can be used internally as well as externally. Since there are no scientific evidences proving the safety of internal use of neem oil, we will tell you how to deal with cold sores using neem oil. Don’t worry; we have an amazing way to boost your immunity as we know you don’t want to see those ugly marks on your face again. But the use of neem oil has to be confined to cold sores only.

  • Get a bottle of neem oil which has least chemicals mixed in it and is not extracted by the use of chemicals.
  • Take a piece of cotton and drip a few drops of neem oil on that. Directly apply this piece of cotton on the skin affected by cold sores if they are not completely open yet.
  • In case you have fluid filled blisters and fluid is oozing out of them, try diluting the neem oil with coconut oil as applying it directly will cause extreme pain and burning sensation.
  • Swiftly apply the oil on entire skin affected by cold sores twice a day.
  • Make sure you discard the cotton after using it once as using the same piece more than once may cause the infection to transfer at many different sites on your skin.

The smell of neem oil is surely something you are going to hate, but yes, once you start using it, you will love the outputs. And of course you will also learn to ignore the smell.

Neem for consumption

This was about applying the neem oil on skin. Some researchers also believe that neem oil for herpes will give best results when you combine the topical application with oral consumption. But, this is too early to come to a conclusion until we have several reports supporting the claim. Hence we will go with a safer method of topical application only.

If you really want to consume the goodness of neem oil, you can do so with the consumption of neem leaves. Neem leaves and even fruits are eaten by many people, and they are proven safe because they have everything in lesser concentration than neem oil. You too can say good bye to herpes with the application of neem oil on skin and eating the neem leaves regularly.

Neem oil is extremely helpful and specifically talking about neem oil for herpes, I bet you cannot get such an amazingly beneficial natural method of treating herpes and cold sores. It has everything the Antiviral medicines provide you but not side effects. Neem oil for herpes is everywhere on the internet, and it is on the mind of every herpes patient these days because of the unbelievable results that are coming out of every corner of the world. do you still need some more reasons to use neem oil for herpes treatment?

Neem leaves


It was all about Neem oil. To know about the healing benefits of whole Neem tree, i.e. Indian Lilac for herpes, click here.

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