Natural Herpes Cure – Some Natural Herpes Cure To Treat Herpes

What do Herpes Virus and Antivirals gift us?

As most of the people suffering from herpes are a victim of genital herpes, hence today, we are going to talk about natural genital herpes cure for herpes disease. The herpes simplex virus is effortlessly human transmissible. It is passed from one person to another by close, direct contact. When HSV is present on the surface of the skin of an infected person it can easily pass on to another person through the moist skin which lines the mouth, anus and genitals. HSV generally remains dormant. Many people never have symptoms even though they are carrying the virus. The symptoms, if they occur, are primary infection symptoms and recurrent infection symptoms. Primary infection symptoms, occurring when the person is initially infected, are usually more severe than succeeding recurrences.  These may last till 20 days and include not feeling well, fever, blisters and ulceration on the cervix, pain while urinating and vaginal discharge, cold sores around the mouth and as blisters on the genitals.
herpes natural cure
Subsequent infections tend to be less severe and do not last as long as primary one, because the patient’s body has built up some immunity to the virus. But you cannot predict particularly when an outbreak may occur and what level of severity it will be of. So for these reoccurring infections we are compelled to go for antivirals continuously for many days. Regular intake of these medicines not only makes our body habitual of these but we also introduce our body to various side effects that these drugs carry.  All of us have a tendency to follow one track and do not like to try something natural, even when it is about our health. The track here is the medicinal solution of each and every problem and not even thinking about natural genital herpes cure. Of course the guide here are the doctors who are less bothered about our health and are more concerned about earning more dollars by prescribing unnecessary drugs.

The common antiviral medications like Acyclovir and its variants are the generally prescribed medicines to treat herpes.

Acyclovir being the oldest has a larger number of side effects. Starting from nausea, it may cause vomiting, diarrhea and headache. And wait, it is not going to stop here, you may also feel agitation, confusion, rashes, anemia, and muscle pain, hypersensitivity reactions, seizures, agitation, and hepatitis.

Valtrex, also called Valacyclovir, is the most common name on the doctor’s prescription list if you go for treatment of herpes. Side effects of Valtrex may include headache, dizziness, tired feeling, depression, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, joint pain, menstrual pain, skin rash, stuffy nose, or sore throat and the list is still not complete.

Nature has some beautiful and unbelievable benefits hidden somewhere deeper inside. All that is needed is an eye to explore and an intent to use them. With both of these, natural genital herpes cure for herpes easily beats any other alternative available for the disease.  As for many other diseases, for herpes also natural methods are proving to be more suitable than other alternatives. Natural herpes cure are clearly becoming more and more popular these days. Patients are leaving behind the unfruitful medicines and are moving towards the natural methods.  You can always have the same effect generated by natural products that you buy as medicine and conveniently eliminate the side effects from them. For herpes, we luckily have substitute for every medicine available in nature. These natural herpes treatments help in healing and relieve from symptoms as fast as any other medicine does. Not only this, they have additional benefits in terms of good health.

The natural genital herpes cure delivers the following benefits in dealing with herpes:

  • Decreases the severity and length of these outbreaks.
  • Helps the sores heal faster, keeps away new sores from forming, and decreases pain/itching.
  • Also help reduce how long pain remains after the sores heal.
  • In addition, in people with a weakened immune system, these drugs can decrease the risk of the virus spreading to other parts of the body and causing serious infections.

Antivirals do not aid the immune system. They replace one of its functions. Antibiotics act by inhibiting certain enzymatic processes of bacteria, and by changing mineral balances. Normal cells, however, are also affected. This may be one reason why antibiotics weaken the immune response.

So, why are we so much into the medications? Why don’t we go for a much more beneficial and most suited cure of herpes ?

May be all of us were not aware of the harm that we do to our bodies by giving it regular treat with antivirals. Talking about herpes, natural herpes treatments are the best replacement of all the harmful and expensive bundle of drugs.

Many of us are not aware about the effects of herpes home remedies that we use daily for some or the other purpose in kitchen in relieving Herpes symptoms. You don’t have to rush to the doctor each time of travel to the store in a hurry whenever you have outbreak. You can use the products that are available every time at your home. Given below is a list of few natural and yet very effective pain relievers which many people regularly use and have found them as much successful as other antivirals.

  • Olive Oil: Apply heated olive oil, some lavender oil and bee wax mixed in it to the infected area. Its effects prove it an effective natural genital herpes cure.
  • Licorice Roots: Licorice roots consist of therapeutic properties, which are helpful for the treatment of herpes infection. Licorice has glycyrrhizic acid, which fights against the herpes virus. For the treatment of herpes, the extracts of licorice roots can be effective hence making it an efficient natural genital herpes cure.
  • Echinacea: Any part of this medicinal plant consumed as tea, juice or pills can heal herpes.
  • Peppermint oil: In experiments, peppermint oil has stopped a number of viruses from reproducing, including herpes. However, it is not clear till now whether peppermint oil would have any effect on the herpes virus in humans. Research is still on the way to declare whether it is an effective natural genital herpes cure or not.
  • Wear Breathable Clothing: One of the most important things to do first when suffering from herpes is to wear cotton and loose fitting clothes. Don’t confuse it with other natural genital herpes cure options. It is just a way to prevent further growth of herpes virus.
  • Lemon Balm: Lemon balm for herpes. It has flavonoids, phenolic acid, and rosmarinic acid, which helps in healing the sores or blisters making it an efficient way of natural genital herpes cure. Prepare a lemon balm tea. Let it steep for some time. Then, soak a cotton ball in it and apply directly on the sores.
  • Ice Pack: Ice pack can give you instant relief if applied for adequate amount of time.
  • Tea tree oil: To heal the herpes sores outbreak, tea tree oil is one of the useful herpes home remedies. Take some water in a glass. Add few drops of tea tree oil and gargle to remove ulcers from mouth. For genital herpes, use an eye-dropper to put drops on the infected area. Read more to know about how to use tea tree oil for genital herpes.
  • Baking Soda: Apply cotton dipped in baking soda to the infected area to relieve pain.
  • Tea Bags: After cooling, apply the tea bag on the infected area. Leave it for 5 minutes on the sores.
  • Using Condoms: If you intend to have sex during an outbreak, make sure you wear latex or vinyl condoms to protect your partner from getting infected.
  • Soap and Warm Water: Soaking the herpes sore in warm water surely relieves the pain and itching. To keep the affected area infection-free and clean, use soap.
  • Herbal Tea and black coffee: Herbal tea is an effective solution for avoiding any type of skin diseases. For treating pain and itching arising due to herpes black coffee sip can also be an alternative.
  • Lysine: One of the other remedies for natural herpes cure is lysine. It is a kind of amino acids that is found in foods, including milk, brewer’s yeast, cheeses, chicken, etc. It is known for reducing herpes outbreak.
  • Manuka Honey: Manuka honey has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It helps in quick healing of herpes blisters and cold sores. You just need to apply some manuka honey directly on the infected area. Read more to gain knowledge about honey and herpes.
  • Domeboro Powder: Domeboro powder can be used for healing the herpes infection. It is a really effective remedy for natural genital herpes cure. It can be used on the sores in the form of compress or wet dressing. The powder helps in soothing the irritated and itchy skin.


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  • Monolaurin: Monolaurin consists of glycerol and lauric acid, which together make up coconut oil. Coconut oil is known to have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties working efficiently on herpes sores. Cooking with it and drinking coconut water increases the immune support. Apply oil directly to sores it will clear them up very quickly. Read more to know in detailed form about the coconut oil herpes cure.
  • Natural Oils: Natural oils are effective in relieving the herpes ache and itching. Olive, jojoba, tea tree, vitamin E, camellia, and calendula oils are known for fighting against the virus. You just need to apply any of the natural oil or mixture of some oils on the infected area, gently. This will heal the infected skin.
  • Goldenseal: Goldenseal is another option out of natural herpes treatments. Take some walnut hull powder and add Echinacea and goldenseal in it. Stir it well to make a paste. Apply the paste on the infected area. Goldenseal is also available in pills, tincture, salve, and bulk powder.
  • Cornstarch: To dry the herpes sores, apply some cornstarch directly on the infected area.
  • HSV Eraser: One new natural cure most popular all around the world, which has gradually become the obvious choice of all the sufferers, is HSV Eraser. HSV Eraser is the one and only method of curing herpes disease permanently. It was a bitter truth, difficult to digest, that whatever the doctor prescribes cannot do anything to free your body from virus. Rather it just slows down its working, its intensity and can reduce our time of suffering. Unlike other natural remedies, this product along with being best natural genital herpes cure is scientifically proven as well. So you can trust it easily as it is laboratory tested. Researchers claim that nature has the best solution for this sexually transmitted disease as well. And HSV Eraser proves it quite well.

Using natural herpes remedies not only heals the symptoms faster but also costs your body fewer side effects even when used repeatedly.We are slowly becoming slave to drugs and antivirals for every small and big issue related to our health. That is the reason behind the ever increasing growth of pharmaceutical companies and wait, I am sorry that the same statement is not true about our health, is it?

This is a clear indication that we need to go for a more worth treatment that only treats the disease and do not leave any side effects in our body for no reason. In other words in it is high time to go natural. The famous saying about natural treatment holds true in this case also. Nature alone cures! All that anyone can do is to assist her efforts, and permit her to repair the damage.

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