How Much Effective is Myrrh Oil for Herpes in Resolving Your Sufferings ?

myrrh oil for herpes

Have You Heard of Myrrh Oil for Herpes Ever? See The Effects

Do you know what the strange word “myrrh” means? It is an Arabic which means bitter. Don’t panic because the bitter taste of the resin from which myrrh oil is extracted is probably the reason behind this strange name and in no way it is going to affect the effectiveness of myrrh oil in herpes treatment. These days, essential oils are gaining popularity not only among herpes patients, but also among some health freaks who want to save their body from the side effects of allopathic medicines. It is justified because essential oils have great potential to treat all mind related issues as well as infections attacking your body every now and then. Herpes is also one such infection, but why is everyone scared of herpes when it is just an infection? It is because people of this modern age are still living with some crazy beliefs about the disease. Adding to the entire nuisance related to the disease is the fact that herpes is still incurable.

Yes, herpes is still incurable, but only in the allopathic field. Since the nature of the virus causing herpes – herpes simplex virus, is a bit different, we must search for its cure in something that is more powerful than the virus itself. Yes, allopathic medicines are good, in fact, they are really effective in some cases, but in case of herpes, they cannot do anything more than simply masking the symptoms. So, it is better we try to find a cure in natural healers like essential oils. This is what many of scientists are working on and till now the results are amazing. One after another, they are finding new cures to diseases which were till date incurable. And herpes also is not an exception, so today we will be looking at a new cure for herpes in myrrh oil. Nature has so many solutions for herpes and for many other health problems, it is just that we need to trust this beautiful healer.  And trusting that, let us move forward to know our cure for herpes in detail.


Commiphora myrrha tree- A tree belonging to commiphora genus contain myrrh oil. With its name mentioned many times in holy bible, and the records of its medicinal uses found everywhere in the history, myrrh is relatively well established herbal medicine. Once it was used to purify the dead, and today it is being used to make lives of the alive ones easier. Not only in bible, but this magnificent oil was used in every corner of the world as a medicinal help. We can say this with confidence because the scientific evidences exist for the same. We have found myrrh mentioned clearly in “Ebers Papyrus”. Those who are not aware of what it is, let me tell you that it is one of the oldest Egyptian medical texts. Another example of the use of this essential oil can be seen among Greek soldiers. Greek soldiers made use of not exactly myrrh oil, but the resin. They kept the resin with them whenever there was a war as it used to help them stop the bleeding of their wounds.

What is the difference between myrrh oil and the resin the Greek soldiers took with them? Myrrh oil is extracted from the resin of myrrh tree. So, we can say that it contains everything present in the resin, but in a concentrated form. In order to extract myrrh oil from the tree, the bark of the tree is cut to get a yellow sap. This yellow sap, when dried, turns into reddish-brown, walnut-sized lumps. These lumps have a unique sweet and smoky aroma and from these lumps we derive myrrh oil.


This was all about the past and today with so many techniques to aid research, within hours, we can get an idea about the medicinal properties of any substance. And in the researches carried out in different corners of the world, it is proved again and again that myrrh oil is extremely useful for human skin as it slows down the signs of aging and soothes cracked or chapped skin. Not only this, it has abilities to deal with any type of infection occurring on the skin. Apart from its amazing help in getting a perfect skin, it is also used worldwide to fight with common infections like cough and cold. The essential oil has anti viral properties with which it fights the viral infections that can cause them, as well as relieves congestion.

Myrrh oil is also good for nervous system as it stimulates thoughts, improves blood circulation, and enhances digestion, nervous activity, and excretion. It also enhances the working of heart, makes digestion better by balancing the secretion of digestive juices and bile into the stomach. There are a lot of other medicinal benefits of myrrh oil, but for the time being, we will only concentrate on the use of myrrh oil in herpes treatment. Let us see the properties of the oil which makes myrrh oil for herpes a better alternative to allopathic medicines.

Benefits of Myrrh Oil in Herpes

myrrh oil and herpes

Myrrh essential oil does not allow microbes to grow or infect your system. This is what the essential oil is famous for. And in herpes too we need to deal with an unpredictable virus only. This is why we can expect the myrrh oil to work. The anti viral properties do not allow the herpes simplex virus to activate and trigger herpes outbreaks, while on the other hand, the anti microbial properties also ensure that you don’t develop any bacterial infection in the cold sores in case you are presently suffering from herpes outbreaks.

Myrrh oil as holistic herpes cure: Myrrh oil is considered to be a holistic cure for herpes because its effect is not confined to only treating the cold sores. Myrrh oil, like only a few other essential oils, has a reach to your brain. Yes, it can act directly on your nervous system and bring peace to your mind by relieving it from stress. Stress is both- a symptom of herpes as well as a very common trigger. This means if you are stressed, you will be at a risk of getting herpes outbreaks, and if you are suffering from herpes outbreaks, you will definitely be under stress and anxiety because of those ugly sores. Can you see a cycle here? It is this cycle that makes your visits to doctor frequent, but the medicines doctors prescribe have nothing to do with your mental condition. This is why it is often recommended to use myrrh oil as holistic herpes cure. Regular use of this oil keeps you alert and active by stimulating the brain and the nervous system.

boosted immune system

Myrrh oil boosts immunity: there are more than a few benefits of using myrrh oil for herpes treatment. You can deal with the cold sores naturally because of the amazing anti viral properties the oil has, and at the same time, preventing future herpes outbreaks is also possible. Myrrh oil prevents herpes by reducing stress, and this has been discussed in the former section. But myrrh oil prevents herpes also by strengthening the immune system. By raising the immunity of humans, it saves you from so many minor infections, deadly diseases, and of course myrrh oil prevents herpes outbreaks too.

Apart from this, myrrh oil also has anti inflammatory properties that make it just perfect for treating herpes. So, let us see how we can use myrrh oil for herpes and solve one of the most annoying problems of our life.

How to Use Myrrh Oil for Herpes Treatment?

If you want to deal with oral herpes, you can use myrrh oil for herpes as a mouthwash to help eliminate the infections in the oral cavity. In case of sores at any other part of your body, you can directly apply a few drops of this essential oil and this will help in drying out the sores faster. These are the ways to use myrrh oil for herpes treatment when you want to deal with the cold sores only. But, in case you want to use myrrh oil as holistic herpes cure, you can include it as an oil in aromatherapy as well. Doing so relieves your mind from the unwanted stress and calms down your mind.


Myrrh oil and herpes are just like enemies. Once you start using myrrh oil for herpes treatment, herpes outbreaks will not dare to attack you because of the strong anti viral properties of this oil. This way you would win over this nasty virus and you will achieve the ultimate aim of your life- living a herpes outbreaks free life. Yes, this is what all the herpes patients want. And it is justifiable as who would want the same embarrassing sores to be seen again and again. But we feel pity for those who are still stuck in the vicious cycle of antibiotics and herpes outbreaks. Until and unless they stop finding cure for herpes in antiviral drugs, they cannot live a healthy and peaceful life. There are so many alternatives out there. You can try myrrh oil for herpes, and if it doesn’t work for you due to any reason, or you don’t like the aroma of the oil, we can tell you a dozen of essential oils that work better than antiviral medicines. It is just that you have to have the intent of curing yourself naturally. If you have that strong intent, rest will be automatically taken care of by myrrh oil for herpes. So, take a step further, use myrrh oil a few times, and this is going to take you close to curing herpes.

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