Melissa Oil for Herpes – Cure Herpes With The Magnificent Effects of Melissa Oil


Melissa Oil for Herpes – Treat Herpes Outbreaks Using Melissa Oil

Have you ever heard about Melissa oil? Do you know what it is? Those who were eagerly waiting for a perfect herpes cure that can take away all the sufferings by curing herpes, Melissa oil is going to be the two magical words for you from today onward. Yes, scientists have finally found the real cure for herpes after years of hard work and dedication. And this cure, in the form of Melissa oil for herpes, is the only holistic cure that can take care of everything starting from the physical symptoms of herpes, to the emotional impacts, to the frequency of herpes outbreaks. The name Melissa was derived from the Greek word for bee because the plant was irresistible to bees. We will tell you everything about your cure for herpes as Melissa oil for herpes holds the future of millions of herpes patients all around the world.

Whether it is oral or genital herpes, the sores are equally painful and both the types cause severe discomfort in a patient’s life. You might have come across many herbal cures, but some are effective against oral herpes, while others are effective in curing only genital herpes. Similarly, if one herb can take care of the cold sores, it cannot do anything about the anxiety, depression and mood swings. But finally, we have one stop solution to all the problems related to herpes – Melissa oil for herpes. Now, you must be feeling like grabbing the oil and using it. But before that you should have a complete picture of the healing properties of the oil and also how it helps in herpes. Once you are done with all this, it will also be necessary to know about the uses of Melissa oil in herpes. We have elaborated everything related to using Melissa oil for herpes, and after reading this, your concepts about healing are going to change drastically. Have a look and decide yourself whether Melissa oil cures herpes or not.

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A Few Words About Melissa Oil

Melissa oil’s herbal use dates back over 2000 years. Yes, it is more than a few centuries old. The Romans and Greeks in ancient times used this magnificent oil for various medicinal purposes. Although, it was not the only herb that was used for healing purposes in those times, only a few were magical and hence have survived even in the era of medicines. These herbs were used to deal with almost every disease, and this is the reason behind people of that age living a healthy and long life.

Medicinal Benefits of Melissa Oil


Looking at the use of Melissa oil, it seems as if this oil is a storehouse of so many medicinal properties. Now, you must be wondering- what makes Melissa oil so much beneficial? The constituents of Melissa oil deserve all the credit. Starting from rosmarinic acid, to flavonoids and phenolic acid, Melissa oil contains so many antibiotic components that it can cure something like herpes effectively. Melissa is antispasmodic, emmenagogic, a stimulant for the nervous system, and a tonic for the cardiac system. Yes, Melissa oil was till date famous as a treatment for insomnia, anxiety, migraines, hypertension, diabetes and dementia, but recently it has been discovered that Melissa oil in herpes treatment also has a prominent role to play. We will see the entire connection between Melissa oil and herpes, but before that let us understand how herpes differs from all the other diseases. Actually, if you just look at the physical symptoms of herpes, herpes is not a big deal. You just have to deal with occasional cold sores that come on your skin with herpes outbreaks.

But taking the entire picture into consideration, you will see that there are many aspects of herpes. Herpes affects you not only physically, but also breaks your confidence down, attacks your mental peace and gives birth to fear. A fear of rejection from the society and a constant fear of getting herpes outbreak at any moment are more than enough to haunt you for the rest of your life. So, if I say Melissa oil kills herpes, it should be a cure that deals with all the problems that arise out of the infection. Let us see how much Melissa oil for herpes can do.

Benefits of Melissa Oil in Herpes


Its antiviral and antimicrobial properties are only some of the potent and therapeutic qualities of this valued essential oil, and when it comes to treating herpes, the real power of Melissa oil for herpes comes into action. Melissa oil in herpes is beneficial in two ways- first one is by dealing with physical pain and discomfort, and the other one is by tackling with the mental issues.

Melissa oil reduces stress: This herbal oil is used to reduce symptoms of stress associated with herpes outbreaks in addition to healing physical conditions. Melissa oil is proved to influence the mood of herpes patients and reduce anxiety. Stress suppresses the immune system of your body and hence stress management is the only way to suppress the dormant herpes virus. So, try to avoid dwelling on the stressful implications of your outbreak. Make sure that you are completely relaxed and avoid stress completely to easily get rid of herpes, and to do that you can use Melissa oil for herpes treatment. This treatment is best for those who take too much of stress and hence have to face a new herpes outbreak every other day.

Make cold sores disappear fast: Melissa oil reduces time needed to heal cold sores by roughly half,” according to certified nutritional consultant Phyllis Balch in her book “Prescription for Herbal Healing.” This is great, isn’t it? Without Melissa oil for herpes, you would bear the symptoms of outbreak for almost a week and with Melissa oil it will be over in just a couple of days. Now this is what we call healing. In one study of 116 people with HSV1, those who applied the cream containing Melissa oil to their lip sores experienced significant improvement in redness and swelling after only two days. Other symptoms, such as pain and scabbing, did not improve. Both the patients and their doctors reported that the ointment was highly effective in shortening the span and lessening the recurrence of HSV 1 and HSV 2 viral infections. Due to the tremendous medicinal and anti bacterial properties, Melissa oil for herpes helps you to get rid of cold sores fast, and by keeping your mind stable, it delays the next herpes outbreak.


This way, Melissa oil for herpes is a complete cure for herpes. Whatever a herpes patient needs help with, Melissa oil for herpes can assist them. And there is not just one or two, but many studies proving the effectiveness of the same. So, you can easily trust it as Melissa oil for herpes is backed by scientific facts and studies. Trusting is easier and after trust comes the knowledge of how to use this oil. You should have an exact idea about the ways to use Melissa oil for herpes treatment as the effectiveness is greatly influenced by the way you incorporate it in your life. Hence, in the next section we will elaborate all the ways you can use Melissa oil for herpes treatment.

How to Use Melissa Oil for Herpes Treatment?

Many people use Melissa oil for different purposes. There are three different ways in which you can gain benefit from this oil. If you want to extract the goodness of Melissa oil for herpes and treat the cold sores developing on your skin, you can do so by applying the oil topically. In case you want to use it as mind relaxing aromatherapy oil, you can actually put a few drops in diffuser before you go to sleep. Doing this will leave a nice fragrance in the entire room and you will have a nice sleep for sure. The third way is to intake the oil orally. There are so many ways to do this as well. Let us see some of the common methods by which you can take the oil into your body without affecting its healing properties. Yes, you cannot mix it with anything and everything.


  • The first and the simplest method is to add a few drops of Melissa oil for herpes to herbal tea. Don’t add it to the ordinary tea as its medicinal properties are not going to be the same if you choose normal tea. On the other hand, herbal tea helps you to soothe indigestion or lessen nausea, and by using it with Melissa oil for herpes treatment, you can get amazing results.
  • If you are not a regular tea drinker, we have a nice solution for you too. Simply place 1 or 2 drops of Melissa oil under the tongue once every day. This simple act will bring significant difference in the frequency of herpes outbreaks as it will boost immunity.

These were a few ways to use Melissa oil in herpes treatment. For instance, some people use this medicinal oil after mixing with tamanu oil. You can use it the way you like to until and unless the medicinal properties are not hampered.

Melissa oil is extraordinary when it comes to the medicinal properties, and it is the only oil that has potential to deal with herpes and its outbreaks. No matter which antiviral drug you were using previously, it had nothing to do with the disturbances going on in your head. No one really cared about the emotional roller coaster ride that every herpes patient has to go through, but finally we have one holistic cure for herpes in the form of Melissa oil. Melissa oil for herpes is the best you can give to your body, and more importantly, it is the worst that can happen to herpes simplex virus. Yes, Melissa oil prevents herpes simplex from entering into your brain, and at the same time it also controls its replication, hence all the power of herpes simplex virus is snatched.


So, go ahead, start using this amazing oil and you will feel a lot of difference in your body and health. And of course herpes cold sores will be a thing of past provided you use Melissa oil for herpes regularly and in the right manner.

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