Magnificent Effects of Valerian Root Tea for Herpes Cure

valerian root tea for herpes

Valerian Root Tea for Herpes – It Can Make The Virus Devoid of The Opportunity to Impact You

Valerian root tea has been used since centuries to treat health issues like migraine, insomnia, menstrual cramps, hysteria, and various disorders. Thanks to the European scientists who overlooked the pungent smell and researched on this herb to give us an amazing solution to the most severe problem. But how is valerian root tea related to herpes? Can valerian root tea cure herpes? We will answer all sorts of questions that might be creating a buzz in your mind right now. Valerian root tea was known only to gardeners, and today the world is talking about the herb, and the reason is the herb being associated to the most common sexually transmitted infection of the decade- herpes.

No doubt, herpes has made valerian root famous, but will it meet the expectations of the herpes patients? We will investigate all the medicinal properties of the herbal tea, and by here you will definitely get a clear answer about not only whether valerian root tea cure herpes or not, but if yes, how this herb magically cures the dreadful infection. Actually, herpes is not life threatening, neither it is chronic and extremely painful, but, since it has psychological factors attached to it, it is a threat to the mental peace. Those who have been suffering from herpes have ultimately learned to tackle with the situation, but managing doesn’t mean curing, right? This status of being incurable also adds to the pressure on the minds and fluctuations in the feelings of herpes patients. Yes, even those who have been living with herpes virus into them for decades now expect some magic to happen as drugs till date have no answer to herpes simplex virus. Today we will try to introduce you to such a magical herb that meets the urgent need of all the herpes patients waiting desperately for the herpes cure.

valerian root tea cures herpes

This is surely going to change your life. Many herpes patients have reported this tea as the best way to treat herpes symptoms and even to prevent it. This is the most preferred method to tackle the painful symptoms. But you should know this fact too that not just any tea will do the favor to you. Although the very first attack is severe and you might need medical attention, the subsequent infections can be managed at home. But today we are going to talk about something more than just a management technique- valerian root tea for herpes.

Valerian root tea has been used against headaches due to migraine, in calming down the mind with stress and anxiety, and several reports also show its effectiveness in reducing menstrual cramps, but it is really interesting to see the role of this herbal tea in giving the patients a herpes free life. So, let us get closer to herpes and valerian root tea and see how these two are enemies of each other.

How Valerian Root Tea Cures Herpes

According to recent research published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, valerian root has been shown to suppress both physical and psychological stress. And this is just one research report and there are many showing the role of valerian root in curing everything that relates to the disturbed mind. Now you must be wondering that if herpes is not a nervous disorder, what is the connection between herpes and valerian root tea? Yes, herpes is not a nervous disorder, but can you tell me how horrible you felt at the time you were diagnosed with herpes? Herpes makes your life a roller coaster ride and sometimes you feel very good, while at other times you feel punished by God for some sins. All kinds of emotions surround your mind and negativity enters into your life. Adding to it is the constant fear of rejection from the society on disclosure of the infection.


Together all of the factors related to herpes make your life hell, and it can be seen that more than the physical discomfort, psychological factors make this infection unbearable. So, its impact on mind makes valerian root tea for herpes a potential solution because this tea does exactly the opposite of what herpes simplex virus does. Secondly, have you ever thought about the frequency of herpes outbreaks and the factors influencing it? Some people get old with the virus and are not even aware of the infection. This is because of the absence of herpes outbreaks. Yes, if you have a strong immune system, you can live herpes outbreak free life even when the virus is still into your body. But, there is one factor that invites herpes outbreaks, and many times even strongest immune system is not enough to save you. It is nothing but stress.

This is where the role of valerian root tea in herpes treatment is prominent. Valerian root tea acts on herpes by reducing all the symptoms associated with stress and anxiety. By improving GABA levels, valerian makes it easier for both the mind and body to relax. And if your mind and body both are relaxed, herpes simplex virus will find it almost impossible to activate and replicate. On the other hand, even antiviral treatment cannot do much if you take excess of stress. Also, sleepless nights are very common in herpes. The herpes patients, especially those who are recently diagnosed with herpes cannot sleep peacefully. Here too you can seek help from valerian root tea for herpes. In all, valerian root tea for herpes kills the biggest trigger for herpes, and if you are a herpes patient, this herb must be tried.

But, before trying it, you must be aware of some other aspects related to the use of valerian root tea in herpes. The process of making valerian root tea is interesting, and if you plan to use it against herpes, you should know the right and the best way to make valerian root tea for herpes. Also, there are some complications that might arise if you don’t use valerian root tea for herpes in the prescribed manner. So, following are rest of the details about valerian root tea for herpes treatment.

valerian root tea and herpes

Everything About Using Valerian Root Tea In Herpes

You can drink two cups of this herbal tea and herpes outbreaks will be a thing of past. To make valerian root tea for herpes treatment, you will need a kettle, tea pot or a mug with lid to cover it completely and an infusion device. Of course, you will also need a teaspoon of dried valerian root. First of all, fill the tea pot with hot water. Boil water in kettle and once the water boils for about two minutes, replace the water in the tea pot with this boiling water. You can then add valerian root via the infusion device and steep it for about 10 minutes. If you want, you can prepare it with loose leaf method also, and in that case, you will need to strain the dried root of valerian root before drinking the solution.

Possible Side Effects Of Using Valerian Root Tea For Herpes

Taking valerian root tea for herpes in amount higher than prescribed can cause headache, dizziness, stomach problems, excitability, and unease. To avoid all these problems, try to take valerian root tea only twice everyday and also try not to take it continuously for a longer period of time.

Valerian is not known to produce adverse side effects if taken within limits, but it is not intended for long-term use. So, it is better you do not take it regularly for a long time and also start reducing the amount as soon as you get relief in herpes symptoms. The amount of the herb you take should be reduced gradually for 7-10 days before discontinuing it completely. The last but very important precaution that every herpes patient must follow is not to use any other drug with valerian root tea without consulting the doctor. Valerian root tea for herpes must not be combined with other sedatives since it can heighten their effects.

valerian root tea

This was everything about the use of valerian root tea for herpes, from effectiveness to side effects, we have discussed everything a herpes patient should know. Using valerian root tea in herpes will heal you both mentally and physically. This is something no other drug can do for herpes patients. All the antiviral medicines you are prescribed by your doctor only suppress the symptoms of herpes and they cannot reach your brain. In fact, these drugs have severe side effects on your body as well as brain. To avoid all the side effects that the costly drugs incorporate in your body, and to get a healthy way to treat herpes, try valerian root tea for herpes. This herbal tea is going to bring several changes in your body, mind and also your heart. You are no more going to get frightened of the fact that you are infected with herpes. The threat that herpes simplex herpes has created is the biggest reason behind the stigma associated with the infection in the society, and the only way to kill the stigma as well as the infection is valerian root tea for herpes.


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