Lysine For Herpes – The Less Famous But More Effective Cure For Herpes

lysine for herpes

Lysine For Herpes – How Much Effective is This Remedy for Herpes ?

If you are suffering from herpes and have not yet used lysine for herpes treatment, trust me you are missing the most wonderful treatment for herpes. If you have already used it or have at least heard something about lysine for herpes treatment, then too you are at the right place because as your body deserves complete treatment for herpes, lysine too deserves more than just an introduction. Being a herpes patient, you must know everything about herpes, and also about something that can beat it so nicely.

I am talking about lysine. Lysine is an essential amino acid. It has been proved to influence and effect many symptoms of herpes. Lysine for herpes may sound new to you, but it was researched on in 1978.  We got to know about the success of lysine for herpes treatment almost 40 years ago and since then, many studies have been conducted on this. In almost all the studies conducted all around the world, lysine has shown positive effects towards treatment of the symptoms of herpes.

The population changes with boundaries of a country, race, people and color change, but herpes remains the same. Herpes simplex virus has been bothering mankind since centuries now, and it has no discrimination. Talking about United States, every one in five people is suffering from some type of herpes today and millions of dollars are being spent on the treatment too. The rate at which herpes simplex virus is getting hold of new human body everyday is astonishing. In this too we have a sexually active group who are suffering from genital herpes, and the other once who have oral herpes. There is one more category.

herpes symptoms

Those who have the herpes virus in their bodies, but due to mild or no symptoms of herpes die without knowing that they had it. Now you must be thinking how lucky these people are. But have you ever thought what makes this happen? Why someone like you has many outbreaks per year while many other herpes patients have been living a symptom free life for many years? This is the point that can change your life.

You can move from many outbreaks to rare outbreaks of herpes if you look analytically. This also is one direction in which you can find a herpes cure and this time I am not talking about medicinal cure. Yes, herpes can have a cure, but finding it in medicines is impossible. You can change the way of treating a disease if the present method is not yielding expected results, right? Then what is wrong with herpes? Why all the herpes sufferers are busy with antiviral treatment despite knowing their acute and permanent side effects.

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You have herpes, which is okay. It is just an infection that can happen to anyone. But that doesn’t make you that weak that you can’t think about your own body and health. Should we stop taking treatment for herpes?

Where we herpes patients were going till today?

Leaving herpes untreated and leaving antivirals are two different things. You have to come out of the world full of antivirals and look beyond this less beneficial and more harmful science of treatment. Even if you are not that much addicted to medicines, you should know certain things clearly. Almost every other herpes sufferer has become a slave of antiviral medicines. The only thing he can think about once he or she gets a new outbreak is antiviral medicines. You also must have done this- rushing to the doctor, paying him dollars for prescribing medicines, the name of which you already have in your brains.

antiviral drugs for herpes

This was the first payment and even more will be required at the health store where you will buy bundle of antiviral medicines. During this procedure you pay for both the things. But is it mentioned somewhere that you get a free gift? Don’t worry; you probably had not missed it even if they did not mention it explicitly. Nobody on this planet can separate the side effects from medicines. Yes I was talking about this gift. Why would they explicitly tell you when they are running million dollar business by selling those medicines to people like you?

But you are buying the antiviral medicines for herpes for the sake of betterment of your body. There business is there responsibility and of course your body is yours. They are running it quite well, but are you doing justice to your health? Think on it, and to help you decide we have some helping hand for you.

If by spending more than a few dollars you can gift your body healthy herpes free state, nothing is better than that. It is not at all bad as far as you are getting your health back, but are you really getting it back? If you know everything about the side effects of the most commonly prescribed antiviral drugs, you would not think of relating health and antiviral treatment.

I choose health over money, and I am sure most of us do the same choice. The preferences of color, taste and lifestyle may differ, but no one on this earth exist who would not want a healthy body. Some of them work for it very hard, others do minimum efforts, and the rest have the courage to ignore it completely. For the last class of people, even God can’t help, but for the other two, lysine is enough for treating herpes.

lysine for herpes

I feel pity on you if you have given your body hundreds of pills till now under this misconception. The results, in fact you could have got better results with the use of lysine for herpes.

There is a huge difference between the famous herpes cure and the best herpes cure. Anything can gain popularity these days if it is backed by expensive advertisements, but it doesn’t give a certificate of being best. Antiviral medicines are the first thing we think about as we see the alarming indication of any re-occurrence of herpes outbreak, but it is surely not the best. You have to dig deeper to get a hold of real gems. Same is the case with herpes. Antivirals just suppress the symptoms of herpes. They are designed to give a temporary relief by decreasing the severity of outbreaks and some of them even work by minimizing the frequency of the re-occurrences. But when it comes to side effects, they are a lot.

Antiviral medicines have several mild or severe, temporary or permanent and acute side effects. The intensity will vary from person to person, but no one will get spared from the side effects of herpes medicines.

It is ironical as you are spending money to buy treatment of herpes and are finally left with one or sometimes more than one health problem. What do you pay money for then? It is more like you spend some dollars to exchange the diseases, isn’t it? What’s next…again buying medicine for the health problem introduced in place of herpes. And the cycle continues.

Medicine compounds

Medicines were a great discovery which was claimed to save lives. But now it is no more than a tool of pharmaceutical companies to make millions of dollars. It is these companies who are gaining profit by introducing new medicines every now and then. What growing rapidly is their accounts and sadly it is not our health that is getting better. You must be wondering now what to do, everybody take antivirals, and we also are forced to do so because we do not see any promising alternative. What if I tell you there is?

There is lysine. Lysine is something that can help you cure herpes and that too without any side effect. You will get no harmful effects; in fact you will get additional benefits. You will pay a negligible amount for treating herpes and this time also you are getting something for free. Luckily, this time you are actually getting health advantages. It is hard to believe, but once you know what lysine exactly is and how to use lysine for herpes treatment, you will definitely trust me.

What is lysine?

Lysine is an essential amino acid. By the way do you know what essential amino acid is? Lysine actually has to be taken in with the diet and cannot be synthesized by our body. Since it cannot be produced by our body internally and is required for proper functioning, it is called as essential amino acid. Some foods that contain this amino acid are: yogurt, cheese, milk, wheat germ, beans, meat, brewer’s yeast and other animal proteins.

lysine hydrochloride

Lysine was first introduced in the United States, but at that time it was referred to as lysine hydrochloride. It was in the year 1955 and today all the other countries are making use of the medicinal properties of lysine and using lysine for herpes treatment, but we lag behind. With so many herpes patients in our country, we should make lysine a compulsion after certain age. It is estimated that 600,000 tons of lysine is being produced and is being used for medicinal purposes.

Lysine for herpes treatment

Many drugs, health supplements and other medicinal and health care products have this component. This speaks of the ability and health advantages of lysine. Lysine for herpes is nothing new and several researches have been conducted in the past. The very first study was carried out back in 1978 and resulted in a positive outcome. Yes, it was proved that lysine for herpes treatment was a nice idea in the year 1978, but still only a few of us have used lysine for herpes. Some other studies that concluded almost similar benefits of lysine for herpes were conducted in 1980 and 1984. The research did not stop there and even today some scientists are working hard to come out with some new facts.

What can lysine do for herpes sufferers?

University of Maryland Medical Center has also declared that the use of lysine for herpes treatment can prevent the development of cold sores. Other studies reveal that lysine has some connection with the reduction in the recurrence rates of herpes outbreaks. To sum up all the outcomes of those studies, we can say that lysine for herpes treatment can do following for herpes patients.

reduced stree and anxiety

1.) Reduction in anxiety: Anxiety is the biggest killer; yes it is even more dangerous than the herpes virus. Stress, depression and anxiety lead to severe and frequent outbreaks. Lysine for herpes treatment has this advantage which no other drug has. It has a reach to brain and plays an important role in controlling the negative emotions and thoughts. You can take the prescribed dose of lysine for herpes treatment and get yourself relieved from stress and anxiety.

2.) Reduces re-occurrence rate: The frequency at which you will get herpes outbreaks varies greatly. You can control it by choosing a treatment like lysine for herpes. The normal suppressive therapy demands you to spend a lot of money on antiviral drugs, but with lysine for herpes treatment, you can save your money as well as save your body from the side effects you will definitely get from prolonged use of drugs.

3.) Prevent cold sores: Cold sores are also one of the most irritating and painful symptoms of herpes, and a herpes patients at many times find it difficult to control them. They spread like anything on your beautiful skin and make you look ugly. If you use lysine for herpes, you will get fewer cold sores on your skin. Isn’t it amazing

Reduction in severity of outbreaks: As the frequency of outbreaks varies greatly from one patient to another, the severity also has many influencing factors. You can also reduce the severity of outbreaks with lysine. Lysine for herpes treatment can in short reduce the intensity of herpes symptoms, the duration as well as frequency of herpes outbreaks.

How to use lysine for herpes treatment?

lysine rich foods

Eating lysine from the natural sources is alright if you already have a strong and established immune system. But for herpes patients, it is advised to take regular supplement of lysine. It is recommended to use supplement because herpes patients need more lysine for deactivation of herpes simplex virus. L-lysine can be consumed daily by all the herpes sufferers in the dose of approximately 500 to 1,000 milligrams. It is better you take it empty stomach.

Precautions to be taken while using lysine for herpes

Although being a natural treatment for herpes, lysine for herpes treatment has no side effects, but you should always consult doctor during pregnancy and lactation. These two phases demand special care and hence you must talk to your doctor first. Also it should not be used by patients with high amount of lysine in their blood or urine. Diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal pain are noticed among patients who either took very high dose or had high lysine in their blood.

Search for the uses of lysine and you will see herpes at every place. Look out for the uses and benefits of lysine, and herpes or cold sores will be on the top. Yes, lysine has been known for treating herpes, and if you were unaware of it, you probably are not much serious about your health. Or it may be the case that you trusted the medicines too much. Whatever the reason is, but ultimately your health pays for your choices. But no time is bad time and even if you think about it today, it is not that late.

lysine for herpes treatment

You have all the advantages and disadvantages of lysine, natural herbs as well as medicines. We have supplied the right ingredients and have also guided you up to certain extent, but the final call has to be from your side. If you feel that your health deserves something great and you now agree that it is not possible to stay healthy with the extensive use of antivirals, you can think about lysine for herpes. Giving it a try is not a bad idea. As far as antiviral medicines are concerned, they will be there for you as pharmaceutical companies will continue selling their main source of profit. But your health will not stay with you; your body will not wait for you for too long. Hence it is best to act immediately.


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