Lysine For Cold Sores – An Ultimate Way To Treat Cold Sores

lysine for cold sores

Lysine For Cold Sore – Why Did It Take This Much Time to Come Out ?

Herpes is a terrible disease and some credit of this surely goes to Judd Apatow as hardly any of his films is missing a joke on herpes. All the TV shows and movies talk about herpes, but in a humiliating manner. The same is trend in real life also. You will hear the word herpes, and the discussion would probably have ended in uncontrollable laughter. If we had discussed herpes a bit seriously, treatments like lysine for cold sores and herpes would not have taken this much time to come out. People infected with herpes simplex are actually terrified by the threat of disclosing their infection, and this is pretty obvious. But when you become a herpes patient, it is at this time when you realize that these small acts contribute to the ever increasing stigma of herpes and cold sores. People of the United States are more afraid of herpes than they are for diseases like HIV.

Herpes is not that dangerous, neither cold sores are life threatening, but many people loose their self esteem and happiness to the nasty virus every second.  We all know that herpes is of two types. It is a common belief that cold sores near lips and mouth are caused by the virus we call HSV type-1. But now it has been seen the same can also be caused on being infected by the other type of the same virus. This one is called HSV Type-2 and in 90% of the cases it is responsible for genital herpes. It is caused by a specific type of the herpes simplex virus named as herpes type 1 virus. This kind of herpes causes painful sores on the lips, gums, tongue, roof of the mouth, inside the cheeks, and sometimes on the face and neck. But, occasionally it may cause genital lesions also.

beauty products for cold sores

There are many beauty products that claim to cure both the types of herpes, but they all are mere hiding tools and not cure. To get rid of these frequent cold sores you need to have a holistic method that can not only treat the cold sores externally, but can also heal the herpes patient emotionally. Cold sores are the most irritating symptoms of herpes, not because they are painful, but because they are impossible to hide. Also, you can have fever due to many reasons, you can have fatigue due to overworking, but when it is a cold sore, it is clear that you have herpes. And if we talk about sore on tongue, topical ointments and salves are of no use if a person has cold sores on the tongue. Therefore, the only choice you are left with is painkillers together with oral antiviral medication.

Well, this is not the only choice now because we have lysine for cold sores. There are approximately 300 different forms of amino acids in nature and out of which only 20 are of use to humans. Lysine also is one of those 20 healthy amino acids that have disease fighting capabilities. We will tell you in detail why you should not use those expensive antibiotic and antiviral drugs. There are chances that by now you might be aware of everything related to antiviral treatment, and because of those reasons only you are here, searching for lysine for cold sores, but still it is of utmost importance that you should know each and every aspect of the treatment method you were using till today.

You know lysine is a type of amino acid, but you might not be aware of what wonders this amino acid can do in the treatment of herpes and cold sores. Let us see what lysine for cold sores has to offer and what are the various ways you can use the natural supplement to get rid of cold sores and herpes outbreaks.

You will stay herpes outbreaks free for long time if you trust lysine:

strong immune system fighting herpes

The frequency at which you will get herpes outbreaks varies greatly from person to person. In a healthy individual who is very particular about his or her health and diet, herpes virus will find it difficult to become active and hence there are chances that s/he will not experience recurrent herpes outbreaks. For someone who is obese, has bad eating habits, and also is in bad overall health, herpes virus will find a way or another to activate and create troubles. Rather than feeling jealous of those lucky individuals, you should aim at improving your health and immunity. You can control it by choosing a treatment like lysine for cold sores.

There are people who take a pill everyday or every other day to prevent the cold sores. We know you hate cold sores but do you really hate them more than you love your health? I asked it because by choosing the suppressive therapy, you are compromising with your health and overall well being. It is much better to use treatments like lysine for cold sores prevention and avoidance. The normal suppressive therapy also demands you spend a lot of money on antiviral drugs, but with lysine for herpes treatment, you can save you money as well as save your body from the side effects you will definitely get from prolonged use of drugs.

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Lysine for cold sores is believed to prevent the occurrence of cold sores:

You might be familiar with the annoying cold sores that come out of nowhere and make your skin look ugly. Cold sores are also one of the most irritating and painful symptoms of herpes and there is no doubt about it. Herpes patients at many times find it difficult to control them, and the treatment also is not too instant to let you go out really soon. They spread like anything on your beautiful skin and make you look ugly. Many studies have recently indicated that lysine for cold sores treatment also has a prominent role in preventing the menace. If you use lysine for herpes, you will get fewer cold sores on your skin. Isn’t it amazing? To avail the benefits, you have to sense the appearance of cold sores at the very first stage and use lysine for cold sores.

Reduction in severity of outbreaks and also the symptoms can be achieved by using lysine for cold sores:

You might have skipped going out for weeks during the first herpes outbreak. It won’t be that difficult to recall the initial herpes outbreak even if you have had it years ago. I can understand it very well, those few days change your life completely hence no one can forget them. The memories of first herpes outbreak and the diagnosis of herpes are too strong to get rid of, just like the herpes simplex virus. Although the severity of herpes symptoms and cold sores may not be that acute, but for some unlucky people the subsequent cold sores are still unbearable. You can also reduce the severity of outbreaks with lysine. Lysine for cold sores can in short reduce the intensity of herpes symptoms, the duration as well as frequency of herpes outbreaks.

stress of herpes patients

Anxiety is the biggest killer; yes it is even more dangerous than the herpes virus. Stress, depression and anxiety lead to severe and frequent outbreaks. Lysine for cold sores has this advantage which no other drug has. It has a reach to brain and plays an important role in controlling the negative emotions and thoughts. You can take the prescribed dose of lysine for herpes treatment and get yourself relieved from stress and anxiety.

How to use lysine for herpes treatment?

  • Eating lysine from the natural sources is alright if you already have a strong and established immune system. You can simply eat more of lentils, soy milk, black beans and pumpkin seeds.
  • But for cold sores patients, it is advised to take regular supplement of lysine because natural sources will not be enough to send effect on the cold sores.
  • It is recommended to use supplement because herpes patients need more lysine for deactivation of herpes simplex virus and disappearance of cold sores.
  • L-lysine can be consumed daily by all the herpes sufferers.
  • You can consume it in the dose of approximately 500 to 1,000 milligrams everyday. If you have acute pain and spreading cold sores, go for a high dosage otherwise 500 to 600 mg of lysine is enough to control the cold sores.
  • It is better you take it empty stomach, but in case you forget it, you can take it during any time of the day.

Once you are done with the herpes outbreaks and are on supplement of lysine for cold sores treatment, you can switch to the natural sources as soon as you see the sores disappearing.

Precautions to be taken while using lysine for cold sores

cold sores

Lysine for cold sores has no side effects. Yes, it is the only way of treating cold sores that leaves no marks on your skin, neither your skin is blackened by overusing it. This is quite common with almost all the topical ointments and creams. Over time, you would see the skin discoloration, rashes and itching on the skin that once had cold sores. You cannot avoid these effects of the chemical treatments no matter how much money you spend on buying the most expensive cream. This is why we recommend lysine for cold sores. And this also is the reason behind so many people going crazy over lysine for cold sores.

By now it is clear to you that lysine for cold sores is perfectly safe, but you should keep in mind the following things before jumping on to lysine supplement.

  • Although it is a natural treatment for herpes and lysine for herpes treatment has no side effects, but you should always consult doctor during pregnancy and lactation.
  • These two phases demand special care and hence you must talk to your doctor first.
  • Also it should not be used by patients with high amount of lysine in their blood or urine.
  • Diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal pain are noticed among patients who either took very high dose or had high lysine in their blood.

Lysine has suddenly gained popularity for its use in herpes outbreaks and cold sores. The internet also is flooded with the uses of lysine in herpes, but there are many other health benefits of lysine. Did you know that lysine for cold sores is the same supplement that can protect you against different types of cancers? This might be surprising for you, but lysine has the capabilities to prevent cancer, treat diabetes and also helps in cancer treatment.

lysine for cold sores

How much money you have spent on the antiviral drugs till date? If you are a herpes patient for quite a few years now, the answer can be heartbreaking. Every year millions of dollars are spent on the antiviral drugs that do nothing but mask the symptoms of herpes temporarily. And for doing this favor, they take a huge price not only in terms of money, but also by damaging our health. They induce all kinds of side effects when we take them and some are so brutally harmful that the side effects induced by them are permanent.

Who would invest on such useless methods of treatment? Well, all the people of United States who are suffering from herpes have done this. And some are still doing the same, even after the lysine for cold sores treatment becoming so much famous. Whatever happened was past, but now it is high time to change. You have to change the way you perceive herpes and cold sores, and also there is a dire need to shift to methods like lysine for cold sores to save your body from the harmful side effects of the topical ointments and antiviral drugs.

Thousands of herpes patients have already taken a step forward and have reported great success while using lysine for cold sores and the next is your turn.


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