is there a cure for herpes

Is there a cure for herpes with Natural Remedies?

Is there a cure for herpes? This seems to be an unanswerable question but in reality there is a concrete and explainable answer for this. There are a variety of doubts about herpes infection, but many more regarding the herpes cure. You do not get a satisfactory answer as everybody speaks out his own story. If you are a herpes patient for too long now, all news about herpes cure must look like another lie to you because of frequent encounter with continuous disappointments and false claims over the last few years. If you are recently added to the list of millions of herpes patients in the United States, you must be thinking if at all there were a cure for herpes, nobody would require getting scared of it. This is true to certain extent as if there was a cure for herpes, how come in the society it has become a stigma? But then what about those claims made by doctors and herbalists every other day that herpes has a cure now? Taking all these factors into consideration and one most important factor- the questions raising the anxiety of already anxious and depressed herpes patients, there is need to get an answer to the question. The answer which is backed by facts and has some strong and valid points is the solution for half of the problems for herpes patients. Is herpes curable is now a matter of concern for all after facing so much of pain and trouble for so long time. Read more to know about the social stigma of herpes and its impact on the patient and the society.

You can understand the importance of the answer to your question i.e. Is there a cure for herpes or not only if you are a herpes patient too. Only in this case you can analyze what millions of other herpes patients are going through and how much easy it will be to live their lives if they get a satisfactory answer to this question. This is the most frequently asked question over the internet and among all the groups of herpes patients. With more investment of time and money the scientists claim that they are too close to the herpes cure. But we will see today what the real definition and measuring parameters are of this “too close”. There is a need to get an answer, whether it is a yes or no, and by the end of this article you will get that one word answer. At first, it is important for you to understand the role of antivirals in treating herpes and only then you can understand why herpes is seen as incurable.

Why is there no cure for herpes even after dedicating so many years to the research?

I said treating herpes and not curing, have you noticed it? Do you know the difference between curing and treating? If you feel they are the same, then antivirals are the perfect solution to herpes, but unfortunately they are not? Neither treating and curing are same, nor do we have an antiviral solution for herpes. If you are searching an answer for the question- how to get rid of herpes– with the help of antivirals, you are on a wrong track. Antivirals can never help you get rid of herpes. Treatment of herpes outbreak is possible with the help of antivirals. Yes, this is what you are prescribed bundles of antivirals for. But curing herpes is beyond the capabilities of medicine. If medicines had the capability to cure herpes, we could have got it by now. The question- is there a cure for herpes- is still just a question with no answer.

So much of time, money, efforts and research have been wasted in finding the cure for herpes in the medicinal field. But what we got are those commonly prescribed antivirals for treating the symptoms of herpes temporarily which we used to take decades back. During this period the output of many researches and millions of dollars’ investment are just claims of treating herpes really soon. Antivirals are great in temporarily masking the symptoms, they are good at suppressing the extreme pain but if you expect more out of them, you will only get disappointment. So, the answer of your doubt- is there a cure for herpes with antivirals- is, a big “NO”. This is not just a prediction but a fact that is based on the outputs of all the researches conducted in the field of herpes cure in the last two decades. Looking at the trend going on in the medicinal fields, and the theory based on which we are trying to cure herpes, it is obvious and anyone can see it. The only difference is to conclude something you need to look deeper in the matter of herpes cure.

natural remedies vs antivirals


Is it Possible to get rid of herpes?

You have to be well aware of all the happenings in the world of herpes cure while searching an answer for – is there a cure for herpes. And taking all these into account we can tell you that you should not wait for antibiotic cure for herpes. At least for the next few decades, the situation of herpes in antivirals would be the same as it has been for the last two decades. Antivirals do not aid the immune system. They replace one of its functions. Antibiotics act by inhibiting certain enzymatic processes of bacteria, and by changing mineral balances. Normal cells, however, are also affected.  This may be one reason why antibiotics weaken the immune response. While the cost of a single antibiotic prescription may not be extremely high, newer ones are somewhat costly.  The costs are high when the side effects are considered, along with the sheer numbers of prescriptions that are written around the world each day, month and year. If we talk about the cost effectiveness, millions of dollars are spent every year on just pampering the symptoms of the widespread disease, herpes giving no solution for “is there a cure for herpes” . In order to control and prevent the inevitable progression of immune system destruction that the stress, nutrition lacking food, fast life, unhealthy habits cause, we need a holistic natural cure for herpes, surely not antivirals solving the most frequently asked question- is there a herpes cure. Read more to know about how to get rid of herpes.

This was not all about antivirals, but you can get an idea that the answer for “is there a cure for herpes” is still a big “NO” in the medicinal field till date and those who want to cure their herpes may take a new birth again with the same virus. But I am sure no one wants to take this virus with them to their graves. Medicines are the ultimate cure for everything and if they are unable to cure herpes, should one stop expecting any cure for herpes? This is something important that every herpes patient must take a note of. There is no cure for herpes in the antiviral domain, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no cure for herpes anywhere. There are some healing methods even more powerful, holistic and health oriented than medicines. You need to change the thinking that only medicines can cure herpes and if they can’t then there is no cure for herpes.

natural cure for herpesBetter be patient and try to look in your surroundings, but only after locking the antivirals into the cabinet away from your eyes. It is obvious that other than doctor by now you have already searched the internet for an appropriate answer. Did you get a conclusive statement, an answer in either yes or no? Was it a mixed response with some sites claiming there is no cure and others giving you a hope of kicking the virus out permanently? With most of you it is the second case. Nobody is at fault, for all other things you can get an exact answer within seconds but not herpes. Because herpes is not a much talked about disease, it is still an infection that is not treated as mere infection, there are more myths revolving around in the world of internet than facts and proven truths. Is there a cure for herpes has been surrounded with many questions revolving in different directions like- Why did I get this? Will I ever get rid of it? or something like that. How will we get the answer if our mind is stuck with these nuisance.

You can look for herpes cure in some very well known natural health care products. These natural products like honey, coconut oil, Lysine, olive oil, tea tree oil, cornstarch, oregano oil etc. are very effective in treating various infections. There are many more herbal remedies providing you the herbal cure for herpes. I am not exaggerating the facts but telling you only about the truth that have helped me to get rid of the menace. Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, caused by a virus for which we have no permanent cure. Do you agree with this? Almost all of you would definitely agree with the statement as it is universal for herpes. But let me tell you that what I believe in is that herpes cannot be cured till date with the help of medication, but it is curable with the help of natural products. So, is there a cure for herpes? Yes, it is, but with natural remedies and not medications. Click here to know more about the benefits of coconut oil for herpes. If it comes about tea tree oil and herpes, you may feel yourself unable to even imagine its benefits for herpes.

This is the complete fact, a tried and exhaustively researched truth. All of them have been used since ancient times for curing and healing purpose. With time all these products have not lost their healing properties, it is just that the extensive advertisements of medicines have sidelined these highly effective herpes cure options. You can get herpes cure, and the one word answer for “is there a cure for herpes” can be “yes”, the one stop solution to your life long problem, but not in the antibiotic field. For this you have to try something different. If we talk about kicking the virus of your body for once and for all, I came across an extremely effective and affordable method: HSV Eraser. One completely different, still natural treatment for herpes has evolved to heal millions all around the world. You must try it out after getting all the necessary information about it. Apart from this there are some other promising methods like ozone therapy and homeopathy that are emerging out as the new herpes cure. For these two, you may get you herpes cure from anyone of these, but you need to wait for about a year or so. For HSV Eraser, the day you order your e book, the countdown for herpes virus in your body begins and it won’t take years. As far as natural methods are concerned, they are a great replacement to those harmful antivirals and the best way of treating herpes symptoms. Some of the natural products as well are said to cure herpes permanently, but further studies are required to prove the same. And lastly talking about the antivirals, the really soon of scientists in real life is many decades. So now you know whether there is a cure for herpes, and not only this, now you can tell others too where are the real cure for herpes and where not to expect anything for curing herpes. Read more to get details about the best treatment for herpes- HSV Eraser.

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