Herpes And Resveratrol – How The Two Are Related To Each Other?

resveratrol for herpes

Herpes and Resveratrol – What is the Significance of This Relation?

Some studies conducted back in 1999 and also in 2006 revealed a surprising relationship between herpes and resveratrol. You are aware of herpes but what is resveratrol? And if the studies proved that herpes and resveratrol are enemies, what were we waiting for all this while? We already knew that resveratrol work for herpes and resveratrol is a promising cure for herpes, but no one knew how.

The year 2012 was the year for resveratrol. In fact, we can say that the year was for herpes and resveratrol. Year by year we have been getting new herbs and natural products coming out. Actually they all existed since the very first day we came here on earth, and they have also been used by mankind for healing purposes. It is just that now, we today need proofs more than results.

If someone tells us that a particular substance can cure herpes, we will not believe him until and unless he shows a proof. On the other hand, it has been proven that antiviral medicines have many side effects and we tend to ignore them. Have you ever thought why? Well, because we fall into the trap set up by the pharmaceutical companies who profit immensely from these antivirals. Via advertisements & other streams, they trap scores & scores of people into believing that antivirals are their best solution for herpes.

Why are pharmaceuticals selling huge number of antivirals ?

antivirals and profit of pharmaceuticals

For us the antiviral treatments are a way of getting rid of the pain and sufferings due to herpes infection, but for the companies manufacturing those medicines, it is nothing more than a business. To have the maximum profit in their business, they hide the severe side effects. They do what is good for them, but do we do what is good for us?

Money is their only focus and interest; what is your interest? Being a herpes patient, of course, health should be your first priority. If you too are a herpes patient and are even little bit worried about your health, you should better know certain facts. Just thinking about the problem named herpes might be your first priority till date, but is taking stress going to help you in any way? You can think about herpes day and night, but just for once, think of how it is impacting your body, mind and soul.

Observe the amount of stress you have taken and the duration between your last outbreak and present outbreak. Once you are over with the current outbreak, make note of these two things in the next cycle also. Tracking your own outbreaks to draw a conclusion will take years. Why to bear the pain and discomfort when you can actually avoid it? It would be better if you get a conclusion derived from various studies, won’t it be?

Actually, it is a proven fact that stress triggers herpes outbreaks. Any kind of stress, anxiety and negative emotions suppress the immune system of human body and the herpes virus gets a chance to become active once again. So, it is better to think about your health and body rather than sticking to the infection.

stress triggers herpes

Who brought this to you? The answer to this question is not going to give you peace and happiness, but a healthy body and even healthier mind can give you loads of confidence and glow. And the only way to get the perfect healthy body, even when you are infected with herpes, is through natural cure for herpes. Some natural products are extremely powerful in beating herpes simplex virus of both the types. Yes, with the same natural treatment, you can beat both the herpes infections- genital herpes as well as oral herpes. You might have been told till now that herpes simplex virus 1 cause oral herpes while the other type of herpes causes genital herpes. But in recent researches it has been shown that herpes simplex virus 1 can also cause genital herpes and visa-versa.

In fact, more than 40% of the times, the real causative organism behind genital herpes is herpes simplex virus 1. We have reached so far in the research on herpes and its cure, but unfortunately are far behind the real goal. It is going to take decades to find a permanent cure for herpes in medicinal field and you are foolish if you choose to bear so many side effects of temporary treatments. Today all the herpes patients have realized the truth and hence are more interested in natural cure for herpes.

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You can resolve your problem of herpes outbreaks with natural products like resveratrol. It was proved in 1990’s only that resveratrol inhibits the growth of herpes simplex 1 as well as herpes simplex 2. But now we also know the mode of working of resveratrol for herpes. Treating herpes and resveratrol use is not a complicated cure for herpes at all. Once you know what resveratrol is, we will introduce you with many ways you can use it.

Resveratrol and herpes together made an interesting topic of research and many researchers worked on it day and night. As a result we have some conclusion on herpes and resveratrol. We today have in hand the proof that resveratrol can cure herpes, and we also know how it can cure herpes. It is also interesting to note that it is effective for both the types of herpes virus. Whether you have oral herpes, or have genital herpes, due to herpes simplex virus 1 or herpes simplex virus 2, resveratrol can deal with all the types alone.

Everything About Resveratrol You Should Know Before Using It

resveratrol for herpes

Resveratrol is a natural polyphenol that is found in red grape skin, polygonum cuspidatum- what we often call as Japanese knotweed, peanuts, blueberries, cranberries, bilberries. Do you know when this compound was first seen or discovered?

Almost 80 years ago, in the year 1940, resveratrol was seen and identified in the roots of a plant known as white hellebore. White hellebore is a plant native to Japan. Well, this was not the end and resveratrol was seen in the some more plants in the year 1963. It was in this year the medicinal uses of resveratrol were uncovered. Since then this natural product has been used for treating various types of infections. Herpes was not in the list of these infections at the beginning, but nowadays herpes and resveratrol is the new trend in herpes cure.

There is a very interesting fact associated with resveratrol that I think you would like to know. You will not only get an inspiration to use resveratrol for herpes cure, but will also get a fair idea of how much beneficial resveratrol is believed to be. Do you have any French friend? If you have one, notice his health and physique. If you don’t know anyone that close, it is again a huge matter of concern. What I wanted to tell you is just that french people are the thinnest among all the people.

What is surprising about it? I know there is nothing to be surprised about, but what if I tell you they eat diet richest in fats. Yes, the population of France has not so healthy eating habits, yet they manage to have perfectly healthy weights and a healthy heart.

skiny french people

Don’t get me wrong if you have seen a French person who is really fat. Of course exceptions are always there but here we are talking in general. Their fitness is often associated with red wine. Red wine contains great proportions of resveratrol which is believed to gift these people a thin body and healthy weight. Resveratrol has been also proved to be responsible for low rates of heart disease in the French population compared to other populations.

This is what makes resveratrol famous. The next reason for which resveratrol is going to be acknowledged in near future is herpes. Herpes and resveratrol will be cited together everywhere.  And that day will be the beginning of the end of herpes. Once everyone knows the right path to deal with herpes, it will find no road to expand its territory. Won’t it be amazing?

Apart from treating herpes effectively, resveratrol also has some other benefits. It is a powerful Antioxidant. And if you don’t know it, let me tell you that antioxidants delay aging of your skin. Your skin will look young for longer if you use resveratrol. How to use it again is a big question that is going to be answered in a short while. First we will complete the list of all the benefits of resveratrol because they also contribute your decision.

Resveratrol has also been reported to save you from the killers of the times- diabetes, cancer and various heart diseases. For heart it is a gift, doesn’t matter you have herpes or not. Resveratrol can do everything for you starting form protecting the heart and circulatory system, lowering cholesterol, and protecting against clots which can cause heart attacks and stroke. You can say the key to a healthy heart is resveratrol. With all the benefits, even those who are not suffering from herpes will not be able to resist using resveratrol.

Herpes and Resveratrol- How Things Actually Work?

herpes victim

Think of natural treatment of herpes and resveratrol will be the first word that comes in the mind of all the herbalists who have something to do with herpes. The day patients will also be able to relate herpes and resveratrol will be the last of their sufferings.

Resveratrol has been known to fight infections for years now, but, its use for herpes infection is something not so old. You can say that herpes and resveratrol cannot stay together. If you choose to use resveratrol, herpes simplex virus will have no chance to bother you. Resveratrol can control herpes infection by helping the herpes patients in the following ways:

Resveratrol stops the replication of herpes virus: Whether it is herpes simplex type 1 or herpes simplex type 2, resveratrol can handle both. Once you start using resveratrol for herpes during the herpes outbreaks, the virus no more will be able not replicate or reproduce. No more reproduction means no new symptoms. Hence, you can control the symptoms of herpes and resveratrol is going to help you with this.

It reduces the recurrences of herpes outbreaks: Many of you might be having herpes outbreaks once in every six months, and others may be suffering from the recurrent herpes outbreaks once every month. This is a huge gap, isn’t it? With resveratrol, you can actually minimize the recurrences of herpes to almost nil. That needs your lifestyle to be healthy and your mind is required to be stress free to achieve the goal of herpes outbreak free life. Resveratrol is the major component, but it cannot do it all alone.

resveratrol drink and resveratrol supplement

Now you have seen that resveratrol can control or treat all the symptoms of herpes, you must be in a hurry to grab the product, right? But, hold on. You need to know the most important thing about herpes and resveratrol before you draw any conclusion. You have to use resveratrol as early in herpes outbreaks as possible. The earlier you use resveratrol, the better will be its effects.

It doesn’t mean the use of resveratrol in later stages of herpes outbreak is going to harm you, but it’s just that resveratrol will need more time to handle the situation then. So, use this natural gift as soon as you hear the herpes outbreak knocking your doors. How to use it now? Have a look at the ways you can use resveratrol and get rid of herpes.

How to Use Resveratrol For Herpes?

Now you know what is resveratrol and how much beneficial it can be for your body and herpes treatment. But, do you know about the types of resveratrol? There are two different types of resveratrol- trans and cis. “Trans” resveratrol is the natural form while “cis” is the artificially synthesized resveratrol. You can use either of them, but supplements are generally present in synthetic forms only.

You can either take resveratrol supplements daily in order to control the current herpes outbreaks, as well as prevent future herpes outbreaks. The dose can vary from person to person, but the general range should be between 200 mg a day. Rather than taking it at once, you can also split the dose in smaller parts of 100 mg and take it twice a day.

Topical application of Resveratrol

resveratrol for herpes outbreaks

Another way to use resveratrol is as a topical application on the painful, burning and itchy cold sores. You do not have any specific option of topical resveratrol, but you can easily obtain the natural goodness of resveratrol in grapefruit seed extract. Mix one part of grapefruit seed extract in 9 parts of water and apply on the cold sores directly with the help of cotton swab. Moreover, you can also get resveratrol supplements available in the market.

Precautions While Using Resveratrol

Resveratrol is free from any types of side effects and has a lot of health benefits, but you have to be careful if you lie in any of the following categories.

  • Patients who have blood disorders should consult their doctor first
  • If you have a surgery planned in near future, you should stop taking resveratrol two weeks before the date of the surgery.
  • Take resveratrol in very small amounts if you are pregnant or doing breastfeeding

Antiviral drugs mask the symptoms of herpes while resveratrol actually controls the virus itself. This creates a huge gap in the mode of working of antiviral drugs and resveratrol, and this gap is enough to make one the perfect cure for herpes. One more fact about herpes and resveratrol will surprise you for sure. Other treatment options give you loads of side effects under the pretext of curing herpes and resveratrol on the other hand gives many health benefits and nil side-effects. With other treatments for herpes, you get side effects free of cost and with resveratrol for herpes you are getting many health benefits for free.

resveratrol vs antivirals

Now I leave everything up to you. If you find resveratrol good enough, you can bring a major change in your life by incorporating it as a cure for herpes. The other option is- you can continue the way you have come so far. One thing I would add is- choose resveratrol for treating herpes and resveratrol will never disappoint you.

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