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Herpes Labialis – Is There a Need to be Scared??

herpes labialisHerpes labialis (oral herpes) is nothing but the same reoccurring cold sores that ruin your face very now and then. It is another name for the same fluid filled blisters that bind you to stay and home and miss your work for a couple of days. Herpes labialis is the complex name for a complex disease- oral herpes. Caused by the infection with herpes simplex virus type 1, herpes labialis is a life long infection millions of people of United States suffer from. Yes, you are not the only one in this world to get oral herpes or herpes labialis, but there are many out there. Herpes labialis results in reoccurring cold sores usually appearing on the part above the abdomen. The most common site of infection is mouth and face; however the virus can attack you at any part of your body, and the same place will be filled with rash like sores which turn into fluid filled blisters at later stage.

Herpes labialis is highly contagious and the ease of transmission makes it even more dangerous and dreadful. It is said that herpes labialis, in fact any type of herpes infection cannot be cured and you can only do efforts to treat the symptoms because of the nature of the causative organism. The herpes simplex virus not only hides deep into the nerve cells, but if you manage to find it somehow, it knows how to protect it from any attack inside human body. This makes any type of infection caused by the herpes simplex virus incurable. As we are talking about herpes labialis, herpes labialis treatment also becomes impossible due to the same reason. Although more than half of the population suffers from outbreaks more than once in their life time, there are still many who carry the same virus into them ad die without even noticing it. Further, we’ll be moving towards the ways to achieve herpes labialis treatment to some considerable extent, as complete cure is not available yet. But, before moving ahead, let’s have a look on its symptoms and way of transmission.

Symptoms of herpes labialis

The symptoms of herpes labialis are commonly seen on the skin of body parts above the abdomen. However it is not necessary that it will only affect the upper half of your body. Several studies have shown that oral herpes or herpes labialis can also develop sores in the genitals as well. Hence nothing can be concluded, but in general we can say it is oral herpes if we see some sores or fluid filled blisters on our face.

  • Continuous itching, unstoppable tingling and the redness associated with colds sores are some of the very common problems with patients of herpes labialis.
  • The symptoms of herpes labialis on the skin are red spots, rash like sores, fluid filled blisters and inflammation in the skin. But it is not merely a skin infection and also affects other functioning of your body.
  • You may start feeling physically weak, and feel tired all the time without doing much work.
  • Vomiting or nauseous feeling are the other two very common symptoms of herpes labialis.
  • Apart from this you might wake up with high fever on the day an outbreak is going to hit you.

These were the physical and skin symptoms of herpes labialis but there is one more part that is severely affected by the infection, and that is your brain. Herpes labialis is not that powerful, not at all life threatening, and also cannot hurt you much physically. But the mental nuisance it can create is unimaginable.

  • The herpes simplex virus can eat up your self confidence, sense of pride and everything else that make you feel good about yourself.
  • It can lead to constant feeling of guilt and self blame if you do not understand the fact that it is just an infection. The physical symptoms are not that much severe, and if at all you suffer from something serious due to herpes, it can be taken care of with antivirals, but if you are mentally affected by the virus, no medicine can heal you.

Considering all these facts, it is now clear that mental herpes labialis treatment is far more necessary than the physical herpes labialis treatment.

If you have already passed through this stage once, the subsequent outbreaks will be less severe. Turn after turn the herpes simplex virus will not produce much disturbance in your body if you are lucky enough. And if you are not so lucky, herpes labialis can be a life long medical condition for you.

How is it transmitted?

Herpes labialis is not a life threatening disease, but the rate at which the herpes virus is spreading is unbelievable. This is because it requires no specific medium to travel from the body of an infected person to an uninfected body. Although the transmission cannot occur through air, the small things like tooth brush, towel, and utensils can become the channel for transmission. Of course herpes simplex virus is transmitted by kissing the infected person through saliva, but there are other common mediums of transmission too.

  • You can get the herpes labialis infection by touching the cold sores of the infected person.
  • Also it is possible that you get the virus if you eat in the same plate, or use a common spoon.
  • Sharing your tooth brush is really like a sin if anyone around you is suffering from herpes.
  • The transmission can rarely take place by some common entities in the household like towel or hanky.

The ease with which herpes simplex virus is transmitted makes it almost impossible for someone to prevent himself from getting infected and if you talk about herpes labialis treatment, nobody knows how long you have to wait yet.

herpes treatment

Can you prevent the herpes infection?

You cannot completely prevent the virus from entering in your body, not even with the help of vaccination, but you can minimize the chances with the help of some precautionary measures. More than half of the population is carrying the herpes simplex virus in their bodies and next can be anyone around you. It is not the fault of the carrier and neither it is in the hands of the new host to prevent the infection by spreading. But with the present rate of transmission, if we still cannot control it, the virus will become ubiquitous in a couple of years. At one time we are saying that it is not possible to prevent the transmission, and at other times we are telling you to do something to prevent the infection, confusing enough, right?

  • See those who are infected must know how to manage the symptoms so that they do not give it to somebody else, and those who are still lucky must know how to avoid taking the virus.
  • Apart from this the most important thing is to be open about your infection so that these two things become easy. If not to everybody, you must tell that you are infected to all those who are really close to you so that you can save them from the herpes labialis.

It is very difficult to avoid the transmission of herpes labialis, but, until and unless we get some herpes labialis treatment option, this is a matter of high concern. With genital herpes, this is not the case as you only have to take precautions with you partner with whom who are sexually engaged. But herpes labialis can be transmitted to friends. A three month old little girl was infected by herpes virus. The virus entered into the infant’s body when some visitor kissed her. That one kiss proved to be fatal for her and she barely escaped death. This explains everything about the transmission of herpes, how one simple act can take your life somewhere else.

Treatment for herpes labialis

You must be sick and tired of hearing that there is no cure for herpes labialis, but this is incomplete truth. Every kind of news related to herpes spreads on the internet very fast but nobody tries to check the authenticity and truthfulness of the information. The same holds true for herpes labialis as well. There are more myths than facts on the internet for herpes labialis. Especially for treatment you will find a dozens of methods claiming to be the most effective, but hardly any one of them will work for you. Here we have discussed all the types of herpes labialis treatment methods available along with the advantages and disadvantages of using them. This way you can choose the best treatment to deal with herpes labialis. Some of these are instantly effective and you will feel the difference as soon as you use them, but the side effects make them less worthy. Others are slow in showing the results but are good in preserving your long term health. Because herpes labialis is a lifelong infection and you might have to take treatment for entire life if your outbreaks are really difficult to deal with, it is important that you pay attention to each and every aspect of all the herpes labialis treatment methods and then settle for what is best for you.

  • Topical treatment for herpes labialis

You need some sort of topical treatments if you want to get rid of the cold sores that always occur due to herpes labialis outbreaks. Although there are antivirals and we can control the cold sores by controlling the virus internally, the damage that has already been done to the skin must be healed soon in order to make you feel better. You can get rid of the cold sores only by killing the virus on the surface of your skin, and this can be done with the help of some topical treatments. You have two options to choose from in this mode of herpes labialis treatment. Either you can apply the ointments that are available on health stores or you can make a topical treatment of your own. Wait, it is not that difficult and you do not have to mix some chemicals to make it.

You just need aloe vera gel. This gel can be a good replacement for the topical ointments loaded with chemicals. You can treat your oral herpes with this natural gel without harming your skin. If you want to know more about aloe vera gel and herpes, click here. If you do not have natural aloe vera gel, you can try simple home made products like ice cubes or used tea bags to perform the herpes labilias treatment. By using these natural methods, you can actually save your tender skin from the torture of chemicals and drugs. Actually using ointments is not a good idea because while acting on the virus they also kill the healthy cells of your body. With natural topical treatments of herpes labialis, this is not the case. Ultimately the choice is yours and you can go for any one of them.

  • Antiviral treatment for herpes labialis

Apart from healing what has come out on skin, there is an urgent need to control the virus that is multiplying into your body. If you only take steps to treat the skin infection, the internal viral outbreak will once again erupt on the skin at some other part of your body, or it will not let the same sores heal. The antivirals will help you in getting herpes labialis treatment along with providing the instant relief. Some of the very common medicines approved by FDA for herpes patients are acyclovir, famicyclovir and valtrex. You can take any of the three as all are just the same. Only difference is in the way they get absorbed in our bodies. These drugs are instant in showing effect, and you will start feeling better in a short duration of time after taking these. But the day you stop taking a pill during an outbreak, your condition will be the same again. Apart from this, antiviral therapy has some temporary and permanent side effects that are not good for your long term health. Some of these are depression, anxiety, fatigue, nausea and kidney problems. Read more to know more about the effects and side-effects of antiviral medications on herpes and sufferers.

antiviral treatment for herpes

If you are okay with the long list of side effects, this can be herpes labialis treatment for you. Some of the herpes labialis patients take the help of antivirals occasionally and others make it a routine of taking one antiviral everyday. This way they can prevent any outbreak in future and also are less likely to become transmitters but this act can land them in trouble for their overall health. Over and above that taking antivirals everyday is a burden not only on your health but also on your pocket as the cost is not too low. In case you are a health freak and want to live a happy and long life, this surely is not the way you should follow to pursue herpes labialis treatment. Don’t worry we have some other amazing alternatives for you people.

  • Herpes labialis homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy is famous because this is a science that never treats the disease in a person but the person in disease. The approach used by homeopathy makes it a suitable cure for herpes labialis. As this condition is not confined to physical ailments, you need some extra treatment for your mental issues too. You need a treatment that is not only less harmful for you but also can take care of everything that is going on in your body due to herpes labialis. Homeopathic treatment can be the herpes labialis treatment for you if you are really disturbed and do not know how to handle the fact that you have herpes. If you suffer from anxiety and cannot sleep for nights because of the thought of getting an outbreak the next morning, trust me you need medical attention before the virus affects your self esteem and destroys your social presence. There are many homeopathic remedies with the help of which you can recover from both physical and mental sufferings. Many homeopathic remedies have been known to cure herpes labialis. Some of these are – Natrum mur, Petroleum Causticum, Crot-t, Dulcamara, Graphites, Hepar-sulph, Medorrhinum, Merc-sol, Sepia, Tellurium, Thuja, Anancardium, Aur-met, Calcarea, Crot-h, Jug-r, Nit-ac, Ph-ac, Sars, Sil, Ter, Rhus-tox.  Consult a homeopathic practitioner and take the right prescription if you think homeopathic mode of herpes labialis treatment is beneficial for you.

  • Natural treatment methods

This is the real, harmless and most effective mode of herpes labialis treatment- natural treatment. Not only one or two, but you will get more than sufficient methods of treating herpes labialis in this category. Nature in itself contains some beautiful healing properties. These properties were the secret behind long and healthy lives of human beings in the age deprived of medicines. If you look at the average age of people then and now, you will understand the role and outcomes of medicines in our lives. Herpes labialis is also one of those diseases for which nature contains the best solution.

Natural Herpes RemediesSome herbs like licorice root, dandelion extract or aloe vera can be used for herpes labialis treatment anytime. They give equal results if not better than antiviral treatment. For a wise man, health is the top priority. And for a better health, natural treatment of herpes labialis is the only option. With natural treatment for herpes labialis you know what you are doing and what is going into your body. In addition to this, your body also knows how to absorb natural things better. Hence you can use the extract made up of natural herbs, or some kind of natural oil to treat the symptoms of herpes labialis. The list of natural treatment options for oral herpes or herpes labialis treatment is long, but some of the very common methods include

  • Drinking the licorice root’s extract
  • Applying coconut oil on the sores’ affected skin and also consuming some in one or the other way
  • Reducing the pain and redness of the skin with ice cubes
  • Soaking in warm water
  • Drinking dandelion’s root extract
  • Adding manuka honey to your diet
  • Using olive oil to treat herpes labialis naturally

You can use any of the methods as all of them are equally beneficial and no one has side effects on your body, neither in near future nor in long run. Read more to know more about the natural remedies for herpes cure.

Herpes labialis needs a cure, the holistic cure which can take away all the pain and sufferings of herpes patients. The herpes labialis treatment which has all the elements a suffering and depressed herpes patient needs. No medicine till date has been made to deal with both the physical and mental issues that a herpes patient goes through.

Despite of rise in the educational standards and standard of living, the notion about herpes is just the same. Herpes patients will get relief only when they have a permanent cure for herpes in hand, or the society starts taking herpes as only and infection and not a crime. Either of the two things can do magical changes in the lives of herpes patients, and anything less than that is just too small to wait for. Every now and then you see some news about the treatment of herpes labialis and genital herpes treatment, but nothing concrete is found if you look deeper into them. Everyone is waiting but the wait will only be over if any one of the two things discussed above happens. Till then what you can do is follow the precautionary measures and use the treatment method that is least harmful for you in long run. Focus not on what caused you get this virus, but on to minimizing the frequency of outbreaks of herpes labialis.

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