Herbal Tea For Herpes – Can Herbal Tea Cure Herpes ?

Herbal Tea for Herpes – Can Herbal Tea Cure Herpes?

It sounds unbelievable that sipping tea can treat an infection like herpes but this is true up to a great extent. Herpes is a complex infection and in order to fight against such a formidable nemsis you need to be equipped with the most powerful weapon – knowledge which is genuine and complete. You will realize once you have the right & thorough knowledge about every dimension of herpes that it becomes easier to fight it. Our website aims to enable you with all the information you need regarding herpes treatment. And today we are going to talk about herbal tea for herpes which has the ability to cure your herpes infection to a good extent.  If you are thinking about the typical tea with sugar, hold on. That’s not the case. You can cure herpes but, only with the help of herbal tea.

What is a Herbal Tea ?

What is herbal tea? Herbal tea is a tea made up of herbs. We don’t have to add herbs to our normal tea but actually make a different type of tea. Tea is aqueous extraction of herbs and it depends on you which type of herb you are choosing. Herbal tea is an effective solution for avoiding any type of skin diseases. For treating pain and itching arising due to herpes, herbal teas, like lemon, ginger, cinnamon, and chamomile are very effective. For treating herpes, you have so many other options as well, like: Echinacea, lemon balm, licorice root, goldenseal and so on. Let us see some the most effective herbal tea for herpes.

Herbal Tea for Herpes

Valerian Root Tea For Herpes

Valerian root tea for herpes

Are you very much stressed out due to frequent herpes outbreaks? Is your herpes infection not letting you sleep peacefully even during night. Those sleepless nights can affect your health even more adversely. You take too much of stress because you are infected with herpes and the outbreaks are not leaving you. This is understandable up to certain extent, but do you know what the outcomes of this are? You will experience herpes outbreaks even more frequently. Yes, stress, lack of sleep and restlessness are some of the main triggers of herpes. To break this cycle you can use valerian root’s tea. It is an herbal tea for herpes that can help you in getting your sleep; peace and rest back with the use of valerian root’s tea.

herbal tea for herpes

You can make this herbal tea for herpes at home, but the right method is must to preserve all the health benefits.

  • Take a kettle and add 2 grams of valerian root’s powder to it.
  • Immediately pour boiling water to the kettle.
  • Cover it with a lid and let it steep for about 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes, remove the lid; strain the loose leaves and your cup of herbal tea for herpes is ready.

You can even use valerian capsules or pre bagged valerian instead of making the loose leaf tea. You can drink this herbal tea for herpes treatment twice everyday. Even when you don’t have outbreaks, you can have it daily as it is very beneficial for enhancing overall health.

Burdock Root Tea For Herpes

Burdock root tea for herpes

This is the most amazing herbal tea for herpes among all because apart from herpes, it has the abilities to fight with diabetes, cancer, skin disorders. It also has a major role to play in the detoxification of blood and is loaded with anti oxidants.

You can make burdock root’s tea with the help of dried or fresh burdock root. You can get the fresh burdock root from your nearby health store. Peel and slice the root as you do with carrot. Either you can eat it fresh or can make herbal tea for herpes treatment.

The best way to make burdocks herbal tea for herpes is to use dried roots. You may get dried burdock root’s powder, or even tincture to solve your problem. Follow the same procedure for making tea. Boil the powder for about fifteen minutes and let it cool down afterwards. Read more to know details about the benefits of burdock root tea for herpes.

Echinacea Herbal Tea For Herpes

Echinacea, have you ever heard about it? If you are a nature lover, you might have come across this name. Actually Echinacea is a plant that is rich in anti-viral properties. It is an enemy for all the viruses, and I hope you know that herpes also is a viral infection. So Echinacea herbal tea for herpes treatment is the perfect tea due to the anti viral properties present in it.

echinacea tea for herpes

Apart from treating herpes, the herbal tea for herpes sufferers is beneficial in many other respects. Echinacea is capable of enhancing the immune system as well as curing herpes. Once you have a strong immune system, you will in no way become a victim of herpes virus. Strong immune system is the only thing that can save you from the severe and frequent attacks of herpes virus.

Herbal herpes cure try to let the body heal itself by just giving it the required ingredients, exactly the same is done by Echinacea herbal tea for herpes sufferers. All parts of Echinacea plant, namely flowers, leaves, and roots are beneficial and can be used for healing herpes anytime. It can be consumed in the form of tea, juices, or pills. Avoid pills and go for herbal tea for herpes treatment with Echinacea because it will be more natural and more beneficial.

Lemon Balm Tea For Herpes

Lemon balm tea is used by herpes patients as it can influence the mood of herpes patients and reduce anxiety. These two are very common mental symptoms of herpes which are often overlooked by doctors and researchers. Stress triggers herpes outbreaks by suppressing the immune system. This fact makes it clear that it is very important to control stress if you want to suppress the dormant herpes virus. So try to avoid dwelling on the stressful implications of your outbreak.

Lemon balm tea for herpes

If you are too much restless or stressed, make sure you take the help of herbal tea of lemon balm. Lemon balm tea is a tasty choice for those seeking the medicinal assistance of this herbal tea for herpes. The flavor of lemon balm herbal tea is both lemony and minty, so you will not find it that bad. It is recommended to every herpes patient to drink a cup of lemon balm tea several times daily if they currently are suffering from herpes outbreaks. It is not only helpful in treating herpes, but also a health booster. While treating herpes, you can also improve you immunity as well as overall health. Want to know more about lemon balm and herpes? Click here…

Goldenseal Tea For Herpes

Goldenseal is the lesser known herbal tea for herpes treatment, but it is also the most effective one. The major components of goldenseal- Berberine and hydrastine are the reason behind making it a hidden tool to cure herpes. It has been proved several times that berberine in goldenseal has antibiotic, immune strengthening and anticancer properties.

goldenseal for herpes

There are many ways of using goldenseal too, out of which herbal tea is my favorite. It can be taken internally as tea or applied topically in powder or tincture form. You can avail the benefits of this medicinal herb to treat herpes in many ways. To make the herbal tea for herpes treatment with goldenseal, you can boil the powder for 10 minutes and drink a cup of this tea daily. Read more to know details about goldenseal for herpes.

Licorice Root Herbal Tea For Herpes

Licorice root too can be used to make herbal tea for herpes treatment. Most of the therapeutic properties of licorice root are due to Glycyrrhizin. It is Glycyrrhizin that makes licorice root such a valuable herb. The anti-inflammatory effect of Glycyrrhizin reduces the pain and inflammation in the skin arising due to cold sores during herpes outbreak. Apart from Glycyrrhizin, there is one more such component- flavonoid. As far as herpes in concerned, it is a component that assist licorice root in healing the herpes cold sores faster. Also, this nutrient group is really large with many health enhancing benefits, it also affects the immunity resulting in fewer outbreaks of herpes.

licorice root for herpes

Drinking the tea made up of licorice root’s powder is one to use licorice root in herpes while applying the extract of licorice root on the cold sores is another way. Talking about herpes, licorice root not only treats the present infection, but also make sure that in near future the herpes simplex never dares to activate. You can hence use licorice root as a replacement to the expensive suppressive therapy your doctor puts you on.

The best way to make the licorice root’s herbal tea for herpes is to boil some licorice root’s powder in a cup of water for a few minutes and then drink it after it cools down. Doing so will make the herpes simplex virus living in your body weak, and it will not be able to result in more cold sores on your tender skin. Apart from treating oral and genital herpes internally, you have another important advantage of drinking the licorice root’s tea. This advantage is immunity boosting. Read more to know details about the benefits of licorice roots for herpes.

Dandelion Root Tea For Herpes

Dandelion root’s herbal tea for herpes treatment is one of the most commonly used herbal teas for herpes. Dandelion root’s herbal tea for herpes works for herpes sufferers because it contains a chemical which helps a lot in curing genital herpes. The milky sap of dandelion is applied externally to reduce virus prone cell proliferation. This latex type sap is taken from the roots, and also stems or leaves of the dandelion herb.

dandelion root tea for herpes

You can either use the milky sap directly if it is possible, or can also go for the most convenient method- prepare dandelion root’s herbal tea for herpes. You can get the sap from root or even the stem. You simple have to apply it on the genitals where the sores have broken out of the skin. It would be better if you continue to apply it for a few more days after the genital sores disappear because it will seal the way of herpes completely. The herpes virus will not attack you again in near future.

The other way is to make herbal tea for herpes treatment. This tea can be used by both- oral as well as genital herpes patients. Boil dandelion’s root powder in a cup of water and drink this herbal tea for herpes treatment. In addition to the treatment of herpes, this herbal tea also contains Vitamin A, C and K. all these are helpful in enhancing your overall health.

Peppermint tea For Herpes

United States alone is responsible for producing 75% of the world’s supply of peppermint. And in this abundance only we have herpes patients too. Peppermint is 3ft tall plant and usually grows in North American, Asian and European regions. It has beautiful light purple colored flowers too.

peppermint tea for herpes

Peppermint itself is known for the amazing medicinal benefits that the small plant carries. Peppermint leaves, which are used for making the herbal tea for herpes patients contains numerous minerals and essential nutrients like iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium and calcium. So, you can assess by this how much beneficial peppermint herbal tea herpes is?

Making peppermint also is not that difficult. You can choose from the three options very conveniently available- dried leaves of peppermint, fresh leaves or tea bags. Tea bags of course is the most instant and handy method. Preparing peppermint tea is also quite easy if you find peppermint tea bags at your nearby store. Dip the tea bags in boiling water and sip the tea.

If you go with the dried leaves of peppermint to make the herbal tea for herpes treatment, you can do so very easily. Add two teaspoons of dried leaves of peppermint to boiling water. Let it boil for five more minutes and drink after it cools down to appropriate temperature. You can drink it twice every day to reduce the chances of suffering from herpes outbreaks.

The Blended Herbal Tea For Herpes Treatment

blended herbal tea for herpes

If you are confused with so many amazing herbal teas for herpes, I have a fantastic idea for you. Why to limit yourself to the goodness of only one herbal tea for herpes treatment? Take four parts of dried dandelion root, 2 parts of Echinacea powder and only one part of dried burdock root. In 3 cups of water boil these three herbs for about fifteen minutes. Strain the leaves or root and drink the solution hence formed. This is the most powerful herbal tea for herpes treatment. You can drink it twice daily to get bets results.

Benefits of Using Natural Herbs

Increased immunity and an overall healthier state of being can easily be achieved with continued natural treatment of herpes, especially with herbal tea for herpes. Herbal tea for herpes utilizes the body’s natural healing process for treating conditions.

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