Heal The Nasty Herpes Outbreaks With Clove Oil For Herpes


Time To Cure Irritating Herpes Outbreaks With Clove Oil for Herpes

Are you suffering from herpes? The answer to this question is quite difficult and even if you have been suffering from the infection since ages, you will not find it comfortable to answer. This is because of the stigma associated with herpes. And the threat and stigma is a result of the fact that herpes is incurable. You might have heard that herpes is incurable almost everyday from the day you were diagnosed with herpes. But, have you ever thought about the reason? Is herpes simplex virus so much dangerous that it cannot be killed by anything? I don’t think so. Herpes is just a sexually transmitted infection and herpes simplex is the virus that causes the infection. This is just another type of infection and it is not life threatening. Yes, it is projected as a very dangerous and horrible condition that is brought on you by God, but trust me, it is not. Herpes is not at all dangerous and is manageable as long as you don’t allow the virus enter into your mind.

No, herpes simplex virus cannot really enter into your brain, but yes, it can virtually affect your confidence, optimism, and mental peace. And all this is more than enough to ruin your life as well as relationships, isn’t it? All these are the problems associated with herpes and every herpes patient is aware about them, but what is the solution? Is there any cure for herpes? Is there something that can solve the greatest mystery of your life- herpes? If there is a problem, there is a solution as well. For herpes also, nature has gifted us with the perfect solution in the form of clove oil. Clove oil for herpes is the recent discussion on the internet and among the herpes patients. Everyone related directly or indirectly to herpes today is curious to know about the relation between clove oil and herpes.


Are you also one of those herpes patients who just want to know- can clove oil cure herpes? If yes, you will get the perfect and reliable answer backed by facts in the coming sections of the article. We will today talk about the amazing role of clove oil in herpes treatment, but before that we will tell you what clove oil actually is and how it is useful for human health. You know your enemy quite well, but to win the battle, it is equally important to familiarize yourself with the tools you would use for the fight. After that we will discuss in detail the ways in which you can use clove oil for herpes. In case you have decided to turn completely natural, you will also get the process of extracting oil from clove in the coming sections. But before that, you must know everything about the amazing herbal oil and its healing power.

What is Clove Oil – Know It Before Using Clove Oil As Herpes Cure

Clove oil is the essential oil extracted from the plant of clove, native to Malucca islands and a commonly used spice in Asian countries. If we look back in the history, clove is among the very first spices that were traded and used for medicinal purposes. You will be surprised to know that the evidences of the use of clove are found as far back as 1721 BC. All the civilizations including ancient Romans, Chinese and Asians used clove in some form at some point of time. Along with nutmeg, cloves were one of the most precious spices of the 16th and 17th century, and control of them spurred expeditions as well as wars. In fact, the Dutch wanted a monopoly on cloves, so they went about destroying clove trees that sprouted up anywhere outside of their control. Thankfully no monopoly has ever lasted forever and there was an end to this thought too. Soon, clove and its products like clove oil were being used all around the world. History also tells us that clove oil was one of the main essential oils that protected people from getting the Bubonic Plague in Europe. So, you also can trust clove oil for herpes easily as it has been tested and tried for years now.


Health Benefits of Clove Oil

Because of its high antioxidant count and eugenol levels, clove is also known as the ultimate “protective” herb. And clove oil inherits all the goodness of this herb only. So, you are lucky to have such a magnificent oil in your life, not only because it can kill herpes, but because of several other reasons. Let us have a look at all the health issues which we can easily resolve with the help of clove oil and to start with let us take acne. Acne is the most annoying and unwanted skin problem of the decade, almost every other teenager is struggling to get a flawless skin and they find it toughest to get rid of acne despite the presence of so many cosmetic and medicinal treatments present in the market. If you talk about the medicinal benefits of clove oil, the first one would definitely be acne treatment. Even before people started talking about clove oil for herpes, there were many who used this essential oil to get rid of acne.

Yes, now you have a new, natural and effective cure for acne. Apart from dealing with acne, clove oil is also an excellent killer of parasites and fungus growing anywhere on your body. Several studies show that clove oil is as effective as nystatin in curing any infection born out of fungal growth. This might be something new to you, but maximum percentage of people who have ever used clove oil know that clove oil is great for gums. The use of clove oil for herpes is recently in news, but gum problems are something which has made clove oil famous. The well-known remedy of using clove oil for toothaches was first documented in 1640 in the French “Practice of Physic”. At that time they might not have had the proof for the effectiveness, but today we have a concrete proof. A study published in 2006 by The Journal of Dentistry proved that clove essential oil had the same numbing effect as benzocaine, a topical agent commonly used before needle insertion. After this report clove oil was literally worshiped by those who had severe gum problems.


Benefits of Clove Oil in Herpes

Till now you have observed several general benefits, but it’s time to tell you how clove oil for herpes treatment is effective. Clove oil is anti-infectant in nature. It makes it impossible for any parasite to grow on or inside your body. This property makes it an enemy of herpes simplex virus. Also, clove oil for herpes treatment has a role in controlling the secondary infections hitting the cold sores. If you use clove oil for herpes treatment, your cold sores will heal faster. And because of the natural anti inflammatory properties, the pain on skin affected by cold sores will also subside.

This way you can deal with the most annoying symptoms of herpes- cold sores using clove oil. Clove oil for herpes treatment is the best gift for your skin because it not only fights with cold sores effectively, but it does so naturally while keeping your skin safe. You will get your normal skin back as soon as the cold sores disappear. And this is the property of clove oil that is making herpes patients fall in love with clove oil for herpes.

How to Use Clove Oil for Herpes Treatment?


You can apply clove oil three times a day on the skin affected by cold sores. The sooner you start the use of clove oil on cold sores, the faster you will get rid of the menace. There are many patients who prefer preparing the natural remedies at home. It has its own advantages and is considered the best provided you have time to prepare it. In case you are a bit busy, you must cherish the fact that there are many companies that deal in these herbal products.

With the increase in demand for the herbal products like clove oil for herpes, there are many manufacturers who have started producing these natural products. You can buy and use them as you would do with any medicine. This is a huge step and it is encouraging people who previously could not use the natural products for healing because they had short of time or knowledge. You can choose either of the two options according to your convenience as any of them would be better than the antiviral medicines.

All the antiviral medicines are some modification in the previous version. It is just the brand that manufactures the medicine or the packs that has changed over time. Previously the antiviral medicines were capable of suppressing the symptoms of infections, and even today, all the medicines are restricted to this level of cure only. In the last decades, the healing power of the medicines is constant and the prices have grown up exponentially. And even if we leave the money part, the side effects of medicines have recently become a topic of debate. Since then, millions of people who were busy taking antiviral medicines for herpes treatment have taken a step towards natural treatments.


Natural treatments might look new to you, but in reality this is the oldest method of healing and curing. Even before the medicines and antibiotics were discovered, our ancestors used nature as a guard against various health issues. And to your surprise, let me tell you that those generations lived a healthy and long life. Some blame medicines for all the health hazards; others have no interest in thinking about the side effects of the allopathic medicines. Since your health is going to be affected, the ultimate decision should also be yours. If you are daring enough to ignore all the possible side effects of the expensive antiviral drugs, you can get a brand new soon. But if you have a serious concern about your health, go ahead and try clove oil for herpes.


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