Goldenseal For Herpes – Cure Herpes Outbreaks With Goldenseal

goldenseal for herpes

Goldenseal For Herpes – Is Goldenseal Changing the Scenario For Herpes Virus?

Living with herpes is no more the same because of the recent invention in the field of herpes cure, and this is the news of the decade for all those who have been dreaming of herpes cure day and night. Herpes was a nightmare till the discovery of the role of goldenseal in herpes. Goldenseal is an herbal plant that has been known in the history as a plant that can cure everything. Well, we are not sure about everything, but goldenseal for herpes can really do some magic. What magic is it? Can goldenseal cure herpes and if yes, how? Today we will talk about the most promising cure of the decade- goldenseal as herpes cure.

Herpes is a sexually transmitted infection which spreads through the transmission of herpes simplex virus from one body to another. This infection has been in the picture since ages, but recently, the stigma and the rate at which the number of herpes patients is increasing has caused everyone to panic. It is observed that every 1 out of 6 Americans have had some type of herpes. Many live their lives and die with herpes simplex virus without realizing that they actually had it. This can be possible if they had mild symptoms of herpes, or had no symptoms at all. Apart from this class of people, we have all others struggling with the embarrassing cold sores and painful episodes of herpes outbreaks. For some the frequency of herpes outbreak is low, and for some unlucky people they have to deal with herpes almost every other month.

Is taking Antiviral Medications Enough?

antivirals medicines for herpes

We take help of antiviral medicines and think that this would be enough. But if this were enough, from where would the herpes simplex virus get a chance to hit you again? You might not have thought about it, but your role in determining your health is more than just spending a few dollars. Purchasing medicines when you need them is not all you can do to take care for your body and to get rid of herpes. For any temporary infection it is alright because anyhow you are going to get away from the situation soon, but if it is herpes, you have to think beyond antiviral medicines. Now you must be thinking, “what can be better than antivirals?” Friends, allopathic medicines have so many side effects that they are on the last in the list of healing sciences for those who really care for their bodies.

Yes, we have nature and natural products like goldenseal and Echinacea that are known to be healers since ages. We might have stopped believing in natural cure, but even medicines are based of these. More than 40 allopathic medicines in Canada contain goldenseal. This speaks of the abilities of goldenseal for herpes. And this is just one example of just one country. Most of the earlier people believed that goldenseal could heal every pain, all the infections and every health problem. Even today we use goldenseal to improve our overall health and some common health issues. But the new fact reveals that we can use goldenseal in herpes cure as well. And this is going to change the lives of all those who had continuously been playing with their health by relying on antiviral medicines.

goldenseal for herpes

In the past, our ancestors used goldenseal for treating various skin disorders, ulcers, fevers, and other such day to day problems. These days we have seen people using goldenseal as a dietary supplement to improve immunity and strength, and it also is used as an herbal cure for infections like cold and other respiratory tract infections, allergic rhinitis, normal fever and hay fever and ulcers. Some even use this magnificent natural product to address their stomach and digestion related problems. With so many uses we at least don’t have to bother about the safety of the product. Herpes and goldenseal have been linked together many times in the past, but with all the recent studies pointing towards the effectiveness of goldenseal in herpes, the minor doubt is also clear. Now, we can happily declare that yes, goldenseal cures herpes.

home remedies for herpes

You will get this information on many other websites too, but with us, you will get every minor detail about goldenseal and herpes, how can you use goldenseal as herpes cure, and what is the role of goldenseal in herpes cure. Telling you goldenseal as herpes cure actually works is easy, but that won’t be enough for motivating you. Why should you believe us? You would believe that goldenseal cure herpes once you know how it does it. And only then you will move one step closer to the ultimate aim of your life- curing herpes.

Goldenseal in Herpes

You might have seen goldenseal being used for any other health problem, but how it helps in herpes is still a question. Nothing new has been added to the herb and the chemical composition is the same. It is just that we didn’t know that goldenseal as a herpes cure is the end of the years of research. It took us time to search for the dream of millions of Americans in the right direction. And now we have in hand the most awaited cure- goldenseal for herpes. Goldenseal can fight the herpes infection by not letting the herpes virus replicate.

enhanced immunity

Apart from this goldenseal is an excellent and unmatchable immunity enhancer. It raises the immunity of the body and help the human beings to stay healthy and disease free. Have you ever wondered what makes you suffer from herpes outbreaks quite frequently when your friend is living an almost normal life even after being infected by the same virus? It is immunity. If you have stronger immunity, any disease including herpes will have to cross many barriers, and even if the virus enters into your body, with a strong immunity, your body will not be a favorable place for it to live in. Yes, herpes simplex virus and other diseases like bacterial infections, stomach problems, fever etc will no more trouble you frequently if you use goldenseal for herpes.

How to Use Goldenseal in Herpes?

Goldenseal in herpes can be used in more than just one way. Depending on the availability, you can either use it in the form of the herb, or combine the oral and topical application to make sure the herpes virus finds no way to affect you. Let us see the most effective ways to use goldenseal for herpes. 

Goldenseal in herpes cure as tea

goldenseal tea

Drinking tea is one of my favorite activities and I cannot control it even when I know that too much of tea is not healthy. But I had a solution when I got to know that we have goldenseal herbal tea available in the market. I started suing it once everyday, and today, I drink only this herbal tea. You also can use the tea made up of goldenseal for herpes cure. This is the easiest way to improve your health and get rid of herpes with goldenseal.

You just have to get the tea bags of goldenseal and use the tea of goldenseal for herpes twice everyday. This will reduce the intensity of symptoms and also the duration of herpes outbreaks.

Tablets and capsules of goldenseal for herpes

Although using natural powder of the herb is recommended, in case you want to use it in measurable quantity, you can also get the tablets and capsules of goldenseal. People take them for various reasons; they are tablets, still they won’t have any side effect.

Liquid extract

goldenseal extract for herpes

Liquid extract of goldenseal is also available. Some use it for immunity enhancing, and you can use it for dealing with herpes. This extract contains all the goodness of goldenseal and also is extremely easy to use. Unlike tea, you have to be a bit careful about the amount of goldenseal for herpes you can use. For liquid herbal extracts, a typical recommended dosage is 2 milliliters (40 drops) in 2 ounces of water. You can also mix the same in juice and drink. You can use the extract of goldenseal for herpes thrice everyday.


This is a way you can use goldenseal topically on the cold sores. Applying the powder of goldenseal on cold sores helps them in disappearing faster and your skin will look like normal soon. You just have to take a small amount of dried powder of goldenseal herb. Apply this powder directly on the fluid filled blisters with the help of a cotton swab or just sprinkle it with a pinch. Let the sores absorb the powder for a few minutes and then wash the area.

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Goldenseal for herpes works great in both types of herpes- oral herpes as well as genital herpes. You can use it in difficult situations when the sores are inside your mouth. Here you cannot apply any ointment and hence you have one more benefit of using goldenseal for herpes. It can be used as a mouthwash for sores inside the gums and as eyewash for eye inflammation in case of eye herpes.

These were the ways to use goldenseal for herpes. You can choose a suitable method according to the site of infection. The dosages recommended may vary as different brands selling these natural products may have varying specifications. Depending on which goldenseal product you purchase, make sure to read the label for each brand’s and adjust the doses accordingly. Goldenseal for herpes is free from side effects but it should not be taken by a woman who is either pregnant or breastfeeding her baby. Goldenseal is not considered safe for infants and hence to be on the safe side, these two classes of women should avoid its use. Apart from this, you should not use goldenseal for herpes or for any other reason continuously for more than three weeks. If you are using it as suppressive therapy in herpes, either talk to your doctor or just take it in alternate weeks.

goldenseal in herpes

If you follow the above stated instructions and religiously take goldenseal for herpes, I am sure you also will live a herpes outbreak free life just like many other people of the United States.

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