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Make Dealing With Herpes Easier via Geranium Oil for Herpes….

Recently, the use of essential oils against herpes was one of the most discussed topics and everybody was talking about some or the other oil used in kitchen. Do you think any of these oils is effective enough to try? You might have also tried a few by now. Did you get the results matching to your expectations? Well, essential oils have a role to play in dealing with herpes, but for dealing with an infection like herpes holistically, you need a real medicinal essential oil. An oil that has strong medicinal and antiviral properties with which the nasty herpes virus can be defeated. Yes the commonly used essential oils will have some sort of impact on the cold sores, some will help you get out of stress due to herpes outbreak, while others will help the cold sores heal faster, but this is not all. Herpes affects almost all the body parts and hence you need a cure that has a variety of medicinal capabilities. Today we have brought you that much needed oil for treating herpes- geranium oil. Have you heard about it before? Doesn’t matter, we will tell you everything about the essential oil, its medicinal properties and also the right way you can use it to get rid of herpes.

Before leaving this page, you will get a cure for herpes– geranium oil for herpes treatment and you will no more need those expensive and harmful antiviral medicines that only suppress the symptoms of herpes. No matter how much the doctor convinces that the antiviral drugs he has prescribed are the best and they have no side effects, there is no medicine till date which doesn’t have any side effect. My heart goes out for those who take a pill everyday just to avoid the symptoms of herpes because the longer you use any medicine, the higher are your chances of suffering from many temporary and permanent side effects. But from today you have an alternative to antiviral drugs, in fact to be more precise, a side effect free alternative to drugs with which you can live a herpes free life. Yes, it is none other than geranium oil for herpes.

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Some Aspects You Should Know About Geranium Oil For Herpes

Geranium was originally a native of South Africa but today it is widely cultivated in Europe, Central America, Egypt, Russia, Japan and Congo because of the amazing healing properties it has. It is already a part of many medicines, but mixing something so natural with chemicals ruins its own properties as well. This is why we will today tell you the possible ways you can gain benefits from geranium oil and herpes treatment will never be the matter to worry about again. Since geranium oil is not that common and some of you might have heard the name for the first time, let us see what geranium oil is and how you can use it.

Geranium oil is an essential oil that is extracted from the leaves and stem of a medicinal plant- geranium. Geranium is a perennial shrub which grows up to three feet in height; it has small, pink flowers and pointy, serrated-edged leaves. The actual process uses distillation of stems and leaves of the geranium plant, but these days some manufacturers also use their own chemicals to extract the oil. You should only use the oil that has been extracted naturally as it affects the quality as well as medicinal properties of the oil. And these properties are surely going to impact the rate at which herpes outbreaks will heal. This was not all as there are almost 700 different species of geranium and not all can be used for the same purpose. Knowing that geranium oil and herpes cure are related to each other is one thing, but if you really want to use this oil as a guard against herpes, you have to be sure that you know all the details that will affect the healing process. So, we will also tell you the one type that, out of these 700, is best suited to cure herpes.


Geranium Has a Long History of Medicinal Use

The use of Geranium oil for herpes is a new concept, but its medicinal use dates back to ancient Egyptian times. There are evidences of geranium oil being used as a treatment for cancerous tumors.  Later on, this herbal oil was brought to Europe in the late 17th century and from there it migrated to the entire world. There are over 700 varieties of cultivated geranium and pelargonium plants; many are grown for ornamental purposes, other for some other reason in the garden. Out of all 700, Pelargonium graveolens is the main species cultivated for extracting essential oil for medicinal uses. This species of geranium oil is a great and proved treatment for hormonal imbalance and all the other problems arising in your body out of this. Yes, hormonal imbalance can sometimes become a great cause of concern because they regulate everything from your mood to the menstrual cycles in a female. Dealing with problems related to poor circulation can also be dealt with this oil. Apart from these two, reducing blood pressure and maintaining a great dental health are few other benefits to name.

This was not all, and geranium oil has been used in every corner of the world by people for addressing one problem or the other. Some use it to fight against the deadliest disease of the decade- cancer, while others treat their minor infections with this essential oil. The antibacterial properties found in geranium oil help to protect your body from infection. Geranium oil can also stop bacteria from growing on the skin, like on a wound. The role of geranium oil in all the above stated diseases has been proved, now let us see what makes geranium oil for herpes treatment effective and inspect the truth behind the claim- “geranium oil cures herpes”.

geranium oil in herpes

Benefits of Geranium Oil in Herpes

Geranium oil deals with the external symptoms of herpes outbreak by helping you get rid of cold sores fast, and it also has a role to fight with the infection internally. So, geranium oil for herpes deals with all the external effects as well as the internal disturbances created by herpes simplex virus. Let us see how exactly geranium oil cures herpes.

  • Geranium oil is famous for improving the physical, mental and emotional health of a human being. This is more challenging than dealing with physical symptoms because herpes comes with a lot of stress. Especially the few days after your diagnosis are really dreadful as it takes time for you to accept the truth. This stress triggers herpes outbreaks. A new outbreak again depresses your mind and the cycle continues. Stress and mental disturbance has a great role to play in determining your next herpes outbreak. And geranium oil for herpes can help you control your brain by calming it down. It is a well known treatment for anxiety and depression, and from now onward also for herpes, won’t it be?
  • This was the internal benefit of geranium oil in herpes treatment, but there are many external effects that you need to get rid of as soon as possible. One such example is the ugly and painful cold sores. These cold sores hurt your skin badly, and if you choose a chemical treatment, the skin is literally tortured. To avoid all this, you can use geranium oil as it is not only good for your skin, but has the abilities to reduce inflammation also.
  • Geranium oil also has the ability to avoid secondary infection occurring on the skin of cold sores. Cold sores hurt very badly if a secondary bacterial or fungal infection hits the open skin. You need to maintain proper hygiene to avoid this uncomfortable situation. Here also, geranium oil can help. If you are using geranium oil for dealing with herpes and cold sores, you will definitely stay safe and cold sores will leave your skin early.

geranium oil and herpes

How to Use Geranium Oil for Herpes Treatment?

You can use this oil as an essential oil for aromatherapy if you want this oil to reach your brain and fix the disturbed things there. This is the harmless way to deal with the stress, anxiety and depression arising out of the thought of being infected with herpes. And it is often said that if you can prevent herpes simplex virus from reaching your brain, you can actually also prevent the physical damage that the virus can do.

To use the oil for cold sores, apply the oil on the cold sores. Applying it directly can hurt and produce burning sensation, hence it is better you first test for possible allergies by applying it on normal skin. Once you are sure that your skin is not allergic to this essential oil, go ahead with it. Mix a few drops of geranium oil with equal amount or coconut oil and apply it on the skin affected by cold sores twice every day.

This way you can have a good control over your brain, and by not letting the herpes simplex virus affect you mentally, you disable the herpes up to certain extent. Geranium oil for herpes is a potential holistic cure for herpes as it not only deals with the physical symptoms of herpes, and also addresses the other issues that arise out of the infection. And the best part about treating herpes with geranium oil is that you don’t have to worry about any side effect. Since it is natural, you can use it for a long time. It will neither become a burden on your pocket, nor on your health.

This was all about geranium oil herpes cure, and we bring this discussion to an end hoping that you have got the cure for herpes you have waited for years. Geranium oil contains everything a herpes patient needs to get rid of herpes and to have a better control on the thoughts, emotions and mood swings that are a part of their journey with herpes. So, by treating all the aspects related to herpes and leaving no loophole in the treatment, you have an amazing cure for herpes in the form of easily available geranium oil.


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