Essential Oils For Herpes Outbreaks – How To Cure Herpes With Essential Oils ?

essential oil for herpes

Essential Oils for Herpes Outbreaks – Can Essential Oils Help Keeping Uninvited Guests at a Bay ?

Herpes outbreaks are the annoying uninvited guests that don’t even knock the door before entering. Yes, herpes outbreaks don’t give any prior notifications before hitting you up. It doesn’t get delayed even when you are going on a date next evening or there is an important presentation next morning. Well, this is herpes my friend. It has no cure and also no control in the medicinal field. I said medicinal field because after decades of research, we don’t have a concrete cure for herpes with the help of medicines or vaccinations. However, a new ray of hope is emerging out of nature and this time the research and all the efforts are also giving results. I am talking about the use of essential oils for herpes outbreaks.

Essential oils have become inseparable from almost all the cosmetics, and skin care products. But when it comes to herpes, we are ultra frightened. We know it is just an infection, but still we see it as a matter of embarrassment. Roughly 3.7 billion people, who altogether make are 67% of the world’s population, are infected with type-1 herpes-simplex virus. Looking at the rate of transmission, this Herpes virus is expanding its reach globally by finding new victim every millisecond. But still, hardly any one opens up about the status of being infected. And it is not the fault of the victim because the level of humiliation and rejection he or she has to go through makes them hide their medical condition.

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In fact, sometimes while hiding the infection, we end up our relationships, stop being social and our work also is greatly affected if the frequency of herpes outbreaks is quite high. Every time the herpes outbreak hits us, we have to take leave and disappear from the world for almost an entire week. But with essential oils for herpes outbreaks, you will no more have to take long breaks from work.

Essential oils have been used for centuries for religious and medicinal purposes, but the use of essential oils for herpes outbreaks is relatively new. Although it is new, but the rate at which the cure for herpes is spreading, it is not exaggeration if I say that herpes simplex virus is soon going to become history. We have compiled all the best essential oils for herpes outbreaks and these oils will take away all the pain and sufferings that herpes has caused to you.

Lavender Oil

lavender oil for herpes cure

This essential oil can be used in almost every health related problem as it has direct impact on the immunity of humans. Immunity is the strength of humans with which they can fight off all the diseases and lavender oil raises immunity. So, you can say that instead of fighting with every single disease individually, lavender oil creates a barrier for all of them, and herpes outbreaks are no exception. Being a good disinfectant, it can kill any type of bacterial growth in the cold sores resulting due to a herpes infection. Lavender oil for herpes treatment can help you prevent secondary infections that often occur in the cold sores due to bacteria growing in the fluid present. Lavender oil herpes cure is perfectly natural way of treating herpes, and hence your body will adapt to it really soon.

How to use lavender oil for herpes outbreaks

  • You can use lavender oil alone or in combination with other essential oils like jojoba oil for treating herpes outbreaks.
  • Wash the area of skin or the cold sores you want to treat with lavender oil.
  • Take some lavender oil on a cotton swab and apply it to the cold sores directly.
  • You can repeat the same process twice or thrice everyday until the cold sores bother you.
  • Make sure you do not use the same cotton swab twice.

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Coconut oil

coconut oil for herpes

Can coconut oil cure herpes? Nothing can be better and easy than going for coconut oil to treat herpes. This way you can seal the viruses’ activation doors for 24 hours. However, if you want quick relief and outbreak free life it is advised to use coconut oil everywhere you can. One more thing – this really is so good that it can be used as all-over oil. You can use it on your head- it will stop dandruff, face- it can lighten up your skin to make you a few tones fairer, body- it will be the best moisturizer you have ever used and genitals- to prevent future outbreaks.

How to use coconut oil in herpes outbreaks

  • You can apply coconut oil all over your body when you don’t have any outbreaks, and multiple times on the cold sores when you have the deadly outbreak.
  • You can also eat some amount of this magnificent oil. Combining oral consumption with topical application will help attack your herpes from all angles.
  • For oral consumption, coconut oil capsules are available in many drugs and supplement stores.
  • They are often sold at high prices for small doses that will be inconsequential to your health, and hence it is recommended to use the natural form of the oil.

Oregano oil

oregano oil for herpes

Oregano oil is not as famous as the first two essential oils for herpes outbreaks, but this too is one of the most effective oils. It can prevent the growth of herpes simplex virus into the host’s body and you can live a herpes free life with the help of this natural product. One study straight from the United States Department of Agriculture reported that oregano oil has such a strong action against germs that it could easily fight Salmonella and E. coli. Similar action is expected for herpes simplex virus as oregano oil has been shown to be extremely useful for helping to get rid of these unwanted invaders. The protective cell membrane of the bacteria usually makes the bacteria impermeable to antibiotics. This is why antibiotics have a little use in curing herpes infection. Not only does oil of oregano help break down the cell membrane, but it also delivers natural and powerful antibiotics as soon as the cell membrane is dissolved and the bacteria are vulnerable.

How to use oregano oil in herpes outbreaks

You have to allow the central nervous system and blood stream to absorb the oil and you can do it in the following ways:

  • Apply it directly on skin affected by cold sores with the help of a piece of cotton.
  • Make sure you wash your hands twice- once before applying the oil, and the second time after using the oil.
  • Alternatively, you can put a few drops of oregano oil under you tongue and close your mouth.
  • Allow the oil to get absorbed with time. It will take only a few minutes.
  • Both the ways are extremely simple to use and you can either choose any one of them or use both in combination.

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Tea tree oil

tea tree oil for herpes

Tea tree oil for herpes. Using tea tree oil can reduce the first stage of a cold sore from two or three days to 12 – 24 hours, especially if you treat it quickly. It is important to act as soon as you see the first signal of the cold sore appearing. If you can successfully figure out that it is going to be a cold sore only (if you are a long time sufferer, it is not that difficult to assess the beginning of an outbreak) more than half of the treatment is done. You will have to do least efforts if you start early. It is the only tool that stops the growth of cold sores at stage one itself. Tea tree oil not only kills the bacteria that may grow on the site of infection, but also reduces itching and redness.

How to use tea tree oil in herpes outbreaks

  • Wash your hands with a mild soap and also wash the skin affected by cold sores with normal water.
  • Wait it to become dry, and if it is not painful, use a towel to pat dry the cold sores.
  • Now take the bottle of tea tree oil and drip down a few drops on a piece of clean cotton cloth.
  • Swiftly apply that piece of cotton on the cold sore, and sue another piece for any other cold sore.
  • Cover all the sores affected area one by one and throw all the cotton pieces into dustbin once you are done with the procedure.
  • Applying tea tree oil can sting a little bit and it’s not something you want to be licking.

Lemon balm oil

lemon balm oil for herpes

Lemon balm oil is proved to influence the mood of herpes patients and reduce anxiety. Stress suppresses the immune system of your body and hence stress management is the only way to suppress the dormant herpes virus. So try to avoid dwelling on the stressful implications, and use lemon balm oil if you feel you are terribly under pressure. In one study of people with minor sleep problems, 81% of those who took a herbal combination of valerian and lemon balm reported sleeping much better than those who took a placebo. It is a potential candidate solution that can emerge out as a holistic herpes cure as its effect is not only confined to cold sores but it has a reach to your mind.

How to use lemon balm oil for herpes outbreaks

  • Use a cotton ball dipped in the liquid extract to apply it on cold sores a few times in a day.
  • This will reduce chances of infection from spreading further and hence your cold sores will disappear soon.
  • As far as taking lemon balm orally is concerned, if you want to choose a tasty still healthy way of using lemon balm, it is the tea made up of lemon balm.
  • Lemon balm tea is a tasty choice for those seeking the medicinal assistance of this herb.
  • It is not only helpful in treating herpes, but also a health booster.
  • You can also use lemon balm tincture. All you need to do is to take 2 or 3 ml of lemon balm tincture in water three times daily as soon as the herpes symptoms appear.
  • Continue the dosage for a day or two after symptoms disappear to limit recurrence.

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Precautions to be taken

dilute essential oil

  • Essential oils for herpes outbreaks are all highly concentrated and hence some of them need to be diluted before applying to the skin. It is hence recommended to read the instructions carefully before using any of the essential oils for herpes outbreaks.
  • Also check your skin for allergies to certain essential oils. Although all the essential oils for herpes outbreaks are natural and side effect free, but still you can be allergic to any of the oils. In such a situation, do not choose that particular oil and go for any of the other essential oils on the list.

After having so many options, and all of them natural and side effect free, who would want those harmful and expensive antiviral drugs in their lives again? While the cost of a single antibiotic prescription may not be extremely high, newer ones are somewhat costly. The costs are high when the side effects are considered, along with the sheer numbers of prescriptions that are written around the world each day, month and year. If we talk about the cost effectiveness, millions of dollars are spent every year on just pampering the symptoms of the widespread disease, Herpes.

And this million dollar expenditure can be replaced by natural solutions like essential oils for herpes outbreaks. Essential oils for herpes outbreaks are holistic cure for this infection as they not only take care of the physical symptoms of herpes, but they also have a great influence on your mood. Now, you are wise enough to decide whether you want to buy antiviral drugs and also the side effects that are inseparable from the packet of medicines or want to bring a new ray of hope in your life with something like a holistic cure in essential oils for herpes outbreaks.

essential oils for herpes

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