Elderberry For Herpes – Heal The Nasty Herpes Symptoms With Elderberry

elderberry for herpes

Herpes is Dreadful – Cure Herpes With Elderberry for Herpes 

Herpes is a dreadful experience and you might be sick of hearing this again and again, but today we will talk about the most amazing cure- elderberry for herpes. A fruit that is famous for its antiviral properties all around the globe has finally come to rescue all of the herpes patients and it looks like god has sent a cure for all the innocent people who are in pain. Yes, the society often looks at herpes patient as if they have done a sin, but in reality they are the real victims of the infection who have to go through great deal of discomfort, pain and fear of rejection. Anytime the virus starts replicating and you have no idea that the next morning you are going to wake up with a sore right on your lips. This uncertainty and inability to control herpes make it threatening. In reality, the symptoms of herpes outbreak can be tackled, but the feeling of guilt, fear of rejection from the society and the incurability are the three factors that make the life of a herpes patient hell.


But now we have elderberry and herpes will no more be a big threat because this medicinal herb can deal with all the three factors described above. Once we have overcome all these, herpes will be just like any ordinary infection and elderberry treats herpes in this way only. Once you start using elderberry in herpes, the herpes simplex virus will be an inactive virus lying helplessly in your body. And this is the only way you can have control on the infection- by suffocating the herpes simplex virus and not giving it the environment to replicate. If elderberry can control this replication, it won’t be wrong to say that yes, elderberry cures herpes. So, we will see how the herbal cure, elderberry and herpes are related to each other, what should we do and how should we use elderberry in herpes, and by the end you will get to know why elderberry for herpes is the best cure.

Elderberry in Ancient Times and Elderberries Today

You might have heard about a lot of berries. All of them are similar in some or the other way because they all belong to the same family. But we have chosen elderberry for herpes, can you guess the reason? Yes, there are many reasons, one of them is the nature of herpes. Yes, herpes can be controlled with elderberry, but herpes simplex virus isn’t that easy to handle. Hence we need to go on with the best and the most powerful. When it comes to antioxidant power, elderberry is higher in flavonoids than blueberries, cranberries, goji berries and blackberries. For other medicinal properties too, the same trend follows. Apart from these properties, elderberry is the oldest berry and also the one which has been used the most for medicinal properties till date.


The documented use of elderberries for medicinal purposes can be found in the ancient Greek and Egyptian culture. There are a lot of evidences of this being used by the ancient Egyptians, but the reliability on elderberry for herpes will automatically increase once you get to know that the “father of medicine”- The Greeks used it as chest of medicines. And since then, elderberry has been used to treat many day to day health issues like colds, flu, fever, burns, cuts, and more than 70 other maladies, from toothache to the plague. You might not have an idea about it, but in 1995, to deal with the Panama flu epidemic, the government actually employed the use of the elderberry to fight the flu. So, this is why we have chosen to find out the effects of elderberry on herpes and no other berry was in competition.

Medicinal Benefits of Elderberry

By now, you might have a fair idea of all the medicinal properties of the herb, but let us see in which all diseases you can use this. Yes, we will talk about the action of elderberry in herpes, but it is even better to have a glimpse of everything you can get from this herb. Health benefits of the elder plant include naturally improving colds, the flu, sinus issues, nerve pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue, allergies, and constipation. Some researchers even reported that due to the unbelievable anti carcinogenic properties present in elderberries, they can be used as a tool against cancer. Since it is a natural laxative, it is good for a healthy digestion and a healthy stomach. And this was not all, it has many other benefits for your skin, stomach and overall health. Let us first see how and why you can use it against herpes, and then we will try to know some more benefits of elderberry.


Benefits of Elderberry in Herpes Treatment

  • Since elderberry is one of the best antiviral herbs on this planet, nothing can beat it in treating herpes. The antiviral properties that exist in nature is the best answer to the herpes outbreaks. Either by killing the herpes simplex virus, or by not letting it to replicate and increase in number, elderberry for herpes becomes the best ever cure for herpes. Till date we do not have any antiviral drug that can reach the herpes simplex virus because of its unique hiding capabilities, but elderberry has come out for helping those in dire need of it. So, you just have to trust this herb and its medicinal properties and things will get better day by day.
  • Elderberry for herpes gifts you a herpes free life not only because of the antiviral action, but because of the boost it can give to your immunity. Elderberries also are nature immunity booster, hence they make sure your ability to fight with diseases is strong enough. If you have a strong immunity, you can live a herpes outbreak free life even if the virus is inside your body. And immunity is a major factor in deciding the frequency of herpes outbreaks too. So, by improving your immunity naturally with elderberries, you can easily have a control on herpes outbreaks. How is it possible? How can something as ordinary as elderberry influence the immune system? Actually, elderberry contains some very strong antioxidant flavonoids that are known to boost the immune system quite rapidly. And because of this, it becomes a potential cure for herpes.
  • Anti inflammatory action of elderberry for herpes helps you deal with pain and other symptoms. By now you know what action elderberry does to inactivate the virus and decrease the frequency of herpes outbreaks, but what about the symptoms. Some symptoms of herpes like pain, fever and cold sores require immediate action as the pain and discomfort they cause is unbearable. Don’t worry; you can deal with all of them with elderberry for herpes. Elderberry for herpes leaves no loophole in treating herpes and it helps you out in all the possible problems herpes simplex virus creates. Don’t you now agree that elderberry for herpes is indeed the best gift any herpes patient can get?


How to Use Elderberry in Herpes?

There are many ways you can use this herb and all of them are safe because of the basic nature of the herbal cure. You can choose any one of them and now will produce undesirable side effects in your body. This is another point that insists you to use elderberry for herpes, isn’t it? Let us see some of the very effective ways to grab the goodness of elderberries and treat herpes.

  • You can intake the medicinal properties of elderberry by drinking elderberry syrups regularly. All the immunity boosting properties, antiviral action and pain relieving action will automatically do their work once elderberry is in your body. You can even make elderberry syrup at home using dried elderberry, water and sugar. If you have time, prepare the syrup with desired concentration and it will be the most natural form for elderberry. But many of you are quite busy to make it at home. Don’t worry, if you have the intention to use the herbal elderberry for herpes treatment, you can easily get the syrup online.
  • To use the lighter version of the same herb, you can try adding dried elderberry to muffin and cakes to get the flavor of berries and at the same time cure herpes. The flowers of elderberry also contain similar medicinal properties and hence you can also prepare a tea of these flowers. This herbal tea can be sipped several times a day to cure herpes.


There are a lot of studies demonstrating the medicinal and healing properties of elderberry. For instance, a recent study published in Nutrients showed that elderberry supplementation can reduce the duration and symptoms of a cold sore in air travelers. This was the year for elderberry and herpes. Numerous researches and studies have been conducted and almost all of them have given a green signal to the use of elderberry for herpes cure. So, you too should grab the opportunity to get rid of herpes and all the other discomforts associated with it.

This is a magical cure that has been discovered not only for curing herpes, but for the benefits of the society because the rate at which herpes is spreading is quite alarming and in no time it will take the form of a social epidemic. But from today onwards, nothing will be the same; no threat will be linked with herpes because we now know that we can control the herpes virus, no one would have to go through the ultimate fear of rejection, and lastly no one will have to live with the fear of getting herpes outbreaks any time.

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