Effectiveness Of Milk for Cold Sores Treatment

milk for cold sores

See, How Effective is Milk For Cold Sores Treatment….

You are definitely going to use milk for cold sores after learning the awesome benefits of milk for cold sores you will see in a short while. Milk is many times a debated topic as some believe that once we are adults, we don’t need to drink milk anymore while others advocate the lifelong use of milk. You will today get an answer and this is surely going to be the end of the debate as today we will introduce you to a new cure for herpes as well as your health assistant. Whether milk cures cold sores or not is the secondary question, and before jumping straight to the answer, you need to know the basics of both- herpes and milk. It sounds stupid as what is there in milk that we don’t know? Well, if you knew everything about milk, you would not have been in doubt about whether milk cures cold sores or not. Do you know the natural composition of milk? What are constituents of milk?

Rarely anyone can answer these questions correctly and completely. So, let us try to introduce ourselves to the tool with which we want to defeat herpes and cold sores. Yes, herpes as well as cold sores are dreadful and embarrassing and treating it with something as common as milk is unimaginable, but sometimes what we perceive as common carries strong medicinal properties in it and milk is just perfect example. Milk is made up of water, some beneficial fats, extremely useful proteins, lactose (milk sugar) and minerals (salts). And this is not all as milk also contains pigments, enzymes, vitamins and phospholipids in minor amount. With all these components present in varying amount, do you still have a doubt about the medicinal capabilities of milk?

milk on cold sores

According to the reports given by National Dairy Council, milk is filled with nine essential nutrients that are extremely beneficial for our health. Not only this, it also is a natural source of calcium. Overall, we can say that milk has a significant impact on our health and body. But we are probably here to discuss the exact impact of milk on cold sores and the role of milk in preventing or treating cold sores. So, coming next is everything milk has or everything this wonder product can do to help you dealing with herpes and cold sores.

Benefits of Milk In Cold Sores

Milk can reduce the frequency of herpes outbreaks: To control the cold sores and to delete them permanently from our life, we must first get rid of the menace causing them- herpes outbreaks. And the good news is that you can reduce both- the frequency as well as re-occurrences of herpes outbreaks. And once you have something that makes it impossible for the herpes outbreaks to hit you, cold sores will automatically become a thing of past. What makes milk capable of preventing herpes outbreaks as well as cold sores? Actually, milk contains high levels of L-lysine and L-lysine is known to fight with the herpes simplex virus. It is L-lysine which is a famous home remedy to deal with herpes and you will be surprised to know that milk is a natural source of L-lysine. So, the L-lysine present in quite high amount in milk is responsible for reducing the frequency and preventing re-occurrence.

herpes outbreaks and milk

At many places you might have read about increasing the intake of L-lysine if you want to stay away from frequent herpes attacks, but several researches have also shown that the topical application of milk on colds sores is also helpful. Here is one important thing that every herpes patient should note. High lysine levels are good for herpes, but it is even more important to avoid foods that are rich in that are high in arginine. The point is to grab foods that are rich in lysine but at the same time have low arginine. Foods rich in lysine and low in arginine are favorable in herpes and luckily milk has the same ratio. So, go grab the bottle of milk now if you want to live a herpes free life.

Milk boosts the immune system: We have told you some general constituents of milk, but it also has some other beneficial vitamins and nutrients that help in boosting your immunity. Milk has immune boosting nutrients like Vitamin A, Zinc, Enzymes and also some extremely beneficial fats. Due to these, it has a direct impact on your immunity and once you boost up your immunity to a level where herpes becomes powerless and it cannot find a way to activate itself, you have blocked all the possible ways herpes can attack you. At this stage, you will not need any antibiotic for the normal infections as well as for herpes outbreaks. Your immunity will become powerful enough to keep you safe and healthy. In fact, those who have a strong immunity will less likely suffer from any infection, and herpes, undoubtedly, is one of the infections.

milk reduces stress

Milk for cold sores is good because it reduces stress: Milk is famous in the entire world for its calcium content and some other health benefits, but only a few of you are aware that it has a soothing and relaxing effect on our nervous system too. Milk relaxes the nervous system and hence reduces stress. But how can something as simple as milk do such a complex task of influencing our brain? Milk has anti stress minerals like calcium and magnesium, and these minerals help in lowering down the stress and anxiety caused by herpes outbreaks or any other reason. Stress is very common especially when you develop prominently visible cold sores suddenly. So, apart from treating the physical symptoms, it is important that you get something that works towards pacifying your brain too. And that is nothing but milk for cold sores.

How to Use Milk for Herpes?

Using milk is the easiest way to cure herpes and cold sores. Unlike other home remedies for herpes and cold sores, you don’t have to worry about the complexity of preparing any mixture, nor you have to bear some side effects. If you have milk at home, you can use that milk in cold sores. Using milk on cold sores can be direct topical application as well as indirectly by consuming.  To prevent cold sores, drink milk a few times a week or as needed. The best way is to make it habit to have a cup of milk before your go to sleep every day. It will help you in fighting with herpes outbreaks and at the same time will save you from a dozen of other diseases by raising your immunity. Drinking simple milk is a good, but if you want a faster action, you can add turmeric to it. Adding turmeric to your diet makes a great healthy mixture that has some role in preventing some deadly diseases like cancer. So, add a pinch of turmeric to a cup of hot milk and drink every night. This is all you have to do to avoid painful and embarrassing herpes outbreaks.

herpes outbreaks

This was indirect treatment, and in fact, prevention of cold sores with milk, but to use it as a direct treatment, you can use milk topically. To treat a cold sore, apply a tablespoon of cold milk to a cotton ball and touch it to your lesion for a few minutes. This will soothe your burning skin and will give you immediate relief in itching on the cold sores also. Gently wipe off with a moistened towel after a few minutes. And the best part is that you can repeat it several times a day. But, make sure to use raw, organic whole milk as it will give better results.

Precautions to be Taken While Using Milk on Cold Sores

There is no need to say that there are no side effects of milk and you can use it as many times in a day as you like, but there is one factor that you should consider. Blindly using milk in excess amount without realizing that the natural product is not at all suiting you may land you in trouble. You should first check it for suitability and increase the oral consumption gradually. Also, if your body does not accept milk as the way it should, you should first consult your doctor before taking it. Some people suffer from lactose intolerance and for them, it is not at all a wise idea to use milk and other such products without consulting the doctor. So, for these special cases, milk for herpes is not the solution, but for all others milk on cold sores works magically.

milk and cold sores

After reading this, one thing must strike your mind- why use those expensive and bitter antiviral medicines when what we need can be obtained by milk only? One reason behind this is lack of awareness and the other one can be over advertisement and over prescription of drugs for no good reason. Well, we really have nothing to do with these reasons, and the important thing is that we have finally arrived at a cure for herpes that is both harmless and effective. Now, the only factor on which your cure for herpes depends is the regularity with which you are going to use milk against cold sores. If you use it religiously, you are undoubtedly going to get unbelievable results. So, go ahead and try your new cure for herpes and you can do it today because you don’t have to travel miles to get milk, right?

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