Echinacea For Herpes – Is There Any Way Better Than Echinacea For Herpes Cure ?

echinacea for herpes

Echinacea For Herpes – Could Anyone Even Imagine Such Brilliant Connection Between Echinacea and Herpes?

Very few plants on this planet are as much beneficial as Echinacea and now it is ruling the herbal medicines and going on the top because of the recent connection found between Echinacea and herpes. Looking at the rapidly increasing number of herpes patients every minute, something like Echinacea can give the menace a tough fight. Herpes and Echinacea are both the most talked about topics these days, but thankfully for two entirely opposite reasons. Herpes is the most widespread sexually transmitted infection and what it feels like when you are diagnosed with herpes cannot be described in a few words. It is not a life threatening disease but the threat associated with herpes is no less than HIV. So, it is not that easy to deal with herpes as adding to the entire stigma is the fact of its incurability.

Can Echinacea Cure Herpes?

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This is the question popping up in the minds of those who rarely know anything about herbal medicines. And those who know a bit about the healing capabilities of Echinacea also are in a dilemma because the opponent is herpes and Echinacea is just a herb. Do you also think Echinacea for herpes cure is a mild herb and won’t be effective? If yes, let me tell you that out of all the herbs, the sale of Echinacea in the past decade has increased by 95%. This means people have already started believing the herbal healer and soon it is going to become an integral part of every household in the United States. This is great and Echinacea sounds appealing enough, but how to believe that Echinacea for herpes is effective enough? We will tell you everything Echinacea can do for you if you are a herpes patient and also when and how to take Echinacea for herpes cure.

Till the early 1900’s, Echinacea was a prime healing method for many health ailments because there were no antibiotics available. Then the antibiotics captured the market and we literally became slaves to the harmful drugs leaving behind the ages old brilliant herbs like Echinacea. In this course of time, we lost almost all the herbs and natural products that once did great help to our body and health. With time, antibiotics became the primary source of healing and all other sciences shifted to background. The pharmaceutical companies were making millions of dollars every year, and even today they are launching a new medicine everyday. We got world full of antibiotics and drugs, but the health of an average person started deteriorating.

antibiotic treatment

It is at this time when we started realizing that what we left decades ago was a much better way to deal with our day to day health problems and chronic illnesses. Now, we are trying to break the notion that only medicines can heal. In fact, if you study the deeper aspects of medicinal healing, you’ll get that they never heal, but just address the symptoms. Same is the case with herpes. Herpes is incurable because all the medicines available today are made just to mask the symptoms of herpes temporarily. And now, when we realized this fact, we got that the antiviral medicines have already done much damage to our health and immune systems. Then someone came up with the idea of herpes and Echinacea. Echinacea for herpes is the safest method to cure herpes as it doesn’t induce any side effects.

Echinacea for herpes is new, but luckily the herb has been there with us all the time antibiotics and drugs were busy in ruining our health. It is one of the very few herbs that people still talk about and believe in. Yes, those who know even a bit about Echinacea trust the herb more than medicines despite the medicinal companies advertising their product extensively. It has survived all the odds and has managed to be in the picture even when no one was really interested in herbal medicines. In fact, all the species of Echinacea have made it to the allopathic medicines in some forms. A few years ago, Echinacea was known to cure all types of infections, but today everyone is talking about Echinacea for herpes cure only. You will shortly get the exact answer to- can Echinacea cure herpes? First let us see the role of Echinacea as herpes cure.

Echinacea and Herpes

Echinacea and herpes

Echinacea for herpes cure is one of the most promising alternatives to take your body out of all the pain and sufferings. But you must be wondering how actually Echinacea for herpes works? It is just the same as treating any other types of infections. Echinacea contain chemical compounds that have antibacterial, anti-parasitic and antiviral properties. Herpes is also caused by a virus called herpes simplex virus and hence we can say that herpes and Echinacea are enemies because of the antiviral properties present in the herb. These antiviral properties inhibit glycol- proteins in the virus and impede the ability of viruses to invade cells in the body and replicate. By controlling this replication, we can control the herpes outbreaks as the outbreaks result only due to the rapid replication of herpes virus.

This way we can actually live a herpes outbreak free life with Echinacea. Do you still have a doubt on the power of Echinacea for herpes? If yes, the immuno modulating properties of the herb will clear all the clouds and you would be left with the best ever and trusted cure for herpes as Echinacea. Echinacea also has compounds which unlike all the antiviral medicines impact the immune system in a positive manner. You can strengthen your immune system with this magnificent herb. In fact, Echinacea for herpes has just hit the world, and before this, many people took Echinacea regularly to have a better immune system and avoid many health problems. These are proactive people and I am sure Echinacea has not disappointed them at any point. Coming back to Echinacea and herpes, we have already told you that Echinacea has a direct impact on immune system. But what can the immune system do for a herpes patient?

strong immune system fighting herpes

A strong immune system is not only beneficial for herpes patient, but also for any other living being on this planet. Immune system protects our body from all the bad of the outside world. By making your immune system strong enough with Echinacea for herpes, you can prevent herpes infection from hitting an uninfected person, and if you are already infected, you will have lesser outbreaks in future. Some herpes patients have had no herpes outbreaks in the past years because they regularly were using Echinacea for herpes. Not only they could prevent all the discomfort, but they are also enjoying all other benefits they get by the regular use of the herbal help. Isn’t it amazing? Unbelievable, but it is true, and it is all because of Echinacea for herpes.

How to Use Echinacea in Herpes?

Echinacea can be used in many different ways to deal with herpes. Since the day Echinacea and herpes are being linked, people are coming out with many different ideas of incorporating the herb in your life. Every part of Echinacea carries different medicinal properties. You can use the root of the herbal plant, or stem and even the beautiful purple flower. But that doesn’t mean all the parts will do the same job or will be equally effective in herpes. You will get different results by using different parts because the chemical composition of each part differs greatly. Echinacea for herpes is indeed effective if you know which part can be used for the treatment and how to use it. If you know everything about the herb, trust me, nothing can be more effective than Echinacea for herpes. Let us have a look at how you can use Echinacea for herpes cure and get maximum benefits.

Echinacea Capsules

Echinacea capsules for herpes

Although we recommend using the natural form of Echinacea for herpes and for all other purposes, it is sometimes good for herpes patients who continuously suffer from herpes outbreaks. To deal with this adverse situation, you need a balanced and measured amount of the herb, and that is possible only with the capsules of Echinacea. Capsules of Echinacea are available online and also on stores. You have to grab a bottle and take the tablet twice everyday. The capsules contain all the goodness of the root of Echinacea and you will see the symptoms of herpes vanishing soon.

Echinacea Tea

Of course, it is not going to taste the same, but yes, nothing can beat Echinacea tea when it comes to health and treating herpes. Echinacea for herpes cure can be used in the form of tea also. You just have to replace the ordinary tea you drink every evening with Echinacea tea. Echinacea tea bags are available at many stores these days. You can either make the tea using the tea bags, or if you have dried powder of the root of Echinacea, you can make your own tea at home using that powder. Take a teaspoon of the powder and boil it in two cups of water for about fifteen minutes. Drink this once or twice a day to gain all the benefits of the same.

Echinacea Oil

echinacea oil for herpes

Oil of Echinacea is also used by herpes patients nowadays. It is best to use the oil of Echinacea as an external application on the cold sores. Echinacea oil will work like magic when applied on the skin. Some of the herpes patients have also reported to use fresh juice of Echinacea, but it depend on the availability as fresh Echinacea might not be available for everyone. You can use any of the methods discussed in the sections above and herpes outbreaks will no more bother you.

This is the power and beauty of herbal healing. Nature definitely is a storehouse of astonishing powers and Echinacea for herpes is just one example. If we try hard to rediscover what we dropped decades ago, we may get many other herbs that can help in herpes, but at this point of time nothing can beat Echinacea. Echinacea cannot be compared with any other herb, and even with the allopathic medicines as it will win everywhere. So, if you also want to win the fight against your enemy, Echinacea for herpes is what you should trust. Use it the way you like and forget about the side effects of regular use. One day you will also forget that you once had herpes and all thanks to Echinacea for herpes. Now you can answer the question- can Echinacea cure herpes, and can also decide what would be better for you- the medicines full of side effects or herbal help like Echinacea for herpes.

Echinacea for herpes


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