Domeboro Powder For Herpes – Cure The Herpes Malice With Domeboro Powder


Domeboro Powder for Herpes – Cure Herpes Outbreaks With Domeboro Powder Now

Recently, you might have come across an unusual name if you are on herpes discussion forums or have subscribed to any herpes group. Domeboro powder is the name every herpes patient wants to know about today. Domeboro powder for herpes is something more than half of the population is most interested in. Are you also here to find out more about domeboro powder for herpes treatment? If yes, one question must be in your mind- is domeboro powder really effective in treating herpes and cold sores? Today we will answer all the questions related to domeboro powder for cold sores starting with what the product actually is, how it is beneficial in herpes and then the different ways we can use it.

If you are in a hurry to get the answer to the question that means everything to those suffering from herpes, let me tell you that yes, domeboro powder is effective in the treatment of cold sores provided you are aware of the right method of using it. Domeboro powder is the new, side effect free and effective method to get rid of cold sores easily, but see how the product can do it for you.

Domeboro Powder

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Dr. Burow, the scientist who invented plastic surgery and other magnificent wound healing techniques also discovered a solution named after his own name- Burow’s solution. This solution had the capabilities to fight with infections and heal wounds faster. It was also an astringent that was used to keep the infected area clean and free from any bacterial growth. Have you ever heard of this solution? Chances are rare because just like the process of plastic surgery has evolved with time, but the base is given by Dr. Burow only, same is the case with this solution. To meet the requirements of the users today, and to compete well in the market, some pharmaceutical companies modified it and came out with what we know as domeboro powder today.

Some of you might find the name of this remedy for herpes unusual. But if you break it, one part (dome) is the name of the laboratory that manufactures it, and the next part is derived from burow’s solution. This powder has been used in many skin conditions as a perfect treatment for more than 50 years, but these days it has emerged out as a potential cure for herpes. Let us see how domeboro powder is helpful in herpes and cold sores treatment.

Benefits of Domeboro Powder in Herpes


Herpes, whether it is oral or genital, displays two types of symptoms. One is the external symptoms like cold sores, itching and fluid filled blisters on the skin of the mouth or genitals. In case you are contracted with genital herpes, the skin around your genitals will be affected. And the other parts of the suffering are the internal symptoms that are fever, tiredness, fatigue etc. This is going to be the same with both- oral herpes patients as well as genital herpes patients. But, if it is oral herpes, the skin around your lips and nose will be the victim. Both types of cold sores are horribly painful.

While cold sores in oral herpes tend to heal faster than the sores on the genitals, the former is also impossible to hide. The cold sores associated with oral herpes arrive at such a prominent place at your face that no cloth can hide them. Some herpes patients skip their jobs during herpes outbreaks because of the threat of the sores revealing their infections to everyone around. Others use the most expensive creams to get rid of the cold sores faster. But least of you are aware that domeboro powder helps cold sores heal faster. Yes, domeboro powder can be used in genital as well as oral herpes and it helps in the following manners.

Domeboro powder helps to dry the sores:


Cold sores are the primary symptoms of herpes, and for sure, the most annoying ones also. The first outbreak of herpes is unforgettable for anyone, but subsequent herpes outbreaks do not usually create much problem internally. They are the cold sores that persistently create the real trouble in your life. Cold sores are the primary symptoms of herpes outbreaks and they arrive as soon as the virus starts replicating inside your body. And then they gradually turn into red, fluid filled and extremely painful blisters that do not leave your skin really soon. This fluid is very dangerous and it is this fluid that possibly spreads the same infection to other places of your skin too.

Whenever you touch the skin affected by fluid filled blisters, even for treatment, the virus has a chance to travel to other places through your own hands. In this case the area of cold sores continues to expand and you cannot do anything but watch that virus growing its territory on your body. Well, this was the case of past, and now you have domeboro powder for herpes. You can use domeboro powder in fluid filled blisters as this powder acts as a drying agent and will soak all the fluid on frequent applications. Once you get rid of the fluid, nothing much is left and the mark of cold sores will also have no option but to leave your skin.

Domeboro powder for herpes controls itching:


Apart from the fluid accumulated inside the sores, if something is a real threat for the cure of cold sores, it is itching. Itching is something that is often accompanied by cold sores, and in most of the cases, it is the act which is responsible for the formation of new cold sores at unexpected sites. Of course, everyone, even your doctor would give you instructions on not to touch the cold sores affected skin. It is very easy to give such instructions, but ask those who have that bad itching. How can you expect someone to control the hand when it itches badly?

It is not going to be a big problem with domeboro powder for herpes. Domeboro powder for herpes will help you by relieving the cold sores from itching. First of all it makes them dry, and kills the fluid that is a reason behind itching. Secondly, it acts as an astringent and hence no other bacteria or virus has a chance to grow on the skin already affected by cold sores. This way domeboro powder for herpes kills all the causes of itching and you can feel relaxed.

Domeboro powder for cold sores helps them heal fast:


Domeboro powder for herpes makes it easy to get rid of cold sores by directly and indirectly influencing the healing of the cold sores. This amazing powder contributes to the healing of skin affected by cold sores indirectly by controlling the factors that often give the herpes simplex virus an extension to live on your skin. And these two are the fluid and itching. By controlling these two, it restricts the herpes simplex virus, and it has no option to expand its territory. The next step is to make sure that the primary infection also gets normal soon. You can expect the same using domeboro powder for herpes.

These were the benefits of doemboro powder for herpes treatment. It can help you win the fight with herpes by winning over the most disgusting symptom of herpes- cold sores and fluid filled blisters. Let us see how you can use this domeboro powder for herpes treatment.

How to Use Domeboro Powder in Herpes?


The safest way to use domeboro powder is to mix one part of the powder in three parts of water. Apply this solution to normal skin and note the effect for a few minutes. After 10 to 15 minutes, if you do not develop any rashes or skin allergies, you can apply the same solution on the cold sores. It is not that domeboro powder is not safe, but you should follow the same procedure while going on with any of the topical applications.

After checking for allergies, you just have to dip a piece of cotton in the solution and apply this solution directly on the cold sores. Repeat this process and every time you touch the sores, it should be with a new piece of cotton to avoid secondary infections. Some people even directly sprinkle domeboro powder on cold sores. This is a good option if you are sure that you are not allergic to domeboro powder and the fluid has accumulated in the cold sores. But while doing this, you have to be precautious with the amount of powder. Otherwise you deal with a lighter version of the domeboro powder, but sprinkling dry powder is quite strong, hence you should take minimal amount if at all you are keen interested in this way of using domeboro powder for herpes.

Domeboro powder for herpes is the safest way to deal with cold sores and other external symptoms of herpes. All other topical treatments of cold sores are highly expensive and at the same time are also not good for your skin. If you rarely have cold sores, this might not bother you, but if you are a frequent sufferer of herpes, applying the same topical ointment loaded with harsh chemicals on your tender skin can start making it black. Also, all of these ointments have possible side effects like itching, rashes, and burning sensation. Why bear so much when you have domeboro powder for herpes? Not only domeboro powder, there many other natural alternatives to take good care of your skin while treating the cold sores, and it is high time you transit to these safe methods of treating herpes.



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