DMSO For Herpes – Now You Can Cure Herpes With DMSO

DMSO for herpes

DMSO For Herpes Cure – Now the Sores Can Be Treated Using DMSO

DMSO was characterized by Dr. Morton Walker in his book “DMSO — Nature’s Healer” as being safer than aspirin. And this is not just one instance where this wonder product has been cited as a gift for human body. There are several research reports and experiment outcomes that indicate that DMSO is more than just a colorless liquid. This was discovered in Germany as a by-product of the paper making process in the 19th century, but since then, scientists have invested time on studying and understanding the medicinal capabilities of dimethyl sulfoxide, something we call DMSO.

Several new revelations gradually made this product famous and as it gained reputation as a healer, it became the center of attraction for the researchers who were working on the deadly diseases of the decade like cancer and stroke. In one study with rats, DMSO was found to delay the spread of one cancer and prolong survival rates with another. And you know how many lives cancer is taking every day. If something can resolve this problem, we would have our loved ones living a long and healthy life, right? In another surprising claim made by Dr. de la Torre DMSO was clearly described as a very good product for stroke. Stroke also is one of the biggest problems of the century and it takes no time claiming a life. Then came the results of a few experiments that were conducted on herpes patients. Herpes too is not a small issue these days. In fact, people today are more afraid of herpes than HIV. The later one surely is life threatening, but herpes has much more stigma associated with it.

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It all starts with herpes simplex virus type 1 or herpes simplex type two entering human body and more than disturbing a human being physically, it tortures him or her emotionally. Over and above that, the fear of rejection from the society adds to the sufferings of the patient. And the last but not the least, the incurability of the infection makes the life of any herpes patient hell. So, in all we can say that as far as the mental trauma and social fear is concerned, herpes is no less chronic than the deadliest diseases of the time. Hence it was time to test the wonder product against the biggest threat to the society- herpes. These experiments tested DMSO for herpes treatment and all of them happily concluded that their experiments were successful.

Yes, now we have something that can not only treat it, but DMSO cures herpes naturally with absolutely no side effects. You have got the answer to the question- whether DMSO cures herpes or not, but is it enough? There are many websites where this information is displayed clearly and boldly, and you can get the same on reading a few research publications on DMSO and herpes. And knowing DMSO and Herpes is enough for one who doesn’t have to actually use the treatment. But, if you are a herpes patient, there is a lot more you need to know and you should know about DMSO and herpes. Starting with how this product can be used in herpes to is it safe to use DMSO for herpes or not, today we will talk about everything in detail. First let us try to explore how DMSO cures herpes and what are the benefits that any herpes patient would receive on using DMSO for herpes treatment.

Benefits Of DMSO In Herpes

DMSO in herpes

According to a report published in 2002, Dimethyl sulfoxide blocks herpes simplex virus-1 productive infection in vitro acting at different stages with positive cooperation. And this is just one instance where it was seen that DMSO was highly effective against herpes simplex virus. After a dozen of research outcomes hinted the activity of DMSO in herpes treatment, only then a few studies were conducted to see how and exactly why DMSO for herpes is the perfect cure.

First of all, DMSO in herpes treatment is effective because it reduces inflammation by several mechanisms. The anti inflammatory action of DMSO is well established and there is no doubt on this medicinal action of the natural product. But its application on the cold sores is in news these days. Cold sores are the primary and most horrifying symptoms of herpes. They occur in both types of herpes- oral herpes and genital herpes. The pain and intensity of the cold sores remains the same and only the location changes. So, to treat herpes outbreak, you first need to control the spread of cold sores. And to minimize the destruction from the cold sores, you must know how to use DMSO for herpes.

Secondly, DMSO has long been used to promote healing. People who have it on hand often use it for minor cuts and burns and report that recovery is speedy. Its benefits in repairing the infected skin tissues are well known. And this property of DMSO can be utilized against cold sores too. Cold sores also leave the skin open and in this open skin, there are chances of microbial growth too. This is what we call secondary infection and it makes the skin really itchy, painful and bad. DMSO cure herpes not only because of its action against herpes simplex, but by making the wounded and aching skin heal faster, it also saves you from developing secondary infection. The double action of the natural product ensures that you are safe from future herpes outbreaks too. Yes, it is possible to use DMSO for herpes prevention too. Let us see various ways in which we can use DMSO in herpes treatment.

herpes outbreaks

How to Use DMSO For Herpes Treatment?

A mixture of 70 percent DMSO and 30 percent water solution is probably the most widely topical analgesic in almost every corner of the world. But to use DMSO for herpes treatment, you need to use it in a slightly different manner. In case you have herpes outbreaks, you can go for a three day course of DMSO for herpes. In this, you have to topically apply this solution on the skin affected by cold sores.

Simply take cotton and dip it in DMSO solution readily available in market. First apply the solution on the normal healthy skin. Wait for a few minutes and if you do not develop any allergy, you can go forward and apply the same to cold sores. You have to repeat the same for three days continuously. The three-day treatment should begin at the first day of outbreak because DMSO in herpes gives best results when applied for three days at the beginning of an outbreak called the “prodome” period. Some people even recommend repeating the treatment once every month for five months. They believe that since the cold sores if occur in near future, occur only at the same or nearly same place. And applying DMSO for herpes on that place may act as a preventative measure.

Precautions To Be Taken While Using DMSO In Herpes Treatment


Although DMSO is a naturally occurring medication, it should be used cautiously and you must follow certain precautionary measures. First and foremost precaution is for every pregnant woman. DMSO should not be used by women who are pregnant. Although there is no harm shown in any study, extra care should be taken by pregnant women while using DMSO in herpes. In fact, if you have herpes and are expecting, you must tell the doctor about it immediately. Another generic precaution is to test the solution of DMSO on a small area of the skin to make sure that an allergy does not appear. If there are no signs of allergy, only then you should think of applying to a larger surface. With these precautions, DMSO for herpes becomes one of the safest available cures with absolutely no side effects.

DMSO has a long history of medicinal use and as long as you are using it externally, you don’t even have to think about the side effects. Its impact on reducing the progress rate of cancer and reduction in the chances of stroke are also some extra benefits which pulls you towards it. Apart from these major benefits, there is one minor yet crucial difference that you will see while using DMSO in herpes. You will stay safe from the unwanted but inseparable side effects of the chemical methods of treating herpes. If you think only drugs are harmful, think again. The topical ointments are made up of chemicals that are enemy for herpes simplex virus, but they are unable to distinguish between normal cells and infected cells. This inability many times creates trouble for the healthy cells, damaging the skin too. Sometimes we see our skin color changing to black on repeated applications of the topical ointments, while many other times, itching and redness are experienced by the herpes patients.

DMSO and herpes

All this can be avoided if you choose to use DMSO for herpes treatment. Since it is natural, it brings no harm for your skin as well as body. This is why you can use it externally for a long period of time. So, in the beginning, we only knew that DMSO cures herpes, and now, we definitely have much more in our brain about the relationship between DMSO and herpes. If you also have clear picture in mind, simply go ahead and utilize the nature’s healer to save your skin from all the undesirable side effects as well as the cold sores and recurring herpes outbreaks. Experience the magical changes in your life, skin and herpes outbreaks with DMSO.

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