Curcumin And Herpes Virus – Can Herpes Be Cured Using Curcumin ?

curcumin and herpes virus

Curcumin And Herpes Virus – Is There Any Connection?

Herpes is the most common infection and herpes simplex virus is today an uninvited guest in the bodies of billions of people all around the world. If you are also one of them, more than feeling sorry for you, we feel you are blessed that you have come to this page at such a perfect time. By the time you would finish reading this article, you would have in hand not only the cure for herpes, but also a perfect treatment for many other health ailments. Whether it is a chronic illness like cancer or a mild infection on your skin, or something as dreadful as herpes, curcumin can deal with all. And it took decades of hard work and more than 10,000 research papers to make us realize what our ancestors were pretty sure about. And out of these 10,000 studies, many indicated that it is more advantageous to use curcumin than any other prescription drug.

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It is great that recently, science has started to back up what our forefathers had known for quite a long time. This is going to help millions of herpes patients who were till now wasting their hard earned money and invaluable health by buying antiviral drugs to treat the symptoms of herpes. Curcumin and herpes virus are studied together recently and curcumin is not the only natural cure for herpes. We have many other natural products that can help us in fighting with the infection in a healthy manner, but curcumin, since backed by scientific studies and reliable pieces of evidences. Till today, you might were afraid to use any herbal treatment because no doctor prescribes something like curcumin as a cure for herpes. You will be shocked to know that curcumin is nowadays included in many medicines, but the other chemicals present in the drugs ruin the healing power of the compound. Hence if you want to grab all the benefits of curcumin in herpes, prefer using it in natural form.

How Is It Effective In Herpes?

Herpes virus and curcumin are definitely the opposites of each other, but what makes curcumin and herpes virus enemies? How exactly these two are related? Curcumin has medicinal properties and we all are aware of this fact now, but some of its medicinal features resemble the properties of antiviral drugs that are generally prescribed I herpes infection. Yes, only some features are same, and many others are far better than what antiviral drugs have in store. We will talk about all of them in detail, but first let us see what makes curcumin and herpes virus enemies.


  • Curcumin is Anti inflammatory in nature. This property of the compound enables it to cure the swelling and inflammation caused due to cold sores and rapid replication of the herpes virus.
  • Due to the Anti viral properties present in curcumin, turmeric is famous as one of the best anti viral and anti bacterial agent. It is seen that regular intake of turmeric can kill many microbes and in some other cases like herpes, it helps in keeping the virus suppressed.
  • Curcumin is what makes turmeric immune enhancing powder. This is why in many parts of Asia, people regularly use this herbal powder to boost immunity and keep their body safe against all the common problems as well as life threatening diseases like cancer. Turmeric was recently in news and also got recognition in the entire world because of its amazing effect against the deadliest disease- cancer. No one could have ever imagined that a common spice can have such a prominent role in prevention of a disease like cancer which is taking so many lives these days. Same is the situation with herpes as well. It is the sexually transmitted infection which is not life threatening, but the terror of this infection is more than any other disease. Hence we ignore it completely when someone tells than curmine and herpes virus are enemies and you can cure herpes with turmeric. But those who are aware of the capabilities of curcumin are using it everyday and are living a much better life.
  • Apart from being immune builder, curcumin also is excellent pain reliever. Pain in various parts of your body and fever are two very common symptoms of herpes outbreak and almost everyone going through this phase have to deal with these two.  Till now you were taking help of antiviral drugs and some pain relieving drugs were also included in this pack if the pain was really acute. But now you know you have a natural alternative that can take care of these two symptoms, so from now onwards you can get rid of every symptom of herpes with curcumin.

curcumin for herpes in turmeric

These are a few ways in which curcumin can help in herpes and the list includes almost everything antiviral drugs can do for you, but thankfully, curcumin is free from all the side effects that are inseparable from the pack of antiviral drugs. Let us see all the different ways we can use curcumin and get rid of herpes virus.

How To Use Curcumin For Herpes?

The most common natural source of curcumin is turmeric. Turmeric is a yellow colored herbal powder that is extracted from the roots of turmeric plant. In many Asian countries, this powder is used as a day to day spice in veggies and soups. Some people include it in the cuisines because of the magnificent flavor it adds, while others like the yellow color the herbal powder gives your food. A minor portion of the Asian population uses it because they are aware of the health benefits this herbal powder has in store. And in case you are in a doubt, almost all the medicinal and healing properties of turmeric are due to curcumin. Curcumin is a great antioxidant and it is the only reason behind the popularity of turmeric.

So, next time, whenever you read anything about turmeric, assume that it is curcumin acting behind the scenes. Coming back to curcumin and herpes virus, we can intake curcumin via turmeric. Turmeric powder is easily available and using it also is not difficult. People use turmeric directly on wounds as it accelerates the healing of the skin. The same can be done with the cold sores as well. Let us see how we can use turmeric, with this you will also get to know the exact relation between curcumin and herpes virus.


Topical Application Of Curcumin On Cold Sores

You can use turmeric for topically applying on the skin affected by cold sores. Cold sores are the worst symptoms of herpes and you cannot go out for many days if they are visible, right on your lips or nose. The pain and discomfort due to cold sores is also quite difficult to bear. On the top of everything, if you apply ointment, the intense chemicals present in it will start making your skin black with time. On the other hand, leaving them untreated is an open invitation to secondary infections. Yes, cold sores result out of an infection, but in these fluid filled sores as well, there are chances of other microbes replicating. This makes them fade away really slow.

You can smartly beat the cold sores and at the time take good care of your skin by using skin friendly, natural and effective curcumin. Yes, you can use curcumin for cold sores treatment. To let curcumin do its work, just sprinkle a pinch of turmeric powder on the cold sores if they appear to be fluid filled. If the cold sores are at the initial stage of formation, you can use turmeric paste. To make turmeric paste, mix half a teaspoon of turmeric with a few drops of glycerin. If glycerin is not available, make the paste with water. Apply this paste twice on the cold sores everyday and you will start noticing the difference.

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Apart from helping us in getting rid of the cold sores, you can also use curcumin for herpes cure internally as a tool to fight against the rapid replication of the virus. Taking in curcumin in some form also is helpful in several other health ailments. There are many ways you can take the compound.

  • You can avail the health benefits of curcumin by adding a pinch of turmeric to every veggie you eat. This will give a nice yellow color to the bowl, and will make it healthy as well.
  • If not in vegetables, you can also add a pinch or more to the soup you drink in winters. Some people also prefer drinking milk mixed with turmeric powder before they go to sleep every night. Drinking it raw with milk is not going to taste that good, but if you are alright with it, just go ahead.

So, you can use turmeric and your body will be blessed with all the benefits of curcumin and the most important of which is- getting rid of herpes virus. There are thousands of people who have got the desired results by using curcumin and all this tells us that curcumin and herpes virus are enemies for sure.


These were all the ways you can use curcumin for herpes treatment, and you also have enough reasons to use curcumin and cure herpes. We have provided you complete and authentic information, and by now, you also must have understood the actual relationship between curcumin and herpes virus. The decision is up to you, whether you choose to continue the present treatment, or try curcumin for a few days, it is your body and your long term health which are going to suffer the most. We have told you everything curcumin as a herpes cure can do. Compare it with antiviral drugs in terms of effectiveness, cost, side effects and availability and then take the right decision. In case you still are not aware of what antiviral drugs for herpes can do to your body, first get an insight of all the side effects as this factor is going to impact your decision directly.

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After taking everything into consideration, go ahead with what is best for your long term health.

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