Chamomile For Herpes Outbreaks – Know The Way To Cure Herpes With Chamomile

Chamomile for herpes

Chamomile for Herpes Outbreaks – How Can Chamomile Be Useful In Curing Herpes Outbreaks?

With a long and convincing history of medicinal use, chamomile for herpes outbreaks treatment doesn’t seem surprising at all. If you have ever heard about or have used the herbal product, you might have a fair idea of the power and healing abilities of chamomile. But for those who are new to this herb, and also for those who are recently diagnosed with herpes, it is important to know what is chamomile and how it works against herpes infection. Chamomile is a flowering herb that has beautiful white flowers. This is what we know chamomile as today, but in history it was surely more than just a flowering plant. The word “chamomile” comes from ancient Greek word-“Chamomaela”, and means “ground apple”.

In ancient times, chamomile was known for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties, and today we are here because we want to treat herpes outbreaks with chamomile. In the Egyptian history, we can see not just one or two but many uses of this herb. In Egypt, it was first mentioned as a cure for fever, often called the “ague”. The crushed flowers were also rubbed on the skin as a cosmetic. You will find many such examples in many civilizations settled in different corners of the world. But some researchers have revealed that chamomile treats herpes outbreaks, and this has raised the expectations of many from this herbal product. Without talking much about the research and the outcomes, let us talk about the benefits and used of chamomile in treating herpes.

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Benefits of Chamomile in Herpes Outbreaks

Chamomile helps in herpes in more than a few ways. It is a potential holistic cure for herpes because this herbal remedy can not only deal with the physical discomfort associated with herpes outbreaks, but it can very well address the psychological issues related to herpes. Let us see all the ways you can take help from the herb chamomile.

Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression:

You can use chamomile and herpes outbreaks will no more be able to bother you mentally. Herpes is a sexually transmitted infection that is often linked with the embarrassment, mental weakness and broken relationships. Yes, we can avoid all this easily as all we need to do is to change the mindset of the society. This is easy said than done, hence, the wiser way is to choose a treatment method that can deal with physical as well as mental symptoms of herpes. Chamomile treats herpes outbreaks naturally and effectively because it takes care of both the aspects. In fact, chamomile is used as a natural remedy against sleeping disorder, anxiety and depression.  All three are common and they affect millions of herpes patients at some point of their lives.

Chamomile Heals Cold Sores Fast:


If you use chamomile oil or the extract prepared with the flower of chamomile, you can get rid of the embarrassing fluid filled blisters very fast. Not only chamomile oil is famous for treating the cold sores, but it also is known for the soothing effect it leaves on the burning and itchy skin.

Chamomile Builds Immunity Against Herpes Simplex Virus:

Reason behind some people living herpes outbreak free life despite being infected with the virus lies in immunity. If your immunity system is strong, the herpes simplex virus is not going to get any chance to activate and replicate. Without replicating, it is as good as not being there. Hence immunity has a prominent role to play in determining the frequency of herpes outbreaks in a particular individual and in fact, we can say that it is the key to a herpes free life. Chamomile for herpes outbreaks is considered to be the best of all the herbs because it is immunity enhancing in nature. With regular use of this herb, you would see your immune system strengthening each day.

How to Use Chamomile For Herpes Outbreaks?


Chamomile can be used in various forms for treating herpes and its outbreaks. We will start with the simplest of all. The very first and the simplest of all the ways is to grab a pack of chamomile capsules. Yes, chamomile capsules are readily available in the market these days. This speaks of the popularity of herb among herpes patients as well as general people who are fed up of the side effects of the allopathic medicines. You can take these capsules and they will help you in fighting with herpes outbreaks, the embarrassing cold sores and also the painful episodes of herpes simplex virus attack. This is simple, and hence we have discussed it as the very first way, but that doesn’t mean it also is the best. In fact, this should be preferred by only those patients of herpes who have no access to dried as well as fresh flowers of chamomile.

If you have chamomile flowers available anywhere near you, you must use the natural form. You might now have so many doubts regarding how and when to use the natural flowers of chamomile for herpes outbreaks. Don’t worry, in the coming section, we have described in detail the procedure to make chamomile tea. Yes, you can make chamomile tea at home and this will be the purest form. Have a look at the ways you can make and use chamomile tea against herpes outbreaks.

Chamomile Tea


Fresh chamomile tea is worth a try if you are suffering from herpes, or is a tea addict and also in case you want to try something new. Chamomile tea for herpes outbreaks is one of the simplest yet effective ways to get rid of those painful episodes provided you know how to use this magnificent tea as a remedy against herpes.

  • You need a teapot, water and chamomile flowers to make chamomile tea at home.
  • Make sure what you have are chamomile flowers only and next use them as soon as they are harvested. The on shelf life of the petals of chamomile flowers is only one day and they can survive for a couple of days only if refrigerated properly. So, in case you want to use the flowers after a day or two, you should be aware of the refrigeration procedure.
  • Take a tea pot and add approximately 8 oz of water to it. Once the water starts boiling, add two to three tablespoons of chamomile flowers to it.
  • Let the solution boil for about 10 minutes and then switch off the flame.
  • To serve, pour into a teacup, using a fine mesh strainer as needed and drink once it cools down to appropriate temperature.
  • If you don’t want to use fresh flower, you can also replace the same with dried leaves and flowers of chamomile.
  • The procedure of making tea with dried chamomile will be the same and you only have to take the chamomile flowers in lesser amount if they are dried.


This was the procedure to make chamomile tea. You can either follow any of the above stated procedures or simply have chamomile tea bags and make tea with the herbal bags. Choose anything according to your preference and availability.

Chamomile Oil

Some scientists in Germany tested the effect of chamomile oil on herpes simplex virus type 1 and herpes simplex virus type 2. The results were amazing and unbelievable but unfortunately it took them almost a decade to convert those test tube experiments come out for public use. Those experiments were conducted back in 2006 and after more than a decade we have come to a conclusion that it is safe and effective to use chamomile for herpes outbreaks. All we can say is- “better late than never”. Another study found chamomile oil to be a very active antiviral agent against both the types of herpes simplex viruses. Apart from killing the herpes simplex infecting the cells of your skin, chamomile oil also soothes the skin when applied.


  • Clean the skin that is affected with cold sores or if you are feeling the same tingling sensation as you felt when the cold sores appeared the last time, you must first wash the skin with water.
  • Dry the skin out either with a piece of cotton or with a soft towel. If you are using a cotton, make sure that you throw the piece in dustbin as soon as you use it. Using the same piece twice can double the chances of spreading the infection at other places too.
  • After carefully cleaning and drying the skin affected with cold sores, you can apply chamomile oil. Diluting it and checking on the normal part of your skin for allergic reactions is a nice idea. Once you are sure that you are not allergic to chamomile oil, you can go ahead and apply the same on the painful and irritating cold sores.
  • Applying the oil on the cold sores from the time you see or feel the cold sore appearing on your body is the best action. You can repeat the same process twice everyday to ensure proper and faster healing.


Chamomile is the best ever cure for herpes outbreaks simply because it deals with the two key aspects of the infection-mental torture and immunity. While one saves you from getting into trouble of low self esteem and depression, the other one is absolutely necessary to make sure you have a herpes outbreak free life. Chamomile for herpes outbreaks hence is the perfect and much needed cure for all the problems that are caused by herpes. we have listed all the possible ways you can use and get benefited from chamomile, and now we leave the decision of using chamomile for herpes outbreaks up to you.

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