Burdock Root Tea For Herpes – Cure Herpes With The Goodness of Burdock Root Tea

burdock root tea for herpes

Burdock Root Tea For Herpes – A Natural Herb That Can Take Away All Your Pain And Sufferings

What if I tell you that there is a natural herb that can take all your pain as well as the source of pain- herpes, miles away from you. Would you still ignore it? What if I tell you that with this herbal cure for herpes, you will not suffer from any side effect, even if you choose to take it for lifetime? Would you look back at the antiviral drugs again? I know that it is too nice to be real, but there is a herbal cure for herpes- burdock root tea for herpes which can give you all this and that too at the negligible cost. If you can’t believe it right now, we will talk about every aspect of the new cure- burdock root tea for herpes in much detail. Today, we will tell you a beautiful and amazingly effective cure for herpes, and as we talk about the side effects of antiviral drugs used in herpes treatment, we will tell you a long list of benefits of burdock root tea. Yes, curing herpes is more than enough for any herpes patient, but you will be glad to know that it has other significant benefits too.

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Burdock root tea has been used by mankind since ages and in different cultures. The purpose of use might differ, but burdock root can be seen in the medicinal history of most of the cultures. There were many such herbs that were traditionally used for healing purposes, but all of them were lost behind the expensive advertising campaigns of the pharmaceutical companies. Some of them were so much useful that we could not afford to stop using them, and burdock root was also one of them. Somehow it survived the difficult times, and today when the world is once again moving towards the herbal and natural cures for diseases which are otherwise incurable with allopathic medicines, burdock root is once again gaining the popularity and trust it deserved. It is used in the traditional Chinese medicines to treat cough, fever, sore throat, arthritis, rheumatism, anorexia nervosa, and various gastrointestinal disorders. Apart from this, in many countries, a simple tea made from the dried leaves is an effective wash for treating various skin conditions, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, and athlete’s foot. Not only skin, but in recent past, burdock root tea was considered a treatment for cancer, catarrh, and syphilis.

The Incredible Properties of This Herb Make It Extremely Beneficial For Mankind….

Yes, the incredible medicinal properties of the herb make it usable in almost every problem human can have. If you think critically, from scalp problems to the athlete’s foot, from liver detoxification to skin issues, it had a use and role to play in almost every health problem. And now the recent studies have also shown that you can use burdock root tea for herpes cure and the results will be unbelievable.

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Antibiotics are the main treatment for both, oral and genital herpes. They are main not because of there effectiveness, but because they are advertised so much that people all around the world think that they are the only medium for curing every type of health ailments. If we talk about the effectiveness of herpes medications, they are a great source of temporary relief in all the major and minor symptoms of herpes. Yes, antiviral drugs are effective, but all of their effect is temporary and for this temporary effectiveness, you let all the other side effects enter into your body. Before you start looking at the antivirals as the best way to treat herpes, you should see the other side of the coin. The inevitable side of antiviral medications for herpes is the long list of side effects induced in human body. Although we pay only for the treatment of herpes, but this is what we get for free.

To know details about why you should never use antivirals for herpes, click here.

These reasons are more than enough for leaving the antiviral treatment behind and moving forward to herbal cures like burdock root tea for herpes. In fact, these are the reasons that are leading to the re-invention of the amazing herbs like burdock root. Let us see all the benefits of burdock root tea in herpes. We will also throw some light on what makes burdock root tea for herpes so much effective and side effect free. Then we will discuss in detail all the ways you can use burdock root tea to treat herpes.


How Much Beneficial Burdock Root Tea as Herpes Cure is?

One cup of burdock root tea contains calcium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B6, phosphorus, folate and other essential minerals like manganese. With all these present in considerable amount in every cup of the herbal tea, you can now assess the nutritional value of burdock root tea. Yes, this herbal tea indeed is one of the best you can have to ensure a good health, but there are some specific properties that make it worth using in diseases like herpes and diabetes which are incurable in the allopathic healing. There is no medicine till date that can cure herpes and the same is the case with diabetes as well. Yes, there are medicines that can help you get rid of the symptoms, that too temporarily, but we cannot call it a cure, right?

Burdock root tea works in herpes by dealing with the cold sores in the much required manner. This herb has been long used as a skin healer. It is being used in many parts of the world to treat skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis, but cold sores are a bit different. Cold sores are the very first and quite painful symptoms of herpes outbreaks. Whenever the herpes simplex virus starts replicating inside our bodies, we get to know about it when we see a new cold sore forming either near our lips, or somewhere around our nose, or on the genitals as in case of genital herpes. Cold sores appear in the beginning and leave you when you are completely over with the herpes outbreaks. Most of the topical treatments help you in treating cold sores only when they have ruined your skin badly. But burdock root tea for herpes is different here. It will start working as soon as you start using the herbal powder. Burdock root tea for herpes will make your skin look like it was before the occurrence of cold sores in a span of a few days only. And it does all this while preserving the natural beauty of your skin.

The Antimicrobial Action of Burdock Root Tea for Herpes Makes It A Perfect Choice for All the Herpes Patients….

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Apart from this, the antimicrobial action of the herbal tea- burdock root tea for herpes, makes it a perfect choice for all the herpes patients. All the antiviral drugs and medicines claim that they can fight with viruses, but unfortunately, no drug has been discovered that can actually kill viruses. Here, herbs like burdock root can do much better as they are known for treating all diseases caused by bacteria, fungus and some viruses. We are glad that herpes simplex is in the list of those viruses. It must be on the top of the list of most hated creatures in this planet as it has stolen confidence of many, broken relationships of millions and have given a lot of otherwise avoidable stress to so many others. Thankfully, we have something like burdock root tea for herpes now. We cannot do much about the damage that has already been done, but yes our future will definitely be the same as anyone without carrying herpes simplex in his or her body.

Burdock root tea for herpes treatment is gaining popularity because of the reviews the natural product is getting everyday from every corner of the world. This has made the product easily available in various forms. Today, you can use the burdock root in a supplement form, as well as the powder of the root is available at many health stores. You can choose either of the two options, and none of them is disadvantageous, but in case you want to use the most natural form and are collecting the root of burdock from nature, you have to be careful.


First of all, the root must be peeled off just like carrot and you should clean it before using for internal consumption. Even before peeling it, you have to select the edible root of burdock. Some plantations have pesticides sprayed on them. You must avoid the use or know the exact process of removing the pesticide from it. Once you have in hand the burdock root, take two cups of water and bring it to boil. To this boiling water, add a teaspoon of crushed burdock root. Let the root boil and let the water extract all the goodness of the root. When you see the volume of water reducing to almost half, switch off the flame. You will be left with just a cup of water in the bowl. But this one cup of water treated with burdock root is the secret to a herpes free life. Yes, millions of people all around the world are going mad over this cup of tea.

Drink this extract twice daily and all your worries about the herpes outbreaks will be gone. You can also get readymade tea bags of burdock root tea in case you find the process of making the tea yourself a bit complex. But again, the process we have told has its own set of advantages as well. According to your choice you can go for the method which is most suitable for you. Whichever method you choose, the results will be a healthier and herpes free body. We are sorry but this list of methods does not include antiviral drugs, and you better know the reason now.


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