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Anal Herpes And Its Symptoms

When the herpes virus attacks the tender skin around your anus and turns it into painful blisters, we call it anal herpes. Anal herpes is something even more painful and uncomfortable than any other type of herpes. You can develop this infection through sexual contact with an already infected person. The herpes patient suffering from anal herpes may experience one or more of the following symptoms.

  1. Unusual itching in the anal region, which is often followed by pain in the same area.
  2. Itching is the very first symptom and after itching small white or red sores will develop around your anus. This may take a few days or you may see them in a couple of hours only.
  3. A few days after the sores appear, they rupture and what comes out of them is thick liquid. This liquid discharge is the most painful symptom among all other symptoms of anal herpes.
  4. If you are really unlucky, the small blisters may turn out to become really painful ulcers.
  5. In addition to the external changes you may also experience some changes in the bowel moments. People with anal herpes may complain of constipation, diarrhea or abnormal stool consistency.
  6. Blood in the stools, anal drainage of blood, and pus with unbearable odor are some other most common symptoms reported by the patients with anal herpes.

Although these symptoms are enough to give you a hint that you have anal herpes, but still the doctor may examine the sores physically. In case of some doubt, blood sample is taken from the patient’s body to confirm that it is anal herpes only and no other infection. Anal herpes treatment is further taken care by the doctor in the form of antivirals after the diagnosis. One can transmit the herpes virus when the blisters are present around the anus. Even when you do not see any unusual signs of outbreak you can act as a transmitter.

Is There Any Option for Anal Herpes Treatment?

It may be the case that your next outbreak is about to appear, or it may be the situation that it has already happened and you have developed blisters in the inside of the anus, which is why you are unable to see them. This means that you are a potential transmitter even when you do not have anal herpes outbreak at present. This was about diagnosis and the next question that threatens every anal herpes patient is when the next outbreak will hit me. “Is there any option for anal herpes treatment?”- this question is as painful as the infection because of no answer yet. The exact time between two subsequent outbreaks of anal herpes cannot be predicted as the frequency of outbreaks may vary from person to person. In fact, with the same anal herpes patient, the gap between two consecutive anal herpes outbreaks varies greatly. It depends on your body type, the immune system efficiency to protect your body, your present health condition, eating habits and lifestyle. All these things together contribute to the occurrence or delay of anal herpes outbreak. Over time the episodes of anal herpes outbreak will decrease both in frequency as well as duration, but initially they may create unbearable trouble and panic. This is the tendency of every type of herpes infection, initially it will turn your life upside down and then gradually the virus will become dormant. The virus plays smart hiding itself in the innermost cell making it difficult for the researchers to get any method for treatment of any kind of herpes, say anal herpes treatment or any other.

What Do Doctors and Antivirals Do to you Anal Herpes?

antivirals for herpesOnly when you do some act that triggers the herpes virus, you once again will get the anal herpes attack otherwise it will not trouble you. Some of the anal herpes patients use suppressive treatment therapy for their anal herpes treatment in order to prevent future anal herpes outbreaks and also to avoid transmitting it to their partner. Others take help of antivirals occasionally only to deal with the current outbreak. This one is called episodic therapy. Whatever therapy you choose, always keep in mind the possible side effects of prolonged use of antivirals in case of anal herpes. This is the most convenient topical anal herpes treatment method and other variants of genital herpes, but unfortunately not the most beneficial one. Buy a pack of acyclovir cream from a medicine or health store and apply it five times a day to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms of herpes on the skin around anus. You can use it thrice daily if you do not have much sever pain and itching. You can use the cream right from the first signs of the anal herpes outbreak become visible and continue using it for a day or two after everything clears up near your anus to avoid transmission to your partner. Acyclovir also comes in tablet form, as it is the most common antiviral prescribed to all the anal herpes patients. This works by attacking the herpes simplex virus internally while the topical form kills the virus present on the skin and trying to spread the cold sores.

If you consult the doctor, whether you have oral herpes or anal herpes, he will send you home with a bundle of the same antivirals. The next time you visit him for the same problem, the only change in the prescription will be the date. Your problem will remain the same and also the doctor’s prescription will remain unchanged. Then what are antivirals for? These expensive drugs are meant only to suppress the symptoms of your current anal herpes outbreak and have nothing to do with preventing or delaying future outbreaks. Antivirals- The so called anal herpes treatment options are not treating the mental condition of stressed anal herpes patients but they are busy masking the symptoms, that too only physical symptoms. And for doing this favor they make us compromise our long term health. So many side effects are induced in our body when we depend on antivirals for a long time, but still we rely on one or the other variant of the same drug. This type of anal herpes treatment should not be your choice at all. Read more to know about why you should never use antivirals for herpes treatment.

If you are okay with the burden on your pocket, if you can bear the long term consequences of taking many pills everyday, if you do not have a problem with reoccurring outbreaks of anal herpes, you can go for this anal herpes treatment. But if you are hungry for a healthy body and also want to minimize the expenses on medicines, you can go for other alternative methods for anal herpes treatment. Have you ever heard of some very beneficial alternative treatments for anal herpes? If not then you are at the right place. We will see not one or two but many anal herpes treatment modes.

Some Natural ways to Get Instant Relief

ice pack for HerpesWe will start with some simple topical applications moving towards the most effective anal herpes cure. Sometimes something like ice pack can do the needful especially when it is about getting relief in the painful sores of anal herpes. Ice pack can give you instant relief if applied for adequate amount of time, and you do not have to go to the medicine store to get it. Ice cubes can be sued to reduce the swelling or pain or the redness of the anal region in anal herpes. It can be applied every 3 to 4 hours to reduce the pain and redness of sores. Make sure you dry the sore after applying the ice pack for a few minutes and discard the cubes used once on the sores. If you find it difficult to apply ice cubes, try soaking your body in the bath tub filled with warm water for about 10 minutes. This will not only reach your anal region very easily, but it will also relax your brain. If you want to get fast relief you can also add Epsom salt to the bath tub. This will add the healing properties of Epsom salt to water and make it easy for the anal herpes patients to come out of the outbreak. If you want to know more about epsom salt for herpes treatment, click here. Both these ways are undoubtedly not the methods of anal herpes treatment, but, they can help you get the instant relief. You know you will experience some changes in bowel moments from the day your anal herpes outbreak hits you, hence you should prepare yourself accordingly.

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Constipation can make things even more difficult for you and hence you must keep a check on your food. To avoid bearing more pain, avoiding constipation is must. In case you can’t avoid it, try controlling it at home. If you have constipation, include a cup of spinach juice as a part of your evening snack to make things better. No matter what you have eaten the last night, you will have a happy morning just by drinking a cup of milk with a tablespoon of castor oil mixed into it. Whichever way you want, the most important thing is to control your constipation. Try drinking aloe vera juice to reduce the frequency of outbreaks and improve your overall health. Aloe vera juice also boosts your immunity and hence makes you strong enough to give all the diseases a tough fight, just like Echinacea. Recent research on this plant have concluded that all parts of Echinacea plant, namely flowers, leaves, and roots can be used for healing anal herpes. It can be consumed in the form of tea, juices, or pills by the anal herpes patients. This plant has the capacity to cure anal herpes in a very few days by boosting the immune system. Apart from this you can also take help of herbal tea, a decoction made up of medicinal herbs like dandelion’s root, licorice root and the leaves of lemon balm. All these plants are rich in healing properties and hence can be used by all the anal herpes patients. This way anal herpes patient can not only treat their present condition but they can also improve their health as well as immunity. All these treatments are helpful in treating anal herpes. In long term all these treatment methods proves to be more beneficial than the conventional medications we use in anal herpes.

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