Astragalus For Herpes – Know How Much Effective is Astragalus For Herpes Cure ?

astragalus for herpes cure

Astragalus for Herpes – Is Astragalus Efficient Enough to Cure Herpes Symptoms?

Herpes is quite embarrassing, painful as well as haunting. Nothing can match the terror that surrounds all the herpes patients. The fear of rejection and the feeling of guilt are more than enough to break the self esteem of anyone who otherwise was strong enough. And the physical discomfort, pain, itching and body aches are still to be taken into account. Overall, we can say that herpes is a terrible experience that unfortunately is not going to end really soon, at least not with medicines. Medicines have been with us all the time, but none of the antiviral has the capability to give herpes simplex virus a tough fight. This was the picture till a few years ago, but today we are here not with the destruction that herpes has made, but with a method that is going to cure herpes. Astragalus for herpes is the new ray of hope for all the herpes patients.

It is great to hear that astragalus cures herpes, but you have to get a detailed insight of astragalus and herpes if you are seriously thinking about using it. Astragalus is a herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for its amazing healing properties. Even today we use it to have a healthy heart, strong disease fighting system, and stay away from infections like cold and cough. There are over 2000 species of astragalus but only 2 are of medicinal use. These two are: astragalus membranaceus and astragalus mongholicus. We preferable use the former one as all the researches indicate that it is most effective species against herpes. Let us see everything in astragalus that is of use for herpes patients as only then you would trust the herbal cure. We will also tell you different ways you can make use of astragalus for herpes so that there is no scope of confusion in case you seriously find it worth trying.

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Astragalus in Herpes

Wondering what makes astragalus useful and effective in herpes? Everywhere you will see people talking about astragalus for herpes, over the internet as well, there is a lot of information on the topics astragalus and herpes, but to find out whether it really works and if yes then how, you have to dig deeper on the research done so far. In the past decades, herpes has been the focus of many researchers and they are continuously trying to find a medicine to cure herpes. At the same time, there are many other scientists who studied herbs like astragalus for herpes for years and concluded that this herb has strong action against herpes simplex virus type 1 and herpes simplex type 2.

Not only one or two, but many researchers have published part of their work in leading journals or medicine and science, and all of them have something good to say about the use of astragalus for herpes. This is the reason behind astragalus and herpes are flooding the internet. Yes, it is true that astragalus for herpes is an effective treatment, but before jumping to any other conclusion, you should be aware of everything astragalus and herpes simplex can result in when they interact with each other. Let us see all the proven and scientifically listed benefits of astragalus in herpes treatment.

Astragalus and herpes

Astragalus fights herpes infection: Astragalus is famous for its infection fighting abilities, and due to this reason, it has been used since ages as a treatment for respiratory tract infections, infections like flu and cold, and also some deadly diseases like HIV. People of ancient china considered astragalus much better than medicines when it was a matter of dealing with any type of infection. Today, western medicine is also concluding the same after studying the impacts of using astragalus in herpes. The strong antiviral and antimicrobial action of astragalus has left all the researchers and scientists in surprise. The antiviral action in particular is like a blessing for human beings having herpes simplex virus in their bodies. Now you can control the herpes simplex virus of both the types, that too without bearing unnecessary side effects. This was the first property of the herb that makes it perfect cure for herpes and it has taken us one step closer to the answer of- “how astragalus cures herpes”.

Astragalus makes you strong enough internally: Astragalus has amazing immunity enhancing effect that improves your disease fighting capabilities. If you are not suffering from herpes, then it will help you in keeping the body free from many day to day as well as chronic diseases. But in case you have the virus residing into your body, this ability is what you need the most. Immunity decides the probability of you suffering from the infection, and it also decides the time of your next outbreak. If you have a strong immune system, you will suffer from herpes outbreaks less frequently, and those few attacks will also be quite mild. On the other hand a weaker immunity will let the herpes virus become active again and again. The intensity or outbreaks will also be quite high. This is the reason one herpes patient live a herpes outbreak free life for years and other have to visti the doctor almost every month.

boosted immune system

Now, you have a clear picture of what the role of immunity is and why you should aim at having a good immune system. Although there are many ways in which you can achieve the same, we recommend using natural immunity enhancers. Among natural immunity boosters as well, if you have herpes, astragalus for herpes is the best for you because it boosts immunity while fighting with herpes.

Astragalus Reduces the Physical as well as Mental Stress

Astragalus reduces physical as well as mental stress: Apart from lower immunity, stress also is one of the most common triggers of herpes outbreaks. In fact, stress works by suppressing the immune system. Whether we are recently diagnosed with herpes or it has already happened a few years ago, herpes patients usually live under extreme stress. The stress of hiding the infection from others, the stress of waking up with cold sores the next day, the stress of broken relationship, and the pressure of rejection from the society are always on their minds. There are many factors responsible for this situation and many blame the society’s perception about herpes for it.

stress triggers herpes

Whatever the reason is, we have to eliminate stress for our lives as stress triggers herpes outbreaks and it also makes our life hell. There are many medicines to help you get out of the physical discomfort, but there is nothing available that can address the mental trauma that every herpes patient has to go through. Thankfully, this is not the situation anymore as we have astragalus for herpes. This herbal cure for herpes is holistic cure for the nostalgic infection as it addresses both physical as well as mental stress.

Anti inflammatory action of astragalus for herpes treatment: Till now we have seen many of the benefits of using astragalus internally, but the topical application of the herbal powder is also extremely beneficial for the treatment of cold sores. If you apply astragalus on cold sores, not only they will disappear faster, but would also not leave any marks on the skin. It is believed that inflammation is the root cause of many minor and major health complications. So, to treat herpes also we need to deal with inflammation. The anti inflammatory action of atsragalus helps in healing wounds and cold sores really fast. Also, unlike all the other topical ointments for herpes, since it is not made up of chemicals, it will not do any harm to your skin. Even if you use it regularly, your skin will be as good as it was before you started using the natural product.

How to Use Astragalus For Herpes Treatment

astragalus in herpes

Astragalus is a herb that is getting its lost recognition back and due to this, there are many manufacturers who have already started selling the products of the herb. You can get the liquid extract of atsragalus for herpes, and it is also available in supplement form. Let us see all the different ways atsragalus can help you out in herpes.

Astragalus Tincture

The liquid extract of astragalus is present in market which contains astragalus root, structured water and 20% alcohol. You either have to put a few drops of the tincture under your tongue for few minutes or until it dissolves completely, or you can also consume it after mixing in juice or warm water. The best amount to start with is five drops of tincture in a cup of water. If the solution suits your body, and there is no adverse reaction, you can gradually increase the amount of tincture to make the solution stronger. The maximum amount should not exceed 10 drops for one time. The same action can be repeated up to thrice daily.

Tablets or Capsules

Astragalus is also available in supplement form. Some people take it fight infections like herpes while others use it because it is the ultimate way to enhance the immunity. Whatever is the reason; you can count on astragalus supplements and use them as recommended on the pack, or as prescribed by the doctor.

Astragalus Tea

astragalus tea for herpes

If you can manage to get the dried root of astragalus, or the powder of the root of astragalus, you can also prepare a healthy herbal tea. Astragalus for herpes works well in all the forms, but since you are making the tea at home, you can be sure about the ingredients and hence effectiveness too. To prepare the astragalus tea for herpes, add a teaspoon of the dried powder of the root of astragalus to two cups of water. Boil it until you are left with only one cup of water. Drink this solution twice daily to boost immunity and fight with herpes.

Astragalus on Cold Sores

As it has been discussed earlier as well, astragalus can also be used topically on skin to get rid of cold sores, let us see how to use it. While preparing tea for the root of astragalus, you can also apply the same solution on the cold sores. Let the solution act on the sores for a few minutes and then rinse off with cold water. Isn’t it simple enough? Well, whether simple or not, one thing I am sure about is the effectiveness of astragalus for herpes treatment.

These were all the benefits you can have if you think of using astragalus for herpes we have also elaborated all the possible ways you can use the herb. The best part about using astragalus for herpes is that you will not have to worry about the side effects. Yes, there are absolutely no side effects of astragalus for herpes treatment. You just have to cautious about any allergic reactions and it will be fine if you start with a smaller dose. Gradually increasing the dose according to the acceptance of your body is best and also the most effective method.

pregnant women

Also if you are pregnant or are breastfeeding, then you should either avoid astragalus for herpes or talk to your doctor about other ways you should use to deal with herpes. People with autoimmune diseases also should consult their doctors first. Rest all can use it, and the results you will see will definitely change your life forever.

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