10 Home Remedies For Cold Sores That Can Give Immediate Relief

Let us see some simple home remedies for cold sores that can bring superb results.

If something like a fluid filled blister is ruining your looks for a few days, wake up because it not only is affecting the beauty of your face but it actually is making you weak physically. Cold sores are nothing but the sign of herpes infection. Cold sores usually start to heal on their own within a few days but for some they turn out to be a nightmare. Cold sores are a clear indication of herpes. It is an alarm to fix an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor will diagnose the problem by asking a number of questions. After being sure he will prescribe medicines accordingly. The first symptoms of cold sores may include pain around your mouth and on your lips, a fever, a sore throat, or swollen glands in your neck or other parts of the body. Small children sometimes drool before cold sores appear. After the blisters appear, the cold sores usually break open, leak a clear fluid, and then crust over and disappear after several days to 2 weeks. For some people, cold sores can be very painful. Some people have the virus but don’t get cold sores. There are many beauty products, which I too have tried myself but they all are mere temporary hiding tools and not cure. To get rid of these frequent cold sores you need to kick the herpes virus out of your body permanently. There are certain home remedies that can help us deal with cold sores effectively and as appropriately as medications. Rather than paying dollars every now and then for just suppressing the symptoms, we can actually use these powerful home remedies to address our problem without introducing any side effects to our body. All of them are extensively used by patients dealing with cold sores and are found effective in every aspect of curing these painful blisters. Look at the 10 home remedies for cold sores that can give you immediate relief from the symptoms of herpes, including cold sores.

 Home remedies for cold sores :

1. Aloe vera

Let’s talk about aloe vera and herpes. Aloe vera is not new as far as its medicinal use is considered. In fact it is being used to treat skin infections for last 6000 years. Aloe vera is the most promising treatment method for fighting cold sores. And not alone cold sores be it any type of viral infection, temporary or permanent, aloe has a beauty to do wonders in each one of them. Aloe vera has excellent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and immune-stimulating properties. Aloe vera contains over seven different antioxidants and reduces inflammation. Unlike most drugs available, aloe is low-cost and has virtually no known risks or negative side effects. Read more to know about the benefits of aloe vera for herpes.

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2. Black coffee

Even if you are not a black coffee lover, to get rid of cold sores you have to start liking its taste. Herpes virus infects not only genital parts, but also lips, mouth, etc resulting in annoying cold sores at any part of body. Black coffee is one of the best remedies to treat them. Cold sores in the mouth cause severe pain. To treat them fast, you are required to prepare black coffee. Let it cool down and take a sip. Hold it in the mouth for some time. Move it onto the lips as well. For best results, repeat the process twice a day.

3. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil for herpes. To heal the severe cold sores outbreak, tea tree oil is a useful home remedy. Tea tree oil became my favorite because it is the only tool that stops the growth of cold sores at stage one itself. They will not be noticed by anyone and you don’t have to abstain from work for weeks. Antivirals lag behind in this case from tea tree oil. They come into the picture when the virus has done much of the damage. Everybody around you would notice the prominent sore if at all you dare to go out. Tea tree oil not only kills the bacteria that may grow on the site of infection, but also reduces itching and redness. Itching itself can make things worst for you. Itching will take the infection deeper into the skin, you will have infection on other parts of body as virus would easily propagate through your nails, and at last it can make the existing infection develop bacterial infection as well. You can easily avail all these benefits provide you use the tea tree oil in a proper manner. Take some water in a glass. Add few drops of tea tree oil and gargle to remove ulcers from mouth. For genital sore also it can be used, use an eye-dropper to put drops on the infected area. Click here to know about how tea tree oil for herpes is a beneficial option.

4. Honey

Honey for herpes cure – a delicious remedy. By having a taste of what the antivirals costs us to treat cold sores, its time to adopt some alternatives. One such alternative is honey. It is easily available and is claimed to give better outcomes than any of the antiviral medicine in healing cold sores. Good-quality honey offers several topical wound-care benefits that can explain some of its success as a remedy for cold sores. It draws fluid away from your wound and suppresses microorganism growth. Can honey cure herpes? – read more to know.


5. Oregano oil

Can oregano oil cure herpes outbreaks? Oregano oil, with its anti-viral properties, helps in the speedy recovery of the blisters or cold sores. You just need to apply some oregano oil directly on the infected area. Oregano oil completes its work in two stages. In stage one a compound called Carvacol takes the charge and destroys the cell membrane. It helps fight the herpes virus because it attacks the protective cell membranes bacteria hide behind. The protective cell membrane of the bacteria usually makes the bacteria impermeable to antibiotics. This is why antibiotics have a little use in curing herpes infection. Not only does oil of oregano help break down the cell membrane, it delivers natural and powerful antibiotics as soon as the cell membrane is dissolved and the bacteria are vulnerable. This is the second step of action that completes the destruction of herpes simplex virus. The herpes virus is impossible to treat because it has a unique property of hiding into the nerve cells. This tendency makes it invisible to human immune system and hence it let it stay inside forever. But oregano oil can break the cell membrane that protects herpes simplex virus lifetime. Read more to get in details about what is the relation between oregano oil and herpes.


6. Coconut oil

Coconut oil for herpes. Coconut oil is a wonderful remedy which all of you can use without any speculations to cure cold sores. Coconut oil is derived from the milk in coconuts and consists of coconut fat and lauric acid, a fatty acid that is transformed into mono laurin in the body. Coconut oil works because it is strongly anti- viral. Antiviral means it is an enemy of viral infections, the category to which herpes belongs. Coconut oil destroys lipid- coated viruses when they come in contact  with coconut oil because the fatty acids in coconut oil interfere with the viruses own lipids. This is good news for you because members of the herpes family of viruses are all lipid coated. This is the reason for why we can consider coconut oil for cold sores’ cure. Read more to know about how to use coconut oil for genital herpes.

7. Lemon Balm

Can Lemon Balm cure herpes? It has flavonoids, phenolic acid, and rosmarinic acid, which helps in healing the cold sores or blisters. Prepare a lemon balm tea. Let it steep for some time. Then, soak a cotton ball in it and apply directly on the sores. Or else add 2-3 ml of lemon balm tincture in water. Stir it well and drink. This alcohol-based liquid extract is effective for sores. Drink the solution thrice a day. Lemon balm is also available in the form of creams and ointments. Apply the cream directly to heal the cold sores. Read more to get details about the benefits of lemon balm for herpes cure.

8. Clean it with hydrogen peroxide

You must clean the cold sores with some agent like hydrogen peroxide. Soak a cotton ball in 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Use more if you feel it isn’t saturated enough. Place the cotton ball directly on your sore and hold it there for a few seconds, or dab it around. Let it be for 5 minutes or so, allowing it to do its job, before rinsing off. This will prevent the infection from fro spreading further.

9. Use milk

Milk is the simplest home remedy for cold sores. Putting a whole milk compress on your sore can help speed up the healing, and ease pain. Soak a cotton ball in approximately 1 tablespoon of milk, and apply it directly to the cold sore for several minutes. Before doing this you can either let the milk come to room temperature or, if you prefer, you can apply it cold.

10. Prevent the infection from reoccurring by changing the toothbrush immediately

Even if there are no symptoms, the virus may be active inside and can transmit to the uninfected person. It is hence recommended not to share personal items like toothbrush, whether you have herpes or you don’t have the infection. Sometimes, in fact, most of the times, the carrier himself is not aware that he is infected with herpes simplex virus and the crockery and cutlery such as spoons, forks, cups or drinking vessels are commonly shared among friend and family in that case. Always keep in mind the most vulnerable time is right before the cold sores appear and just after an outbreak disappear. As soon as you see your cold sores disappearing, go out and buy a new toothbrush if you don’t want the outbreak to come again soon. It is your toothbrush which directly comes into contact daily with the cold sores on your lips and mouth. No matter how hard you try to clean it, you can never make it virus free. So, it is always recommended to get a new piece immediately.


The cold sores although heal without scarring but they have a tendency of reoccurring. This type of lesions will reoccur again and again with random frequency but generally on the same place of the body. The 10 home remedies for cold sores are the best you can get to treat herpes, and all of them are extremely easy to practice. You can reduce the frequency of re-occurrence with the help of the above-mentioned home remedies for cold sores, and can also minimize the chances of transmitting the deadly virus to others around you.

There are some more varieties of herbal cure available for herpes treatment. Click here to know more about some lesser known herbal remedies for herpes cure.

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