zinc oxide for herpes

See How To Use Zinc Oxide As a Cure For Herpes ?

Zinc Oxide for Herpes –┬áThe Immense Power of Zinc Oxide For Treating Herpes Sores Several research outcomes of studies conducted at university of Illinois and in many other countries have linked zinc oxide with herpes. Some studies claim that the topical application of zinc oxide at the first stage of herpes outbreaks can reduce the intensity as well as size of cold sores. While some other deep studies conclude taking zinc supplements have a direct impact on the frequency of herpes outbreaks. You might be here to find out the truth behind all these claims. It is understood because all a herpes patient wants today is herpes cure. Millions of people all around the world are waiting for a holistic herpes cure and since all of them have tried antiviral medicines for a long time now, there is no hope left in the allopathic medicines. In the midst of all this, the news about the effectiveness of zinc oxide in herpes has suddenly shown some light to patients who are either recently diagnosed and are in trauma or have already been facing the same since years. In fact, even those who have learnt to live with the truth that herpes […]