star anise oil for herpes

Star Anise Oil For Herpes – One of The Best Herbal Cures For Herpes

Star Anise Oil for Herpes – Cure Herpes With the Goodness of Star Anise Oil In a research article published in a leading journal on medicines, start anise oil was studied in detail and the findings were no less than a great surprise for everybody. The title of the research was “Screening for Antiviral Activities of Isolated Compounds from Essential Oils” and it studied everything from the effects and side effects of the most commonly prescribed drug in herpes- acyclovir, to the impact of essential oils on herpes simplex virus. Essential oils gained a lot of interest in the past decade because the need of finding a holistic and permanent cure for herpes was increasing, and on the other hand , every other day a new report claimed a new set of side effects of antiviral drugs used as a temporary treatment for herpes. This led to the exploration of the antiviral properties present in essential oils and several such oils were studied and their effect on herpes simplex virus was recorded. Today, we will talk about an amazing essential oil which not only has magnificent healing properties, but it is no less than an enemy for herpes simplex virus. […]