herpes gladiatorum


What is Herpes Gladiatorum And How Does It Affect Us? Also known as herpes of the wrestlers or herpes rugbiorum, herpes gladiatorum is a skin infection caused by herpes simplex virus 1. Yes, the same virus that is responsible for causing oral herpes. Do you know the story behind so many names of one infection?  The herpes gladiatorum is known as herpes of the wrestlers from the day it was reported that in a camp of high school wrestlers 60 out of 175 wrestlers were found to be infected with herpes gladiatorum. This infection is generally passed from one sportsperson to the next and hence it is often associated with sports like rugby. When the virus is the same, you can expect a few similarities between the two infections- herpes gladiatorum and oral herpes. But do you know what the major difference between the two is? Oral herpes is a sexually transmitted disease while herpes gladiatorum is not. Herpes gladiatorum is spread by the same virus but not through the same medium. It doesn’t require you to be sexually engaged with your partner but only skin to skin contact is enough for this virus to migrate to the other body. […]