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Is Herpes Curable?

Herpes is curable or not is still a mystery to most of us. Every now and then we get excited after reading the news of a new method evolved to deal with herpes, but once we go into the details, it is yet another ineffective treatment and nothing more than that. Once again our dream of living a herpes free life crashes and we get back in the reality soon. This cycle has been continuing from years and all the victims of the deadly virus are still living with the virus with a question running every time in our mind- “Herpes is curable or not?”. Some of us have become used to it and others are still struggling from the heartbreaking fact that they have this life long infection. But the much awaited cure for herpes that can show you the way to live an outbreak free life is not likely to come this year, but it is present in the market with the beginning of the year 2016 mentioning that herpes is curable. So many patients have already grabbed the opportunity and have successfully defeated the herpes simplex virus. But before arriving on the key that can open the doors of a life in which no one will have to take pills to avoid herpes outbreaks, and no one would live in the fear of loosing his near ones if they get to know about the infection, it is important to know the opponent well.

Severity of infection

Severity of this infection lies in three major facts. One is its increasing percentage of transmission every year. The second one is its relation with incurable HIV and the last and most important one is its incurability itself. These things make herpes a deadly disease which all of us are frightened of. All these only indicate that prevention is the best way till date to fight with herpes. But prevention is not that simple and easy. Many people never have symptoms even though they are carrying the virus. The symptoms, if at all they occur are not feeling well, fever, blisters and ulceration on the cervix, pain while urinating and vaginal discharge, cold sores around the mouth and as blisters on the genitals. This translucent nature of the virus makes it even more difficult to treat and easy to spread as the person carrying the virus himself may not be aware of the fact. Prevention in this case hence is not an effective option because of the hiding capabilities of herpes simplex virus. This rules out the first and most effective method of treating any disease, prevention. You can in no situation rely on any method you are using to prevent the herpes simplex virus from entering into your body because if you are smart, the virus is smarter.

Next thing we look upon if due to any reason we cannot avoid getting in contact of the virus is the antivirals that everybody has been trusting since centuries. But, this was a quite okay option only before 2016. Let us read what all things- good and bad it has in store for herpes patients. If you are also one of those who happily spend dollars on bunch of medications, then you need to stop doing so immediately. Because it not only true that medicines do not have the capability to fight with the virus, but they also introduce a bundle of side effects which at some point of time surely bother us. If not a serious prominent ailment, every piece of medicine you take definitely introduces a minor dormant side effect. The common antiviral medications like Acyclovir and its variants are the generally prescribed medicine to treat herpes. Acyclovir being the oldest has a larger number of side effects. Starting from nausea, it may cause vomiting, diarrhea and headache. And wait, it is not going to stop here, you may also feel agitation, confusion, rashes, anemia, and muscle pain, hypersensitivity reactions, seizures, agitation, and hepatitis. Is herpes virus curable by such medicine? I don’t think so.

Let’s talk about the side-effects of valtrex. Valtrex, also called Valacyclovir, is the most common name on the doctor’s prescription list if you go for treatment of herpes. Side effects of Valtrex may include headache, dizziness, tired feeling, depression, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, joint pain, menstrual pain, skin rash, stuffy nose, or sore throat and the list is still not complete. All your beliefs regarding medicinal cures might have shattered by now. Let them go away, trust me it is important to know what actually is going on into your body when you eat something. It gives your mind clarity, and also a choice for you whether to go in that direction or not. Seeing all these side-effects and no benefit, only one question arises- “Is there a cure for herpes?”.

Medicines have also not shown any hope in the year 2016, time for disappointment for all the herpes sufferers reading this article, right? But wait I have something hilarious to tell you. It was not medicinal cure that I was talking about, what have been found workable is a holistic treatment of herpes, the much needed method for which all of us were eagerly waiting for all this while. It is HSV Eraser- a completely natural method of curing herpes. Yes, herpes is curable by this. Do you know some commonly used home remedies for treating herpes that use only natural products to deal with the symptoms?  Most of us keep spending our valuable money on antivirals because we are not aware of these natural treatment methods or we are not sure enough to give it a try. But the truth is that all theses natural methods are equally effective in suppressing the symptoms and reducing the frequency of occurrences.

Described below are some of the natural ways of treating the disease:


Olive Oil: Apply heated olive oil, some lavender oil and bee wax mixed in it to the infected area. It’ll treat your herpes sores effectively proving that herpes is curable.

Echinacea:  Any part of this medicinal plant consumed as tea, juice or pills can heal herpes.

Ice Pack:  Ice pack can give you instant relief if applied for adequate amount of time.

Baking Soda: Apply cotton dipped in baking soda to the infected area to relieve pain.

Tea Bags: After cooling, apply the tea bag on the infected area. Leave it for 5 minutes on the sores. There are natural products available saying that herpes is curable in some way.

Cornstarch: To dry the herpes sores, apply some cornstarch directly on the infected area.

Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe vera is the best remedy for herpes with its natural healing properties. This best ever natural cure need not mention that herpes is curable. It is very well stated by its treatment. Read more to get in detail about the benefits of aloe vera for herpes.

Soap and Warm Water: Soaking the herpes sore in warm water surely relieves the pain and itching. To keep the affected area infection-free and clean, use soap.

Herbal Tea and black coffee: Herbal tea is an effective solution for avoiding any type of skin diseases. For treating pain and itching arising due to herpes black coffee sip can also be an alternative.

Other home made ointments can be prepared using Manuka Honey, Epsom Salt, Domeboro Powder, Lysine, Natural Oils, Goldenseal or Oregano Oil.

All these natural treatments are quite efficient in relieving one from all the symptoms caused by the active herpes virus, but it leaves on major aspect untouched. The herpes patients are in dire need of something more than just symptom reliever  which can mention that herpes is curable completely. In addition to the physical discomfort associated with the virus, there is a great deal of emotional roller coaster. What kind of cure we are talking about and wait for is also necessary to understand. There has to be physical healing as well as mental and emotional counseling.

The emotional impact of being diagnosed with genital herpes is often much worse than the condition and it doesn’t deserve the upset it causes. It is important to understand that people who get genital herpes can, and do lead perfectly normal lives because herpes is curable now. A person may experience a variance of emotions, ranging from disbelieve to anger. This may be especially true for those diagnosed with genital herpes. Feelings of disbelief may morph into feelings of anger or resentment aimed toward the person that may have infected them. The carrier may then experience sadness and confusion, as well as shame and embarrassment, as the notion of being infected is finally accepted. These are intense emotions which create a great deal of stress in people. So it is also necessary to address all these issues. Being diagnosed with herpes can often be both confusing and confronting. All we need to cope up with both the feeling. We need to understand what the cause behind this was. From where and how we were caught by this virus? We need to understand that herpes is no more a deadly disease. Herpes is curable now with the best solution ever available with us.

HSV Eraser for Herpes

Although since 2016 there was not much progress in the research procedure, but this is what the headline till the end of 2015 was- According to lead author Robert Belshe, M.D. “There is some very good news in our findings. We were partially successful against half of the equation – protecting women from genital disease caused by HSV-1. It’s a big step along the path to creating an effective vaccine that protects against genital disease caused by herpes infection. It points us in the direction to work toward making a vaccine that works on both herpes simplex viruses.”

But all this is still limited to lab tests and is going to take years to be available for public use. At least in the year 2016 it will not be able to give relief to herpes patients. In addition to this tenofovir, an anti-HIV mediation, when formulated as a vaginal gel, was found to reduce herpes simplex infection risk, scientists from the USA, Belgium and Italy reported in the journal Cell Host & Microbe. They explained that when in the vaginal gel formulation, higher concentrations of the drug reach the vaginal cells compared to tenofovir’s orally administered equivalent. Once again, these are just mere claims that we have been listening to since ages and its use for general patients is still far away from us. The only responsible cause of the disease is herpes simplex virus. Herpes is curable to some extent, but not completely even now. HSV 2 is the virus usually associated with genital herpes infections and is usually considered to be more severe. Once the virus manages to enter the body somehow, you will have symptoms when it is active, sometimes severe outbreaks and mild attacks the other times. We in the year 2016 have a tool that can not only tackle the discomfort caused by the virus, but also has the capability to heal you mentally and socially.

By now I have told you almost every possible cure of herpes, but unfortunately all of them were temporary and incomplete. Now you can easily distinguish HSV Eraser from all other treatment methods on your own, and would be able to judge why at all it has become so famous. Many thousand herpes patients have cured herpes right from the root- emotional, physical, and mental and social- all aspects included. Surprised? I was also surprised but when I met people who actually used the holistic method to treat herpes, I was amazed to see their confidence on HSV Eraser. Yes it is HSV Eraser- the only complete and effective cure of herpes on earth till date. HSV Eraser is the only hope for those who are suffering form this pain from years, and also for all those who were the potential receivers. And it does make sense if I categorize all of us as potential receivers by the way. HSV Eraser is the only method available till now which is successful in removing the cause of the disease, Herpes Simplex Virus from human body for once and for all stating that herpes is curable at once. It is the only effective tool known till date which not only claims to, but also delivers a holistic cure for Herpes. With the beginning of the year 2016 a ray of hoe has emerged for all the herpes patients sitting in every corner of the world, which we can call HSV Eraser.

The mystery whether herpes is curable or not has got solved with the introduction of HSV Eraser. Now, the disease is n more a deadly one.

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