Effects And Side-Effects Of Medications On Herpes And Sufferers

Medication for Herpes

Disease and medicine have a relation like brother and sister in our family. Medication is word that runs immediately into our brain whenever we think about any disease. Isn’t it? Especially, when it comes to some chronic disease, we consider home remedies as a further risk to our health. We always prefer going to doctor over having some home based treatment, right? We are again here discussing the medicines and the topic of discussion is medication for herpes. But, before that, let’s have a short view on what is herpes.

Herpes is actually an infectious disease caused by herpes simplex virus and is highly contagious It can easily transmit from one person to another via moisture skin like thin lining of mouth, anus or genitals. There are two types of virus causing herpes- HSV 1 and HSV 2. But, do you know that it is not herpes, instead, its stigma killing us? Shocking! Ridiculous! Yes, it is. But, it is still a truth that we are not dying of this disease, we are more affected by the thinking of what society will say about us and how will we face our people. Isn’t it? Why? One should at the very first realize that herpes is just an infection and not more than that. You should focus all your efforts in searching some cure for the disease instead of hiding it from everyone. And remember, hesitation can solve nothing. This is what our doctors and researchers are trying to do- solving out social stigma along with using medication for herpes. Read more to know how social stigma for herpes is affecting our lives more than herpes itself.

Antivirals and their uses:

There are three FDA-approved antiviral medicines available for herpes treatment:

Acyclovir for herpes


It is the oldest antiviral medication for herpes treatment available in the form of both pills and ointment. As there is no exact cure for herpes, it can help prevent you from further early outbreaks, hence, reducing the duration of symptoms re-occurrences. The antiviral has been shown to be safe in persons who have used it continuously for as long as 10 years.


Valacyclovir, or valtrex, a new drug in the list of medication for herpes actually uses acyclovir as its active ingredient. This medicine delivers acyclovir more efficiently than acyclovir itself as a medicine, so that the body can absorb much of the drug. This results to an advantage that you need to take lesser number of dosages in a day. If you want to know how many side-effects valtrex gift you in return, click here.

FamiciclovirFamiciclovir for herpes

Famicilovir is another FDA – approved antiviral medicine which uses penciclovir as its active ingredient to stop HSV from replicating. Like valacyclovir, it is also well absorbed and hence, it can also be taken lesser times a day than acyclovir.

Antiviral medication for herpes or you can also say medication for genital herpes cure are mostly prescribed for patients having a first episode of genital herpes, but, they can also be used for re-occurrences as well.

Drawbacks of Antivirals or OTC medication for herpes:

According to our traditional mindset, we always rush towards medications for each and every allergy and diseases, right? Our main aim is to get completely rid of the health problem. This is again right. Undoubtedly, the medicines can do really good in case of some problems, but, if it comes to an infectious disease like herpes, medication has nothing good to do with us other than reducing the duration of symptom’s re-occurrences. Don’t you think or even realize so? Let’s discuss further:

Using antiviral medication for herpes may lead to gift us a variety of side-effects, especially, acyclovir, being the oldest antiviral, leads to the largest number of side-effects. These are:


Nausea is the feeling of sickness with an inclination of vomiting which often follows the intake of this medicine. It makes the patients feel very uncomfortable to even eat or sleep sometimes. Do you think over the counter treatment for herpes are beneficial at all after knowing you will get problem even in eating food?

DizzinessDizziness for herpes

It refers to a disorienting sensation such as faintness, lightheadedness, or unsteadiness. If you take the tablets more frequently, it increases the chances of this problem exponentially. You have paid to get some comfort in the pain and some treatment for herpes, but this is what you are getting completely free of cost by using the antiviral medication for herpes.


You find it hard to convince yourself to stand up for a glass of water. Yes, it is this much laziness that the genital herpes medication can introduce into your body. This makes the patient lethargic and he/she will continuously feel sleepy. May be this is also a part of treatment. Jokes apart, regular intake of the antiviral drugs will definitely have this side effect in your body. Those who live on a pill each day for the treatment for herpes and avoid further outbreak better wake up now.

Signs of kidney problemSigns of kidney

Acyclovir and other ways of topical treatment for herpes may also affect your kidney. You may experience changes in the amount of urine, and sometimes it is accompanied with pain also. This is the initial stage but if you rely on medicines for too long for the herpes treatment, better be careful and take good care of yourself.

Unusual back/side pain

If you are one of those herpes patients whose kidney has been affected by extensive use of antiviral medication for herpes, this also can increase your sufferings. You may suffer from acute pain in the back or any side. This is due to the changes that have occurred in the kidney due to the antibiotic.

An upset woman holding a photograph of herself happy and angry. She is frustrated with her own mood swings.

Mood swings

Anxiety, depressions are some of bad sides that every herpes patient goes through. Over the counter herpes cure instead of doing something to balance the patient emotionally, adds some more mental problems.  Agitation and confusion are the more specific type of mood swings you may suffer from while on genital herpes medication.


As your mental state is not stable due to the fear of rejection in the society, you might have this problem as well. The patient may experience scenes involving the apparent perception of something not present. This is the most dreadful outcome of over the counter medication for herpes treatment.

Shaky movements and trouble in speakingShaky movements and trouble in speaking

Sometimes due to weakness you may feel shaky while moving around and it can also affect your voice. Especially, if you are not eating well, the symptoms make you weak, but the antivirals that you buy after paying a significant amount make you tremble.

I believe these side-effects are enough to make you realize that you are going wrong path by using these ways of topical treatment for herpes. Instead of solving your problem, they’ll add to it by gifting you a number of side-effects. As these are for long term like 10 years or even life-time, you can surely imagine your future with these medications. Now, I think that you have realized that antivirals are not exactly what you want to cure your disease. They don’t even lie nearby your expectations. Have you ever noticed what these exactly are doing? If these medicines are of no use, why do they still exist in the market? What are their benefits and to whom? Here are the answers for all the questions.

These medicines are undoubtedly not beneficial for you, but, they are really beneficial for the pharmaceutical companies who are continuously filling their bank accounts.

Yes, you are making them rich every time you purchase any of these antivirals for herpes treatment. But, this will no more affect you because nature has given us an alternative for medication for herpes cure. The alternative is natural remedies.

Click here to know about natural herpes cure, a much better option than antivirals.

There are a number of natural remedies for herpes like aloe vera, herbal tea, Echinacea, olive leaf extract, honey, tea tree oil and many more that can treat your diseases without gifting you with undesired and uninvited side-effects like antivirals. Yes, nature has solution for every problem. Using natural and homemade products will not only cure your disease, but will help increase your immune system’s strength also. That is why you can trust them blindly or even give a try without any doubt in your mind. One more thing that is beneficial about these natural remedies is that they are easily available in your home or nearby any store and also at very low and affordable cost. I guess, these facts and figures will be really helpful in making you realize that you should now stop relying on antivirals and turn your way towards nature. You can go the following links to know more about some of the given names of natural remedies for herpes.

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Hence, now making up your mind for having a clear option regarding herpes cure must be easier for you.

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