Essential Oil For Cold Sores – Can Essential Oils Treat Cold Sores ?

Essential Oil for Cold Sore – Why Is It Better Than Other Treatment Options ? Egyptians are believed to be the very first users of essential oils, but we in United States were busy trying antibiotics to solve our problems when the wiser people used aromatherapy and other forms of essential oils. Essential oils were not used in the United States, in fact, most of us were not aware of their medicinal uses, and those who knew a bit about them were too much skeptical. It was back in 1980’s when essential oils entered the cosmetics, beauty and pharmaceutical industries when people started developing trust on them. In this decade, when essential oils reached everywhere, we also started researching on the uses and benefits of them. And today essential oils are inseparable part of all the natural treatments and herpes treatment also is no exception. Essential oils are being used in almost every corner of the world to treat cold sores, the most annoying symptoms of herpes. We have a variety of essential oils and each one has its own set of properties and therapeutic value. In general if we talk about the treatment of cold sores, we can use […]

essential oil for cold sores
vitamins for herpes

Vitamins For Herpes – Vitamins To Prevent Herpes Outbreaks

Vitamins To Prevent Herpes Outbreaks – A Revolutionary Idea in The Field of Herpes Cure Research Millions of people around the world today rely on vitamin supplements to solve one or the other health issues and it is nothing new. But vitamins grabbed the attention of the eyes seeking cure for herpes outbreaks when some studies claimed that vitamins have a prominent role in preventing herpes outbreaks. Are you also here because you heard the news about a sudden rise in the intake of vitamins to prevent herpes outbreaks? Since it is herpes, there are more speculations and doubt about the news than trust and happiness. Some of the newly diagnosed herpes patients must be on the top of the world after reading the news about using vitamins to prevent herpes outbreaks while those who are long time sufferer might have just raised their eyebrows. All kinds of reactions are understandable because it is about herpes outbreaks. Diseases like cancer and HIV do not create that much nuisance that herpes simplex virus can bring in your life. Why? Is herpes simplex virus more powerful? Is it life threatening? Can one really use vitamins to prevent herpes outbreaks? There is groundbreaking […]

Essential Oils For Herpes Outbreaks – How To Cure Herpes With Essential Oils ?

Essential Oils for Herpes Outbreaks – Can Essential Oils Help Keeping Uninvited Guests at a Bay ? Herpes outbreaks are the annoying uninvited guests that don’t even knock the door before entering. Yes, herpes outbreaks don’t give any prior notifications before hitting you up. It doesn’t get delayed even when you are going on a date next evening or there is an important presentation next morning. Well, this is herpes my friend. It has no cure and also no control in the medicinal field. I said medicinal field because after decades of research, we don’t have a concrete cure for herpes with the help of medicines or vaccinations. However, a new ray of hope is emerging out of nature and this time the research and all the efforts are also giving results. I am talking about the use of essential oils for herpes outbreaks. Essential oils have become inseparable from almost all the cosmetics, and skin care products. But when it comes to herpes, we are ultra frightened. We know it is just an infection, but still we see it as a matter of embarrassment. Roughly 3.7 billion people, who altogether make are 67% of the world’s population, are infected […]

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lysine for cold sores

Lysine For Cold Sores – An Ultimate Way To Treat Cold Sores

Lysine For Cold Sore – Why Did It Take This Much Time to Come Out ? Herpes is a terrible disease and some credit of this surely goes to Judd Apatow as hardly any of his films is missing a joke on herpes. All the TV shows and movies talk about herpes, but in a humiliating manner. The same is trend in real life also. You will hear the word herpes, and the discussion would probably have ended in uncontrollable laughter. If we had discussed herpes a bit seriously, treatments like lysine for cold sores and herpes would not have taken this much time to come out. People infected with herpes simplex are actually terrified by the threat of disclosing their infection, and this is pretty obvious. But when you become a herpes patient, it is at this time when you realize that these small acts contribute to the ever increasing stigma of herpes and cold sores. People of the United States are more afraid of herpes than they are for diseases like HIV. Herpes is not that dangerous, neither cold sores are life threatening, but many people loose their self esteem and happiness to the nasty virus every second.  […]

Can Black Seed Oil Cure Herpes ?

Can Black Seed Oil Cure Herpes and Prove its Name “Panacea” ? We call them black seeds, black caraway or black cumin, but in Latin history those small seeds were called as panacea, something that can cure each and everything. But does the word “each” includes herpes as well?  From Hippocrates and Cleopatra, to King Tut and the civilizations that followed, a strange commonality they shared was the use of black seed oil. More than 650 concrete studies have been conducted on the benefits of black seed and if we combine the outputs of all the studies, we will get a long list of almost 20 medicinal benefits. And some of those 20 pharmacological benefits can not be found in any medicine. This makes black seeds, and also black seed oil an ultimate health enhancer. But why are there so many speculations when it comes to curing herpes? What makes herpes such hyped infection? Herpes was considered to be a highly contagious viral infection, and even today it is effecting many lives around the globe. As this fact has not changed, there is something else about herpes that modernization, education and even technology has failed to change. This is the […]

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cayenne pepper for herpes

Cayenne Pepper For Herpes – How Can Cayenne Pepper Cure Herpes ?

You Will Not Require Anything Else After Using Cayenne Pepper for Herpes…… You may not admit it in public that you have herpes, but looking for the right cure for herpes on internet is something millions of people do everyday. You also might have spent considerable amount of time on this. Apart from visiting the doctor and spending hard earned money on antiviral treatments, this is another addition to the life of herpes patients. Some do it in a hope to find something effective; while others are here to discuss the pain and downfall they are going through. Whatever is your reason for being here, I am glad to tell you that you are lucky today. If you have been searching for the herpes cure since the time you were diagnosed with herpes, it is pleasure to announce that this will bring a halt to your search, and if you are new to the list of herpes patients, I must say that you have saved your precious time and money because after using cayenne pepper for herpes, you will not need anything else for herpes treatment. Sometimes a common natural product can do wonders in infections like herpes and leave […]

The Tree Of The Century- Indian Lilac For Herpes Cure

Indian Lilac for Herpes Cure – Tree of Twenty- First Century Do you know which tree is named as the tree of the twenty first century by the United Nations? It is Indian lilac and one of the possible reasons for assigning this title is the effectiveness of Indian lilac against the infection of the century. If you look at the total number of herpes patients in the United States and all across the world today, you will understand why herpes is called as the infection of the century. Over and above this, the ever increasing rate at which the infection is spreading and the inability of the scientists to find a cure for herpes are the other two reasons that make it the biggest concern of the century. So, we have the biggest trouble of the century- herpes, and also a magnificent tree which has got attention due to the medicinal properties and health benefits. Can we make the two meet and see which one is stronger? If there is no harm to our body and we can possibly come out with a solution for the most common sexually transmitted disease, why not? Indian lilac has been used as […]

Indian lilac for herpes
resveratrol for herpes

Herpes And Resveratrol – How The Two Are Related To Each Other ?

Herpes and Resveratrol – What is the Significance of This Relation? Some studies conducted back in 1999 and also in 2006 revealed a surprising relationship between herpes and resveratrol. You are aware of herpes but what is resveratrol? And if the studies proved that herpes and resveratrol are enemies, what were we waiting for all this while? We already knew that resveratrol work for herpes and resveratrol is a promising cure for herpes, but no one knew how. The year 2012 was the year for resveratrol. In fact, we can say that the year was for herpes and resveratrol. Year by year we have been getting new herbs and natural products coming out. Actually they all existed since the very first day we came here on earth, and they have also been used by mankind for healing purposes. It is just that now, we today need proofs more than results. If someone tells us that a particular substance can cure herpes, we will not believe him until and unless he shows a proof. On the other hand, it has been proven that antiviral medicines have many side effects and we tend to ignore them. Have you ever thought why? Well, because we fall […]

Monolaurin For Herpes Cure- How To Use Monolaurin To Get Rid Of Herpes

Monolaurin for Herpes Cure – Why Are The Herpes Sufferers Running After This Remedy ? You might have heard of monolaurin supplement and 90% of you would rush to grab the supplement and the aim would be to get instant results. Only 10% of the herpes sufferers really care about what goes inside and how it would impact their health. You are here because you are one of them. Your body is really lucky to have you as its owner because you actually care about its well being. There are so many myths about herpes. Because the infection has no cure, and also it is transmitted sexually, people do not find it comfortable to talk about it. In fact every one of us is more concerned about hiding the infection rather than treating it properly. This is the truth every herpes patient must realize because it is creating even more trouble in your life as well as in the lives of others. You don’t find it worth talking about and hence there is no clarity about herpes infection. Till today herpes is considered as a punishment given by god. You may laugh at it now, but can you openly declare […]

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slippery elm for herpes

Slippery Elm For Herpes- The Least Heard But The Most Efffective Herpes Cure

Have You Ever Heard of Slippery Elm for Herpes Cure? Have you heard of slippery elm for herpes cure? Oh, first I should ask if you are aware of natural treatments for herpes or not because there are many who don’t have any idea of natural treatments. Yes, there is no one out there who doesn’t know about antibiotics, drugs and supplements, but rarely any one of you had heard of slippery elm. We would have already forgotten nature completely by now, but there are diseases like herpes that make us value natural treatments and slippery elm for herpes. You might either be fed up of the use of expensive and harmful antiviral drugs, or you no more trust these artificially synthesized products. In both the cases, you have started thinking towards the betterment of your health and also in the direction of curing herpes. Let us first have an overview of slippery elm as you should know not only the disease, but also the tool you are using to fight with infection like herpes. Slippery elm Slippery elm is found in central and southern North America. It is a huge tree which usually reaches up to a height of […]

A New Addition To Western Medicine – Siberian Ginseng For Genital Herpes Cure

Siberian Ginseng for Genital Herpes – A New Way to Cure Herpes Symptoms Do you know what an adaptogen is? You may feel the talk is going off track, but Siberian ginseng, which is recently in news for curing genital herpes, is often referred to as adaptogen. Siberian ginseng for genital herpes is the perfect treatment as it has all the capabilities required to take a toll on the herpes simplex virus. Being an adaptogen, it gives the much required mental and emotional strength to the people infected with genital herpes. Herpes simplex virus is usually categorized in two types. The herpes simplex virus type 1 was believed to cause oral herpes, while the herpes simplex virus type 2 was known for causing the genital herpes. But if the latest reports are to be believed, both the viruses can cause genital herpes. This is something really surprising and indeed a bad news for all of us. Why? Because the rate at which the herpes simplex virus is spreading all over the world is really exponential. In no time, the virus is going to reach every house, followed by every citizen of the United States. Even then people in public would […]

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Can Using Olive Oil For Herpes Really Help You Get Rid Of Herpes?

Olive Oil for Herpes – Can Olive Oil Really Help Us To Get Rid of Herpes ? Olive oil is not just a taste maker, but is known as a reputed health enhancer in the United States. But nowadays it is grabbing attention for something more than just being healthy oil. There have been several reports in recent past suggesting that use of olive oil for herpes can help you get rid of the embarrassing infection. This has turned almost all the heads towards this previously not so much used oil because almost everyone in the United States is either worried about herpes or is already struggling from the infection. Herpes is actually more that just an infection. No one wants to talk about it in public, but the internet is full of herpes forums. On the same vast platform- internet, we have olive oil for herpes cure mentioned at almost every place. But the question is- should we trust this method? Is it really effective and capable of curing herpes? These questions are obvious as many websites will claim that olive oil for herpes is good, but no one would tell you how. And without this “how”, we never […]

Lysine For Herpes – The Less Famous But More Effective Cure For Herpes

Lysine For Herpes – How Much Effective is This Remedy for Herpes ? If you are suffering from herpes and have not yet used lysine for herpes treatment, trust me you are missing the most wonderful treatment for herpes. If you have already used it or have at least heard something about lysine for herpes treatment, then too you are at the right place because as your body deserves complete treatment for herpes, lysine too deserves more than just an introduction. Being a herpes patient, you must know everything about herpes, and also about something that can beat it so nicely. I am talking about lysine. Lysine is an essential amino acid. It has been proved to influence and effect many symptoms of herpes. Lysine for herpes may sound new to you, but it was researched on in 1978.  We got to know about the success of lysine for herpes treatment almost 40 years ago and since then, many studies have been conducted on this. In almost all the studies conducted all around the world, lysine has shown positive effects towards treatment of the symptoms of herpes. The population changes with boundaries of a country, race, people and color change, […]

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Herbal Tea For Herpes – Can Herbal Tea Cure Herpes ?

Herbal Tea for Herpes – Can Herbal Tea Cure Herpes ? It sounds unbelievable that sipping tea can treat an infection like herpes but this is true up to a great extent. Herpes is a complex infection and in order to fight against such a formidable nemsis you need to be equipped with the most powerful weapon – knowledge which is genuine and complete. You will realize once you have the right & thorough knowledge about every dimension of herpes that it becomes easier to fight it. Our website aims to enable you with all the information you need regarding herpes treatment. And today we are going to talk about herbal tea for herpes which has the ability to cure your herpes infection to a good extent.  If you are thinking about the typical tea with sugar, hold on. That’s not the case. You can cure herpes but, only with the help of herbal tea. What is a Herbal Tea ? What is herbal tea? Herbal tea is a tea made up of herbs. We don’t have to add herbs to our normal tea but actually make a different type of tea. Tea is aqueous extraction of herbs and it depends […]

Eucalyptus Oil For Herpes – Holistic Approach To Cure Herpes

Eucalyptus Oil for Herpes – A New Revolution in The Field of Herpes Cure Eucalyptus oil for herpes treatment is the new trend among herpes patients. What do you think about it? Do you think eucalyptus oil has the potential to fight something as serious as herpes? If you are a herpes sufferer, you know herpes very well, and you might answer in negation because you know how much difficult it is to beat herpes simplex virus. But do you think it would be fair enough to answer the question without knowing much about eucalyptus oil? Herpes is no doubt a complex infection which involves several dimensions. You have physical symptoms like fever, pain, nausea, cold sores, itching, rashes etc, and you also have the other aspect- the mental trauma. After bearing some side effects given by antivirals, you can manage the physical symptoms. What about the emotional imbalance that herpes brings into your life all of a sudden. Being a herpes patient I also know all these things. In fact, it would be more appropriate to say that I have also been through all those effects of herpes. Herpes kills, I agree, but only when we allow it to […]

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lavender oil for herpes

Lavender Oil For Herpes Cure – Lavender Oil Helps In Treating Herpes & Boosts Your Immunity

Lavender Oil For Herpes Cure – A Perfect Way to Deal with Herpes Did you know that the amazing purple flower plant is something more than just a source of nice fragrance and a treat to your eyes? To cut it short, do you have any idea about the medicinal uses of lavender? Lavender oil has unbelievable medicinal benefits and curing herpes is one of them. Herpes is the worst nightmare for every one, regardless of their age or sex. Whether it is a male or female, teenager or adult, a human being shatters like anything on being diagnosed with herpes. Herpes is not Dangerous….  Then What Makes it Threatening ? Herpes is actually not more than a viral infection, but in our society it is not a viral infection but a punishment of god to those who have committed a sin in the past. Apart from this perception, the other aspect of herpes infection is humiliation. You will be the subject of all the jokes whenever your friend see you with cold sores. Dealing with herpes becomes difficult whenever your closed ones start making distance from you for this only reason. If you want to know more about dealing […]

Vanilla Extract For Cold Sores – How To Get Rid Of Cold Sores Naturally

Vanilla Extract For Cold Sores – Have You Tried This Remedy ? You might have used vanilla extract for flavoring ice creams, chocolates and sweet dishes, but have you ever tried vanilla extract on cold sores? Sounds awkward, but vanilla extract for cold sores is indeed a remedy for treating cold sores. Cold sores are the most hated symptom of herpes because they yell out loud and tell the world that you have herpes. Only a herpes patient can understand the pain of waking up in the morning and noticing those cold sores again on his face. All your plans, meetings or outings will flash in front of your eyes, and you will sadly lock yourself inside your house. If you also have done the same, trust me it is perfectly normal and every herpes patient has done it many times. It is not that we are happy about it, but the fear of going out and facing the world compels us to do so. Whether it is your office, or school, and even your relationship, herpes and cold sores have a reach to every part of your life. This is what makes the infection really dangerous. At some places […]

vanilla extract for cold sores
IgG Herpes Test

Everything About Igg Herpes Test

Is Your First Outbreak Surely Herpes? Are your friends making fun of the recently developed sores on your lips calling them herpes? They must be stupid, right? But are you sure it is not herpes? Especially when it is your first outbreak, you cannot say it is herpes and also cannot be that sure that it not herpes. Recognizing herpes with only a few symptoms is not a wise thing and in today’s world where there are several other kinds of allergies present, it is almost impossible to conclude that you have herpes based on just a few changes occurring in your body. Here IgG test (also known as western blot) for herpes comes into picture. If you are a long time sufferer of any type of herpes infection, you might be aware of this herpes test. In case you have recently been diagnosed with herpes, this test might have seem unreliable to you. Well, the problem is not in the test but it is our inability to accept the truth that is creating the confusion most of the time. Although there are some chances that IgG herpes test or western blot gives false results, but all other times it […]

How Much Effective Peppermint Oil Is For Genital Herpes Cure ?

Cure Genital Herpes With Peppermint Oil You might have known peppermint oil or peppermint leaves for the wonderful aroma they have. But have you heard about treating genital herpes with peppermint oil? United States alone is responsible for producing 75% of the world’s supply of peppermint. And in this abundance only we have herpes patients too. If peppermint oil can cure genital herpes, imagine how wonderful it would be. Peppermint oil has been used for medicinal purposes for too long now, and for herpes also it appears to be the perfect cure because in addition to healing the physical symptoms of genital herpes, peppermint oil for genital herpes patient also deals with the emotional and psychological impacts of the infection. Genital herpes is a viral infection the effects of which are not confined to your body only, but it affects your soul and inner peace as well. If you want to know more about how to deal with herpes and its symptoms, click here. To cope up with these feelings, guilt and restlessness, you need a holistic cure. Every herpes patient needs attention and sympathy as much as he needs medicines. In fact, if he or she is able to control […]

peppermint oil for herpes
hydrogen peroxide cold sores treatment

Hydrogen Peroxide For Cold Sores – How Can Hydrogen Peroxide Cure Herpes ?

Hydrogen Peroxide For Cold Sores – Is It Effective Enough to Cure Herpes ? Avoiding fluid formation in cold sores is as impossible as avoiding cold sores in herpes outbreak. You can not do anything but watch the virus entering into your body first, and then you silently observe outbreaks because here also you cannot do much. But yes, you can actually control the cold sores. You can really stop the fluid from oozing out of the cold sores. You can make them dry out fast and can also avoid itching. The process also is simple enough. All you need is hydrogen peroxide for cold sores treatment. When everything goes out of the way, hydrogen peroxide for cold sores is the only tool that will help you get out of the hell created by the cold sores and their torturing symptoms. Can you guess what is worst about cold sores? Some will say it is the pain, while others will mark the itching as the most torturing symptom of cold sores. I think the worst part is the humiliation you see on the faces outside when they notice the cold sores on your face. Cold Sores and Herpes Herpes is […]

Applying Cornstarch On Cold Sores- Is It Helpful In Curing Herpes?

Cornstarch on Cold Sores – Is It Efficient in Dealing with Herpes Outbreaks? While searching for a way towards a herpes free life, I found a product that every herpes patient must be aware of- cornstarch. Have you ever felt sick of the fluid oozing out from the blisters or cold sores? If you are a herpes patient, I am sure you might have gone through the situation at some point in your life. If it is on the genitals, even cotton cloths irritate you very much, and in case the cold sores are on face the embarrassment can make you abstain from work for more than just a few days. I can understand it very well because I too am a herpes patient. I have experienced this many times, in fact more than any other herpes patient I know. I had herpes outbreaks once every month and now it has been almost an year since I had my last outbreak. Yes, almost once every month I had to go through those tough times. One out of four weeks I had to be at home with all doors locked. It was like living in prison for about a week without […]

cornstarch for cold sores
non prescription herpes medication

Non Prescription Herpes Medication – Cure Herpes Without Prescription

Melissa Oil for Herpes – Treat Herpes Outbreaks Using Melissa Oil Have you ever heard about Melissa oil? Do you know what it is? Those who were eagerly waiting for a perfect herpes cure that can take away all the sufferings by curing herpes, Melissa oil is going to be the two magical words for you from today onward. Yes, scientists have finally found the real cure for herpes after years of hard work and dedication. And this cure, in the form of Melissa oil for herpes, is the only holistic cure that can take care of everything starting from the physical symptoms of herpes, to the emotional impacts, to the frequency of herpes outbreaks. The name Melissa was derived from the Greek word for bee because the plant was irresistible to bees. We will tell you everything about your cure for herpes as Melissa oil for herpes holds the future of millions of herpes patients all around the world. Whether it is oral or genital herpes, the sores are equally painful and both the types cause severe discomfort in a patient’s life. You might have come across many herbal cures, but some are effective against oral herpes, while others are […]

Colloidal Silver For Herpes Cure – A Boon For All Herpes Sufferers

Colloidal Silver For Herpes Cure – A New Way to Cure Herpes Do you know what is colloidal silver? Even if you don’t know what colloidal silver is, there are chances that you are aware of herpes. If you know what herpes is, it is high time you should also make yourself aware of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver for herpes is something that is making news on the internet as well as in the physical world. This product is said to kill the herpes simplex virus. Yes, you haven’t read it wrong and colloidal silver herpes cure is gaining popularity not because someone is spending millions of dollars on the advertisements of this product but because it has relieved thousands of herpes patients from the reoccurring herpes outbreaks. One of my friends had herpes and he was very frustrated with the herpes outbreaks that used to bother him almost once a month. Yes, every month he used to take break from work for almost 5 days. Not only in office, but during that time we could not see him even in parties or anywhere else. We used to go for a walk in the morning, but during those days he […]

colloidal silver herpes
coffee and herpes outbreaks

Coffee And Herpes Outbreaks – Cure Herpes Outbreaks With The Sip Of Coffee

Coffee And Herpes Outbreaks – Is There Any Significant Relation ? Are you one of those herpes patients who drink coffee every now and then? Coffee and herpes outbreaks- Is there any relation? Do you have any idea about the effects coffee and herpes outbreaks together create in your body? What are the other drinks that are similar in effects to coffee for herpes outbreaks? All these questions are really very small but if you look at the impact they make on every herpes patient, it is considerably very big. Before answering the questions, let us see why all these questions are of utmost importance. Have you ever wondered why you suffer from herpes outbreak more than your close friend, even when you two are infected by the same virus? This indeed makes a big difference. Suffering from herpes outbreak once in a year is alright, but when the virus hits you every two or three months, your life becomes hell. The next outbreak is waiting for you by the time you recover from the previous one. This is bad, too bad to bear, isn’t it? You also have had lied in the category of those herpes patients if you had […]

Can Baking Soda Be Used For Cold Sores Treatment ?

A Morning with Cold Sores…….. If you are a herpes patient, you might be afraid of thinking about the morning you will wake up with cold sores. This is obvious because herpes makes announcement of hitting you, but it is in the form of cold sores only. If you are not a herpes patient and have cold sores, you might be threatened of your herpes test results coming positive. And even if you don’t have anything to do with cold sores and herpes yet, with the rate at which it is spreading in the United States next can be you. Every one according to this is susceptible to herpes. Those who aren’t infected and also those who are infected with the herpes simplex virus both are living under the threat of herpes. What can be done then? You are told about the reality not because we want to scare you of herpes, but because you have to realize how much important it is to be prepared for the worst. And trust me, if you are prepared beforehand, the worst will automatically not be that bad for you. Today we will discuss about a product that is not mentioned much as […]

Baking Soda For Cold Sores