What is the cure for herpes- medication or natural remedies

natural cure for herpes

What is the Cure for Herpes – We Are Still Living in a Dilemma

Today you will definitely get to know about what is the cure for herpes virus. “Herpes cure”- a topic surrounded with so many questions and no trustworthy answer. If there is a cure for herpes, what is it? Is there something that can beat herpes virus? If I say yes, many of you must think you are dreaming and in case I say no,.22 you must feel heartbroken. This is the dilemma all the herpes patients are living there lives with. There is no relation with truth, but only a game of emotions going on everywhere. It is unfortunate but true. Herpes is a infection spread all around the world, every other minute you have many newly infected herpes patients, but when it come to herpes cure, not much has been said. And whatever said is not backed by authentic facts and figures making it hard to be trusted. Many of you even today might find it hard to believe a yes in response to- “Is there a cure for herpes?” It is not your fault as many websites claim that there is no cure for herpes but no one tells where to find the cure. Some of them make big false claims of finding there own revolutionary herpes cure but they speak nothing about where can we find the herpes cure. All this makes you hard to answer any question about herpes cure.

The disease like herpes demands more of awareness and knowledge than other diseases, because with the help of awareness you can not only control the outbreaks, but also control transmission up to certain extent. You must be aware about the disease, only then you will understand the answer of – “what is the cure for herpes?” and how that cure is effective in treating herpes. Whether you are herpes patient or not, it is really necessary to know the world’s most common sexually transmitted disease. If you have it, you will less likely transfer it to your loved ones, and in case you are away from the virus, the knowledge about the nature of herpes will keep you out of its reach in future too. Hence we have discussed some concrete information about herpes before directly telling you about how to cure herpes.

Facts About Herpes

You must be very excited to know everything about herpes cure at once but in order to know how to use that cure, one must have complete understanding of the herpes virus, its nature, the so called in-curability of herpes, its effects and everything else.  Herpes is a very common sexually transmitted disease infecting every 4 out of 5 adults in the United States. The virus that is the causative organism behind the herpes infection is called herpes simplex virus. Although it has many varieties, the two most common variants are herpes simplex type 1 and herpes simplex type 2. These two types are responsible for casing oral herpes and genital herpes respectively in the human body. The main difference between the two lies in their preferred sites of infection and mode of transmission. The herpes simplex virus is effortlessly human transmissible. It passes from one person to another by close, direct contact. Read more to know about the facts about herpes and treatment for herpes.

natural remedies vs antivirals

When herpes simplex virus is present on the surface of the skin of an infected person, it can easily pass on to another person through the moist skin which lines the mouth, anus and genitals. The virus may also pass onto another person through other areas of human skin, as well as the eyes. If you want to know more about eye herpes and eye herpes treatment, read here. Only a herpes patient can understand the physical and emotional trauma that one goes through every now and then. We start excluding ourselves from others since the day of our diagnosis, right? I know that all as I have also seen the same years back. The same guilty feeling, the sadness, the fear of disclosing it to anybody and a lot more that can not be described. But all of us, the group of herpes patients can relate to it automatically. There are various treatment options available for herpes to answer your question regarding what is the cure for herpes, but, it is important to understand when the treatment should be given.

Are Antivirals Really an Effective Way to Cure Herpes?

Medication for HerpesWhenever we think of treating herpes, the only word that strikes our mind is antivirals. If you think here too that I will tell you the name of some antivirals claiming that these antivirals are the cure for herpes, you are wrong. Antivirals are not capable of curing herpes and they are not a cure for herpes. This is the first thing you must clarify before reading anything else. Yes, if you are concerned only about the symptoms and not about the existence of the virus, antivirals are for you. One can go for antivirals if he is okay with the frequently occurring outbreaks and the side effects it has. Regarding the use of antivirals, Initial treatment is given when you are first diagnosed with herpes symptoms like cold sores. The first outbreak is considered to be most severe one and may last for longer duration. The reoccurring symptoms will become milder with time. Re-occurrences shorten the amount of time a person experiences the symptoms. Hence, the later on medicines can be given accordingly. The worst part about antivirals is that they weaken your immune system and hence are not a good option even for temporary treatment for a healthy future. Click here to find the side-effects of medications for herpes.

If not antivirals, what is the cure for herpes? Nature is the cure for herpes. Yes, the perfect, permanent and harmless cure for herpes is Mother Nature. You can make use of natural herbs and oils to get rid of the virus permanently. How is it possible? Yes this is also very important part and will be explained in detail. Natural herbs and roots unlike antivirals have a good impact on your immunity. In case you don’t know what immunity is, let me tell you that immunity is that tool of you body with which you can stay disease free. If your immune system is strong enough, the herpes simplex cannot activate itself and you will never experience any outbreaks in future. With this key benefit of natural products, we can cure herpes. So, now you know what is the cure for herpes? No you don’t. See I have told you that nature is the cure for herpes and why nature is the right cure for herpes, but there are thousands of natural products out there. Do you know which natural herb is beneficial for your infection? Also you don’t know how and when to use that herb. You still sit with incomplete information. There is no single best natural cure for herpes and you have to find out one of the best natural cures that suits your body. You need to choose one natural product out of many. The best part is that whichever natural product you choose; they will be beneficial for you in some way or the other. The extent of advantage will depend on your body type and daily routine.  Here is a list of some common herbs and natural oils that can be your perfect cure for herpes.

Lemon Balm

lemon-balm-oil HerepescureLemon balm and herpes cure. I read about this natural cure for herpes after seeing it mentioned at many places on the internet and in books. The constituents of lemon balm oil- rosmarinic acid, flavonoids and phenolic acid are what make it an effective cure for herpes. If you want to choose a tasty still healthy way of using lemon balm, it is the tea made up of lemon balm. Lemon balm tea is a tasty choice for those seeking the medicinal assistance of this herb. You can also use lemon balm tincture. Both will be helping you getting rid of the malady, hence, answering your question, i.e. what is the cure for herpes? Read more to get details about the benefits of lemon balm for genital herpes.

Aloe vera gel

aloe vera gel for herpesAloe vera gel for herpes. This plant has been the favorite of all the researchers for every disease. It has been mentioned in the initial remedies of my list as well, as I used this trusted plant to deal with my second outbreak. Aloe vera is a magic wand for almost every type of skin problem, and in my case worked for herpes also. It is not only used to treat diabetes, psoriasis and even genital warts, but it is now revealed that this herb can heal the genital herpes also. You can drink the juice of aloe vera leaves and also apply it on the cold sores to avoid infection. If you continuously drink aloe vera juice, you will rarely suffer from an outbreak for years. Isn’t it amazing, just like the real herpes cure solving all your doubts about what is the cure for herpes? Click here to know about how beneficial is aloe vera for herpes.

Oregano oil

oregano oil for herpesCan oregano oil cure herpes? The herpes infection was impossible to cure because herpes simplex virus has a unique property of hiding into the nerve cells. This tendency makes it invisible to human immune system and hence it lets it stay inside forever. But oregano oil can break the cell membrane that protects herpes simplex virus lifetime. Oregano oil has really the potential to answer your question, i.e. “what is the cure for herpes?”. Not only does oil of oregano help break down the cell membrane, it delivers natural and powerful antibiotics as soon as the cell membrane is dissolved and the bacteria are vulnerable. You can apply a few drops of oregano oil after diluting on the cold sores twice everyday to kill the virus present on the skin. Drinking oregano oil is helpful in dealing with those strands of virus which lives deep inside your body. You will be amazed to know that oregano oil not only treats herpes, but, oregano oil kills herpes and kicks it out of your body permanently also.


Lysine for HerpesLysine is one of the candidate cures for herpes because it minimizes the absorption of arginine. In order to replicate, the herpes virus requires arginine, another amino acid that’s common in foods and necessary to human life; lysine is thought to interfere with the absorption of arginine in the intestine. People tend to have an outbreak when they are really stressed, or drink too much of alcohol. But almost all of them have given a positive response when they have considered lysine for treating the sores. In order to speed up the recovery process one should take more of lysine from natural sources. Lysine supplements are available in the form of pills as well ready to solve your question- what is the cure for herpes, but, prefer taking it from natural sources only.

Manuka honey

honey for herpesHoney on herpes. Manuka honey is a well of nutrition as it alone contains copper, iron, magnesium, amino acids, manganese, phosphorus, vitamin B, zinc, sodium and potassium. Do you know how many of these are present in the normal honey? The nutritional constituency of manuka honey is four times the nutrition contained in honey made up of natural random flowers. Apart from these nutritional benefits and immunity enhancing properties, if you are a herpes patient, you must use manuka honey. It has been proven in several studies that manuka honey is the best way to cure herpes being a perfect natural cure for herpes.

You can choose either one of the remedies for natural cure for herpes or use them in combination in order to recover from the current outbreak fast and minimize the frequency of re-occurrences. The best part about this cure for herpes is that you can use them regularly, even when you do not have any outbreak, as they are immunity enhancing and side effect free.

I believe “What is the cure for herpes?”is no more a question with lots of discussions and no conclusion after getting our cure from our nature.

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