Rosemary Essential Oil For Herpes – Cure Herpes With Rosemary Essential Oil

rosemary essential oil for herpes

How Can Rosemary Essential Oil for Herpes be a Way to Get Rid of Herpes Symptoms?

Treating herpes is one challenge and helping people cope up with the stress and depression it causes is another. Herpes is the biggest killer of self esteem in the present decade and it held the same position in past few decades as well. Still everyone is eager to get the cure for just physical symptoms. All the researchers and doctors are concerned about finding the cure that can eliminate the traces of the herpes simplex virus from human body and no one really cares about the urgent need of a mental and emotional stability that every herpes patient needs. This is completely true but this also is a fact that the burden on the brains of herpes patients is due to the fact that herpes has no cure. Do you also think herpes has no cure? If the answer is a yes, have you ever tried anything other than medicines?

Medicines are made not to kill the herpes simplex virus, in fact they are only capable of masking the symptoms of herpes temporarily. Then how can one expect them to help you get rid of herpes infection and the virus forever. And for this small task also, antiviral medicines cost your body more than just a few side effects. For these strong reasons people started searching in different directions for finding a perfect and holistic herpes cure. The search after years of inputs gave us a hope in the name of rosemary essential oil for herpes. Many essential oils have given excellent results in treating herpes in labs, but rosemary essential oil for herpes is one of those ultimate essential oils that have gained popularity among the herpes sufferers due to the amazingly unbelievable results.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary was considered sacred by the Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans, and was used in the middle ages to ward off evil spirits and protect against the plague. This was the history and today we know it as a common spice which is used more in Mediterranean region. But from today onwards, rosemary essential oil will get a new acknowledgement in the form of rosemary essential oil for herpes.

home remedies for herpes

Rosemary essential oil has been used and studied for its medicinal capabilities since ancient times for a variety uses. Paracelsus, who was a German-Swiss physician, introduced rosemary essential oil as a oil that can strengthen the entire body by taking care of the heart, lungs and brain. Later on, many other studies were conducted on the properties of rosemary oil and it was finally found of use in multiple health issues. Since then, rosemary essential oil has been used for healing the health ailments naturally and it also is a part of many aromatherapy mixtures. Even today, it is included in many medicinal preparations, with equally valuable offerings.

Rosemary oil was simply an oil till it was linked with herpes. Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease which infects millions of Americans every year. This is the most prevailing threat nowadays because no cure for this infection has been found in the medicinal field till date. Associating rosemary essential oil for herpes treatment was studied and extensive research was carried out to see all the possible impacts of rosemary essential oil on herpes patients. The outcomes of these studies, when combined, gave extraordinary and unexpected results. These results were enough to let a ray of hope enter into the minds of herpes patients. It is a pleasure to tell you people that all those who used rosemary essential oil for herpes treatment gave unbelievably positive feedback. Are you also curious to know more of rosemary essential oil for herpes? Let us straightaway jump to the effects of rosemary essential oil for herpes treatment and then we will move on and tell you how to use and avail the magnificent benefits of rosemary essential oil.

herpes outbreaks

Herpes outbreaks can be categorized into two types: primary herpes outbreak and secondary herpes outbreaks. The very first outbreak after the herpes simplex virus enters into your body is said to be primary herpes outbreak. This is the toughest time a herpes patient has to go through. With every kind of burden on your mind, you also have to deal with unbearable pain and high fever. During this time you can use rosemary essential oil for herpes treatment. Rosemary essential oil has anti oxidant properties and it also acts as a pain reliever. Hence to feel better, you can take natural help from rosemary essential oil for herpes treatment.

This oil is used by many for dealing with various skin problems and now we found that for treating cold sores also it is not a bad choice. It has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties that make it a remedy for common skin problems like acne and uncommon skin infections like cold sores. Since it is natural, you will not get black marks on the skin. In fact, you will get a better skin after every use of rosemary essential oil. Rosemary essential oil for herpes has recently been introduced, but it is already a component of numerous beauty products. So, if you are treating rosemary essential oil for herpes, you are actually doing a favor to your irritated and burning skin.

rosemary for herpes

Rosemary, since ancient times, has been used as a way to get an overall healthy system of human body. This is accomplished by raising the immunity of the human body. Do you know what immune system is? It is the disease fighting mechanism of the body which does not let any foreign organism survive in human body. It works well for everything else, but herpes simplex virus plays smart and hides itself deep into the cells of human body. The immune system is thus fooled by herpes simplex virus. Hence, it becomes impossible for the immune system to kill herpes simplex virus because of its unique hiding capabilities. But by staying strong and with a fool proof immune system you can control the replication of herpes simplex virus.

And the moment you do not allow herpes simplex virus to replicate, you can prevent herpes outbreaks. The duration of prevention can be life long if the immune system is fed with correct inputs. One such input is rosemary essential oil for herpes outbreaks. By having rosemary essential oil regularly, you can give boost to your immune system and mould the activation of herpes simplex virus your way. Apart from building a strong immune system, you can also get help from rosemary essential oil for herpes treatment n relieving your mind from the uninvited and unbearable stress.


There is a flood of emotional ups and downs since the day you are diagnosed with herpes. You blame yourself and just don’t get the idea that you are not being punished in any way by God. These negative emotions are equally important to deal with because if they start bothering you continuously and it can cause great deal of stress. This stress will act as a trigger for herpes outbreaks and you will be stuck in a never ending cycle. You will have herpes outbreaks due to stress and anxiety; this will immediately be followed by herpes outbreaks. Herpes outbreaks and those ugly sores will be enough to put your mind under a lot of embarrassment and stress. This is going to give less time to your body for recovery and the next herpes outbreak will be on its way.

So, to get out of the vicious cycle of stress and herpes, you can use rosemary essential oil for herpes and calm down your mind. You will feel optimistic energy all around you if you use rosemary essential oil for herpes as aromatherapy oil. We will tell you in detail how you can use rosemary essential oil for herpes in the coming sections.

How to Use Rosemary Essential Oil for Herpes Treatment?

Rosemary essential oil for herpes can be used in many ways. Here are some commonly used methods for treating herpes with rosemary essential oil.

rosemary oil into food

  • You can add a few drops of the oil to your food or salad. If you are adding it to salad, make sure you take only one or two drops. While cooking you can take a bit more amount.
  • Another simple way to have the benefits of rosemary essential oil is to add a few drops to a glass of water and drink it daily. Isn’t it simple enough?
  • You can also apply rosemary essential oil directly on the cold sores and they will definitely disappear faster and rosemary essential oil for herpes will also help you in making your skin better.
  • If you don’t have herpes outbreak at present and simply want to relax your mind, use rosemary oil as aromatherapy oil.

Herpes in no way is an output of a crime, it is just an infection. Herpes is not the end of your life, it’s just that you will have to be a bit careful. You will have to take better care of yourself and this will save you from herpes outbreaks as well as many other diseases. You have to decrease your stress levels if you are diagnosed with herpes and thankfully we have rosemary essential oil for herpes to do that for us. Approach life with a positive outlook, and herpes will no more be strong enough to break you in any way.

people with herpes

There are many people with Herpes out there, and everyone thinks that he is different because he has herpes. You may have met someone who already has it; in fact this world is full of people like you, like us. There are number of people who can understand and accept that you have this, who treat herpes just like an infection. But to find them out, you first have to accept the truth yourself. It does not have to be deal-breaker in a dating or long-term relationship. You can actually go for a counseling session, or join groups in which you can share your feelings with others like you. And the simplest way to calm down your mind is to use rosemary essential oil for herpes outbreaks treatment. With the combination of all these efforts and the goodness of rosemary essential oil for herpes, do you still think the battle is tough?

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