Phyllanthus Niruri For Herpes – Cure The Symptoms of Herpes With Phyllanthus Niruri

phyllanthus niruri herpes

Phyllanthus Niruri For Herpes – Can This Herbal Plant Cure Herpes?

Phyllanthus Niruri is a herbal plant that is in the minds of millions of herpes sufferers these days because of many scientific reports and news claiming that this herb contains everything to become a cure for herpes. What do you think about it? Can phyllanthus niruri cure herpes? Or is it just a myth like many others being circulated over the internet? Answering it right now might be difficult for you because if you don’t try the remedy just because you have assumed that it will not work, you might miss a chance to get the key to a herpes free life, and in case you rely on anything and everything, it may be harmful for your body. So, before making your mind on anything that is related to herpes, you have to be extra cautious and careful.

We will tell you everything about Phyllanthus Niruri for herpes, the role of Phyllanthus Niruri in herpes, and every other minor and major aspect about the working of the herb in this article. Phyllanthus Niruri is a herb that has been used in past due to its amazing benefits for liver problems, its ability to maintain the right blood pressure, its effectiveness in removal of kidney stone, its power to deal with hepatitis B and malarial fever, and its unique capability to deal with urinary tract infections and other such infections. Many of us know that this herb indeed is a powerful medicinal tonic, but this time it is about using Phyllanthus Niruri in herpes. Are Phyllanthus Niruri and herpes related to each other? If yes, how? Let us see what role can the herb play in curing herpes and what else can we expect if we think of using Phyllanthus Niruri in herpes.

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Benefits of Phyllanthus Niruri in Herpes

Phyllanthus Niruri as herpes cure is not like other remedies, but it is backed by scientific research and there are plenty of evidences stating that this indeed is going to be the ultimate cure for herpes in future. We will tell you what is making this natural herb the most beloved cure for herpes these days. Actually, Phyllanthus Niruri for herpes has antiviral and anti fungal properties. These two properties make it the best natural alternative to cure several infections that arise due to the growth of fungus and viruses on or inside human bodies. Phyllanthus Niruri as herpes cure is effective, as it inhibits the replication of herpes simplex virus.

Herpes simplex virus is not a threat as long as it does not find a medium and environment to replicate. Herpes outbreaks only occur when the virus gets a chance to replicate rapidly. Hence, if we control the replication of the virus, we can make it passive for lifetime. And making herpes simplex virus passive for life time is the same as living a herpes outbreak free life. Phyllanthus Niruri for herpes is the best ever cure because it guarantees the herpes outbreak free life, with some additional heath benefits and no side effects. This is the result when we consume the Phyllanthus Niruri for herpes in some form, but it has something in store for your suffering skin too.

phyllanthus niruri for herpes

You can use the fruits of the plant and milky juice of the plant on the cold sores. Cold sores are the first distinctive symptoms of herpes, and no doubt, the most embarrassing as well. To get rid of them fast and naturally, you can apply the milky juice of phyllanthus niruri for herpes that comes out immediately after tearing the leaves.  This juice is small in amount, but is enough to kill the herpes simplex virus ruining your skin as it is highly concentrated. So, Phyllanthus Niruri for herpes creates a shield against herpes simplex virus, both internally and externally. Now we are sure that Phyllanthus Niruri cures herpes, but let us see how can we use the natural product and give our enemy a tough fight.

How to Use Phyllanthus Niruri for Herpes?

We live in the pretext that using herbal plants and natural remedies is quite difficult. But, if you have ever used any of such remedial product, you might have an idea that not all the products require a tedious process to be followed. Some are like phyllanthus niruri for herpes too – extremely effective, yet easy to use. You can use phyllanthus niruri for herpes both externally and internally. For using it internally, you can simply chew the leaves of the magical plant after washing them thoroughly. Let us see in detail how you can use the herbal plant Phyllanthus Niruri for herpes.

herpes outbreaks

Internal Use of Phyllanthus Niruri in Herpes

  • If you have the plant or shrubs growing near your place, just grab a few leaves when you are returning from your morning walk.
  • To use phyllanthus niruri for herpes, wash the leaves of the plant in water several times and then chew them twice a day.
  • This is effective, but since you are chewing only a few leaves, the process of recovering from herpes outbreaks might be slow. In case you are not presently struggling to get rid of herpes outbreaks, this is the best way to prevent future outbreaks. But if you currently have those cold sores on your skin, we have some stronger ways to recover faster.
  • You can use the extract of the leaves of the plant. To prepare the extract at home, take two cups of water and bring it to boil.
  • Add a few leaves to the boiling water and keep the vessel on medium flame for the next 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, you will see the volume of water reducing to almost half and you will be left with a cup of extract. Drink this just like tea after straining the leaves. You make it more concentrated by adding more leaves, but to start with, keep it mild.
  • If any form of the leaves- dried or fresh leaves of Phyllanthus Niruri for herpes are not available, you can opt for capsules of the same. Yes, even the pharmaceutical companies cannot deny the magnificent medicinal capabilities of the herb, and as a result, today we have many brands selling the capsules of the herb. To be honest, they are not as good as the extract you prepare at home, but in any case the capsules are much better than any antiviral drug. So, you can consume a capsule everyday and herpes outbreaks will not hit you again.

Phyllanthus niruri as herpes cure

Phyllanthus Niruri for herpes can also be used externally on the cold sores. You have plenty of ointments available in market, but again, think before you let anything touch your skin. These ointments can make your skin look dark if you use them regularly. Phyllanthus Niruri for herpes is hence the best for the treatment of cold sores too. You can either apply the extract of the Phyllanthus Niruri for herpes on cold sores directly or apply the milk coming out of the leaves of the plant on the suffering skin. The antiviral and antibacterial properties will make your skin normal again.

This Was All About Using Phyllanthus Niruri for Herpes…..

We have given you more than enough of data and facts and now everything is up to you. If you decide not to switch to this natural method of treatment and choose to continue using prescription drugs whenever you need them, things will go on as they were. Nothing is going to change, the herpes virus will be free to attack you whenever it finds a scope of doing so, the mental trauma you have to bear for hiding the cold sores will also remain the same during herpes outbreaks. The amount of money you are spending on this ridiculous infection will also not alter much. But, if you take a decision to try Phyllanthus Niruri for herpes, there are high chances that a sudden transformation might occur in your life. This transformation will be a great treat to your otherwise suffering body.

living a herpes outbreaks free life

You will have the hope to live a herpes outbreak free life. Apart from this, by thinking in the right direction, you might save your body from a long list of side effects that all the antiviral medicines have. All the pharmaceutical companies advertise their products very well by highlighting their action and hiding the bad side of the coin in background. It helps them earn a lot of money, but what is the effect of these antiviral medicines on your body? Many herpes patients are taking one antiviral out of acyclovir, valacyclovir or famcyclovir everyday. Yes, they call it suppressive therapy, but in real, they are handing over their health to not at all reliable drugs. The chemicals from which all of them are made are not at all well absorbed by our bodies.

This leads to some temporary or even permanent health hazards. You might relate to them as a result of aging or something else, only if you are aware of the side effects of the medicines you were taking all this while, you will be able to track the source of your present illness. Herpes, no doubt is painful, embarrassing, irritating and awkward, but there are many other healthier ways in which you can get rid of the menace. We are not at all in support of leaving the sores untreated, but recommend you to choose the way which is good for your body and bad for the virus. Antiviral medicines might be bad for the herpes simplex virus, but they are surely not good for your body and your long term health. Hence, Phyllanthus Niruri for herpes is the cure that humanity needs at present to stop the transmission of herpes virus.

phyllanthus niruri vs antiviral medication

With all the information on the antiviral prescriptions and also a new and appealing cure – Phyllanthus Niruri for herpes, I don’t think it would be difficult for you to decide what to do next. Still, if you have some sort of confusion, have a look at the detailed list of side effects of the antiviral drugs, and you will get to know why everyone today is seeking help from nature and natural products. At the same time, you will fall in love with your natural cure for herpes– Phyllanthus Niruri for herpes.

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