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You may be having the feeling of happiness as well as doubt after listening about this remedy. But, it is true that this can effectively treat your herpes. But, today, before speaking about treatment, just have a short look on the facts related to disease and other treatment methods.

Herpes! Why am I a victim of it? How will I face my relatives now? Will I ever be able to get rid of it? Is herpes curable? Yes, these are the common expressions and doubts visible on every sufferer’s face. I guess, herpes is no more a type of issue you are unfamiliar with. You all must be aware of the diseases, its symptoms and its effect on your physical as well as mental health. This contagious disease undoubtedly affects not only your body but your mind and soul also.


The virus (Herpes Simplex Virus) spreading this disease play safe and smart enough not to be caught by medicines or even our immune system. And yeah, how can we forget talking about the effect of these antivirals claiming to cure our disease. I am not saying that they don’t influence the virus in any way. These medicines undoubtedly reduce the duration of re-occurrences of the outbreaks, but, they are never effective in long run. Instead, the treatment using antivirals gifts us a variety of new uninvited and undesired side-effects like nausea, headache, fever, tiredness, dizziness, vomiting, rashes, pimples etc. leading to further requirement of colorful allopathic medicines. Read more to know about the effects and side-effects of medications for herpes.

After tasting these number of side-effects and other hard colorful medicines, it is high time to turn our way towards natural remedies for herpes cure, because, nature has solution for every question. Now, next question is- how to treat herpes naturally, right? So, keeping this in mind, today we are here to give you an effective home remedy for herpes cure. I don’t know whether you know about it or not, but it is olive leaf extract. Shocking! Well yes, today we are going to talk to you about olive leaf extract herpes cure.

Is Olive Leaf Extract herpes cure really a good idea?

Time to talk about antivirals vs olive leaf for herpes cure. Olive leaf extract is prepared from the leaves of the olive plant. Olive leaf extract herpes cure is one of the best treatment ways because of its medicinal properties. Olive leaf extract possesses has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-tumor, antioxidant and other properties. Most of these properties are attributed to Oleuropein molecule, which is present in the leaves and fruit of Olive tree.Olive Leaf

Treating of herpes has never been an easy task as many people say. But, now we are here with an amazing method of olive leaf extract herpes cure. Olive leaf extract contains elenolic acid, which has the ability to inhibit viruses. In case of herpes, taking olive leaf extract in the form of tablets can relieve outbreak sores, increasing healing time and restore energy levels that may have been depleted by virus’ active phase. Studies show that using olive leaf extract herpes cure treatment method, one can deal with the disease more effectively than any antiviral medication. It is a great source treating as an effective cure for herpes sores. Read more to know how olive leaf extract for herpes cure is better than antivirals for herpes.

But, how does olive leaf extract eliminate herpes virus?

herpes virusOlive Leaf Extract has the ability to eliminate viruses like Herpes Zoster, HSV-1 and HSV-2. Ability to kill different viruses is attributed to Oleuropein component, which is found in Olive Leaf. This is actually a strong component found in the leaves and trunk of olive plant which prevents it from parasites. Herpes flares up when your immune system weakens or when you are stressed, because at these times, your body doesn’t produce protein. Olive leaf extract is capable of boosting the immune system to produce sufficient amount of protein which will inhibit the virus from breaking out. When consumed, olive leaf compound attacks and damages the pathogens inside the body. The deceased pathogens thus are brought out of the body through natural detoxification. Less toxins inside the body prevent any viruses and bacteria from being activated and causing flare ups.

Are there any side-effects of using Olive Leaf Extract for herpes cure?

Olive leaf extract acts as a natural remedy for the bacterial and viral infected diseases. It provides strength to our immune system and other substantial contents needed for keeping the body healthy. Olive leaf extract herpes cure, being a natural way to treat the disease, does not cause harmful side-effects which can be produced by those manufactured medications. Apart from treating the outbreaks, it also prevents you from further major flare ups.

cure for herpes

Olive leaf extract is a substance which regulates toxins secretion from the body. Since it actively attacks the toxic substances inside the body, some main organs might work harder than usual. Hence, these organs are the most likely to undergo possible side effects. The affected organs are stomach, head, mouth, urinary organs, and intestines. As a result, when you initially consume olive leaf extract to cure the herpes, a severe headache or migraine might come. If you have a weak stomach, initial consumption might also lead to nausea. However, these side effects are commonly mild and harmless to the entire body, so, you need not worry about getting any side-effect. These are also not permanent and may occur for only a short period of time. Once your body gets used to how the extract works, these side effects will gradually go away.

Olive Leaf Extract for herpes cure

How to use Olive Leaf Extract for herpes cure?

Herpes is an infectious disease spread by bodily fluids and skin-to-skin contact and we all know that there is no particular cure for herpes, so, nature has gifted us with a variety of natural remedies, like olive leaf extract herpes cure. Whatever the remedy or treatment is, proper dosage is always mandatory so as to get proper results. The different steps that you need to follow while using olive leaf extract are:

  • Take tree to four 500 mg tablets every six hours before or between meals. the recommended dosage is one tablet every six hour, but, acute infections like herpes require more.
  • Continue taking the dosage until the noticeable changes occur. Although you may feel symptoms like headache, fatigue, and some may feel diarrhea also, but, you need not worry as these are just some temporary symptoms and even lesser than the antivirals. These are actually detoxification symptoms and may strike immediately after supplement treatment.
  • Olive leaf extract herpes cure is undoubtedly one of the best solutions, still you need to lessen the amount of tablets taken until the symptoms are gone. If your symptoms are really severe, stop taking the remedy immediately and wait for he symptoms to leave your body.

Olive Leaf Extract Herpes Cure is the best ever natural solution to eliminate herpes completely.

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